35 Most Beautiful Prom Dresses to Wear in 2021!

2021 Prom Dresses to Wear This Year

Looking for 2021 prom dreses to wear this year? You came to the right place!

Today I am going to show you 35 insanely beautiful prom dresses to wear in 2021!

The price range is pretty wide, you can find here very affordable prom dresses, as well as more expensive dresses.

I won’t keep you waiting, so start reading to find the perfect prom dress for you!

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2021 prom dresses

Satin Empire Waist Sleeveless Gown

The Satin Empire Waist prom dress from Nordstrom is definitely a classy and feminine dress to wear to prom!

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Black Bow Evening Dress

How pretty and unique is this black bow evening dress from Revolve?? It definitely gives me the Holywood red carpet vibes!

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Tiffany Blanc Dress

The Tiffany Blanc dress from Revolve is definitely a classy piece. It’s a beautiful midi dress, with beautiful lace. You can pair it with a nice pair of heels.

Strappy-Back Mermaid Gown

This feminine strappy-back mermaid gown from Macy’s is the perfect simple, yet extermely unique prom dress!

The heart-shaped neckline is very flattering for any sized chest, and is super girly and flattering for all body types.

Ombré Satin Gown

Prom dresses don’t have to be black or dark colored only, they can be colorful as well!

This ombré satin dress from Macy’s is a beautiful and colorful prom dress to wear to stand out!

Blue Satin Ruffle Dress

This beautiful Blue Satin Ruffle Side dress from MissGuided is a very unique and flattering prom dress to consider.

f you are not into maxi dresses, but also don’t want a short dress either, this beautiful midaxi dress is the perfect solution for you!

Also, you can pair this dress with a unique pair of high heels to complete the look.

Lola Blanc Feather Jumpsuit

This is for the gals that don’t like dresses, but are still looking for a pretty prom outfit!

The Lola Blanc Feather jumpsuit is the ultimate chic! It’s beautiful, flattering, and you can pair it with a nice pair of heels/sandals and some nice earrings to complete the look!

REVOLVE Bustier Gown

This Revolve bustier gown is one of the most fashionable pieces to wear to prom! 

A bustier is always flattering for all chest sizes/body types, and this high/low dress length is so pretty!


Brown Bardot Wrap Split Maxi Dress

Next on our list is the beautiful Brown Bardot Wrap Maxi Dress from MissGuided! It’s insanely flattering, and will also help you to complete a very classy and fancy look!


Green Satin Bust Cup Dress

If you read some of my other fashion related blog posts, you’ll probably know how much I love unique clothing pieces.

I think this Green Satin Bust Cup Dress from MissGuided is one of the most unique prom dresses to wear in 2021, or in any other year!

It’s unique, trendy, and super flattering! And the price is AMAZING!

Peace & Love White Feather Sequin Mini Dress

If you are not into maxi dresses, this Peace & Love mini dress from MissGuided is a unique mini dress to wear to prom!

You can wear it with some beautiful heels and maybe add a nice necklace as well!

Gray Sequin Cami Maxi Dress

This beautiful gray sequin maxi dress from MissGuided is a simple, yet extremely pretty and unique prom dress to wear this year!

Peace & Love Sequin Deep Plunge Mini Dress

Honestly, this Peace & Love sequin mini dress from MissGuided is a masterpiece! If this is not the definition of art, I have no idea what is!

Once again, if you are not a fan of maxi dresses, this insanely beautiful mini dress is a dress that no one will ever forget!

Gold Sequinned Gown

Next on our list is this beautiful, flattering gold sequinned prom dress from Macy’s!

It’s exteremely flattering, the gold sequins definitely scream GLAM, and you can wear this beautiful dress with a pretty pair of nude heels!

One-Shoulder Side-Slit Gown

This simple yet extremely pretty one-shoulder side-slit dress from Macy’s is a beautiful and simple dress to wear to prom.

You can pair it with a pretty pair of heels, and add some beautiful jewelry pieces as well.

Lille Maxi Dress

If you like boho dresses, you should definitely check out Free People’s dresses!

This beautiful Lille maxi dress is a gorgeous cut-out maxi dress to wear to prom!

Pleated-Side Gown

This classy pleated-side dress from Macy’s is a girly and classy dress to prom. It’s simple, yet super unique and pretty. 

You can pair it with a beautiful pair of heels, a gorgeous necklace, and even add a statement clutch!

Deep-Sea Maxi Dress

Next is this beautiful Deep Sea maxi dress from Free People! It’s another beautiful boho maxi dress you can pair with some jewelry and a beautiful pair of heels/sandals!

Laura Satin Cowl-Neck Ruched Midi Dress

Forever New has some beautiful prom/evening dresses you can wear to prom! My favorite one is this Laura Satin Cowl-Neck midi dress!

I love the fabric, the cowl-neck, and also the length. You can pair this dress with a beautiful eye-catching pair of heels and add some pretty jewelry pieces as well.

Also, this dress comes in many other colors! So if you like the dress but not the color, I highly recommend clicking through to check out the other colors.

Surreal Dress

This beautiful Surreal Dress from Revolve is one of the most unique prom dresses to wear in 2021! And I’ll tell you exactly why!

In the front, the dress is simple, yet super unique because she has a cowl-neck, and is very flattering.

But what caught my eye is the small lace detail at the bottom of the back of the dress! It’s the little details that make the dress, right?


Calla Lily Gown

Another beautiful prom dress from Revolve is the Calla Lily dress! This is such a unique dress. I love the corset vibe, the lace, the leg split – this dress is actually perfect!

Allegra Blanc Maxi Dress

This Allegra Blanc Maxi Dress from Revolve is definitely one of the most unique prom dresses I’ve seen!

I love the lace, the mini dress under the lace, the open back, this dress is honestly perfect.

You can wear it with a pretty pair of simple big earrings, and don’t forget a beautiful pair of heels!

Meghan Dress

The Meghan Dress from Revolve is actually one of my favorites. I love the colorfulness of the dress, it’s unique, and definitely not a dress you see a lot on prom nights.

I love that it is a wrap dress, and also has a leg split in the front. You can also pair this dress with any colored heels basically. 

You can wear it with a nude pair of heels to “cool it down”, or rock a colored pair of heels to stand out!

REVOLVE Mich Dress

I love this Mich Dress from Revolve! I know the neckline is very open, and it isn’t for everyone, but if you do like it, I think this is the perfect prom dress to take some beautiful photos with!

Strappy Back Ruched Trumpet Gown

This beautiful strappy ruched trumpet dress from Nordstrom is a super unique and flattering dress to wear to prom!

I also love the color, and how flattering the dress is.

REVOLVE Diana Gown

This Diana Gown from Revolve isn’t the usual one-shoulder dress you usually see. First of all, the color of the dress is very pretty, flattering and girly. 

In my opinon, this dress is super flattering, unique, and definitely not your regular one-shoulder dress!

Chiffon Ballgown

This Chiffon dress from Nordstrom definitely gives me some princess/fairy vibes!

The dress is very flattering, the chiffon fabric makes the dress fancier, and the leg split definitely adds magical vibes to the princess vibed dress!

If you don’t like pink, but do love the dress, you’ll be happy to know that this dress comes in blue and gray as well!


Lace A-Line Evening Dress

Okay, maybe I was wrong. This Lace A-Line evening dress from Nordstrom is definitely one of the fanciest princess vibes dress!

I love the color, the fabric, and the look of this dress. If you are into these kinds of fancy prom dresses, you should definitely consider this dress!

Off the Shoulder Satin Trumpet Gown

I don’t know if it’s just me, but in my opinion, metallic blue dresses are super flattering and definitely stand out!

This off-the-shoulder satin dress from Nordstrom is a beautiful prom dress to wear! The off the shoulder dress with the high-leg split just makes this dress super feminine and flattering.

3D Floral V-Neck Gown

This 3D floral V-neck dress from Nordstrom is also a beautiful artwork! If you like to stand out, unique clothing pieces, this dress is the perfect find!

Sleeveless Strappy Back Gown

It seems like blue evening dresses are definitely being a big hit this year. I love this Sleeveless Strappy Back Dress from Nordstrom!

I love the pattern, the color, the neckline, it’s such a fancy and classy prom dress to wear.

Strappy Back Satin Ballgown

This Strappy Back Satin Dress from Nordstrom is a simple, yet very classy and special prom dress to wear this year.

It isn’t too revealing, it’s pretty, flattering, and the color is very unique!

Sandra Plunge Crepe Trumpet Gown

This Sandra Plunge Crepe Trumpet Gown from Nordstrom is the ultimate classy prom dress to wear.

The deep V-neck is very flattering for any chest size, the color is feminine and flattering, and the leg split definitely does the job!

Ruffle Off the Shoulder Fit & Flare Dress

This Ruffle Off The Shoulder Dress from Nordstrom is a beautiful mini dress to wear to prom if you don’t like maxi dresses!

You can make the look a bit fancier with a beautiful necklace and some fancy heels! Also, you can add a statement clutch to complete the look.

Sequin Floral A-Line Gown

This beautiful sequin floral A-line prom dress from Nordstrom is last on our list! 

The dress is very unique, definitely gives some fancy princess vibes. The high-leg split is super flattering, and this dress in general is very flattering for all body types!

And that’s it for today! These were 35 beautiful 2021 prom dresses to wear this year!

Which dress is your favorite? What are you getting this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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