home styling by maya
home styling by maya

My name is Maya, and I’m the founder of Home Styling By Maya!

This website is your place to get inspired and decorate your life and celebrate in style!

As a 20-something-year-old girlie, I always look for something to decorate and a reason to celebrate!

And this is exactly what this blog is for!

home styling by maya

I dream, live and breath interior design since I can remember myself.

I started Home Styling By Maya to share my passion to interior design. I love decorating homes, rooms, bathroom, and even my car. I just love decorating in any way possible.

Since I was a little girl I always changed up my bedroom, added new decorations, painted my walls every once in a while.

My love for interior design just got stronger and stronger during the years, and I created this blog to help you decorate your space as well.

If it’s your dorm room, your first apartment, or any room of your house.

Beyond interior design and decorating, my biggest passion is definitely traveling!

As for writing this, I’ve been to over 30 countries (and counting ;)), and I love exploring Earth, discovering new cultures, learning new languages, tasting delicious food from all over the world, and viewing breathtaking views!

Traveling is who I am, it’s a huge part of my soul and life, it’s the reason I’m on this planet 🙂 <3

In this blog you’ll find home decor tips, dorm room decorating ideas, first apartment tips, home organization tips, party decorations ideas & more!

You can get in touch with me via email – [email protected]

For collaborations/ business inquiries – [email protected]

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