The BEST Romantic Anniversary Date Ideas

Anniversary date ideas

This post is about anniversary date ideas. Celebrating an anniversary is SO exciting! Whether it’s your first anniversary or you’ve been together for several years, it’s important to take time to reflect on your favorite memories and celebrate the life you’re building together. Note: This site contains affiliate links, view our disclaimer for more information. […]

Top 28 Unique Coffee Tables For Apartment Living Room

Unique coffee table

This post is all about unique coffee tables. Your coffee table can entirely change the look and feel of your living room… Especially in an apartment! I found 28 of the most unique coffee tables so you can find something that fits your space and style perfectly. Whether you live in a small apartment or […]

CUTE Doormats You Are Going to LOVE!

This post is all about cute doormats. Whether you’re living in an apartment or a house, a doormat is what makes your guests’ first impression. Here are some super cute doormats that will make your home a welcoming and exciting place to be. Whether you’re moving into your first apartment, first home, or just looking […]

The BEST Shower Caddy Finds For Apartment Bathrooms

Best Shower Caddy

This post is about the best shower caddy finds. Whether you’re sharing a bathroom or just have a lot of products, the most important thing you can have to stay organized is the best shower caddy possible.  Whether you need to keep your products separate from your roommate’s or just don’t have a place to […]

The BEST 23rd Birthday Cakes For Her!

23rd Birthday Cakes

This post is all about 23rd birthday cakes. Everyone thinks about the big milestone birthdays… 18, 21, 25, 30… But it’s just as important to celebrate the ones in between! Let’s talk about the CUTEST 23rd birthday cakes! Whether you’re party planning for yourself, your 23 year old best friend, daughter, sister, cousin, or anyone […]