The Best 20 Insanely Stunning St.Patricks Day Decorations!

20 St.Patricks Day Decorations

Looking for St.Patricks Day decorations? The holiday is getting closer and closer and it’s time to prepare your holiday decorations!

To help you out, I created this blog post with 20 St.Patricks Day decor ideas for 2021!

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St.Patrick's Day decorations

St.Patrick’s Day Gnome

This St.Patrick’s Day gnomes set is a fun little decoration to add to your place and bring some St.Patrick’s Day vibes to your home.

Happy St.Patrick’s Day Coasters

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you probably know that one of my favorite ways to decorate for a holiday is by getting festive kitchen essentials and adding some festive vibes to your home!

These St.Patrick’s Day coasters are a great example of how to add St.Patrick’s Day vibes to your home through the little things!

Leprechaun Footprints Floor Clings

This is a fun St.Patrick’s Day decor idea. You can stick these leprechaun footprints floor decals on your stairs, on your front porch, on your front porch stairs, etc.

Lucky Leprechaun Pot

I love this cute St.Patrick’s Day decoration! This leprechaun pot comes with the coins, which is so cute and will make an adorable decoration.

Inflatable Light-up Leprechaun

If you like going all over the place (which I am a total fan of) with decorations, this 8-foot inflatable light-up leprechaun is a fun way to bring the holiday spirit to your front lawn!

St.Patrick’s Day Welcome Sign

Another way to add some St.Patrick’s Day vibes is by hanging a festive welcome sign on (or next to) your door!

Shamrock Sign

I love this shamrock wooden sign! It’s a beautiful decoration to hang inside your home or outside on your front porch.

Shamrock Tinsel Garlands

A St.Patrick’s Day garland is such a fun decoration to use to decorate your home for the holiday! You can hang it on the staircase, around a mirror, as a table centerpiece, and more!

LUCKY Wooden Sign

If you are looking for centerpiece decorations or St.Patrick’s Day decorations to place around the house this Lucky wooden sign is perfect for placing on a table, on your kitchen counter, coffee table, on top of your fireplace, and more!

Lucky St.Patrick’s Day Doormat

Once again, if you’ve been following my other holiday decor ideas content, you know how much I love switching doormats for the holiday!

Check out this adorable doormat I found on Amazon!

8ft Inflatable St.Patrick’s Day Rainbow Pot

This is such a fun and festive decoration to go all over with St.Patrick’s Day decorations!

You can place this 8ft inflatable rainbow on your front lawn, in front of your front porch!

Shamrock Hanging Ornaments

This cute shamrock hanging ornaments set is perfect for hanging on your window, and around the house!

Clover LED String Lights

I love string lights for the holidays, and for everyday life as well. This clover LED string light is perfect for decorating your home for St.Patrick’s Day!

You can hang it around your home, use it as a table decoration, hang it around a mirror, inside/outside, etc.

Festive St.Patrick’s Day Pillows

I love switching pillows to festive holiday pillows! It is such a fun way to add holiday vibes into your home without going all over the place.

How cute are these St.Patrick’s Day pillows from Amazon?!

Lucky Shamrock Banner

Hang a festive St.Patrick’s Day banner in your home for a St.Patrick’s Day party or to add festive party vibes to your home!

Green String Lights

Well, I did just show you the clover string lights, but it doesn’t mean you can enjoy both worlds and decorate your home with green string lights as well!

St. Patrick’s Day Wooden Shamrock Set

How cute are these St.Patrick’s Day shamrocks?! I love home accents, and especially with holiday decorations.

You can place these St.Patrick’s Day wooden shamrocks in a bookcase, on a table, coffee table, on a shelf, on your nightstand, etc.

St.Patrick’s Day Kitchen Towels

I won’t talk again about how much I love switching kitchen essentials to festive ones (oops I just did). But anyways, decorate your kitchen and enjoy the holiday with St.Patrick’s Day kitchen towels!

St.Patrick’s Day Tablecloth

If you are having guests over for St.Patrick’s Day, throwing a party, or just want to enjoy the holiday with festive decorations, this St.Patrick’s Day tablecloth is a perfect St.Patrick’s Day decor idea!


Shamrock Decorations

These shamrock decorations are perfect for a St.Patrick’s Day party, or as a St.Patrick’s Day decoration for your home!

You can stick them on the window, on an accent wall, and more!


And that’s it! These were 20 beautiful St.Patrick’s Day decorations and festive St.Patrick’s Day decor ideas to decorate your home for the holidays!

Which decoration is your favorite? Share with us in the comments below!

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