Top 22nd Birthday Ideas For The BEST Party Ever!

This blog post is about 22nd birthday ideas!


22nd birthday ideas

If you are feeling 22 ūüėČ And want to celebrate this beautiful age the right way, you are in the right place!

This post is about 22 birthday ideas, and in here, you’ll find 22nd birthday themes and decorations for the PERFECT party!

Prepare yourself for iconic birthday ideas that will make your 22nd birthday party UNFORGETTABLE.

Let’s get started!

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22nd birthday ideas
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22nd Birthday Ideas:

Table of Contents:

Disco Birthday Party Theme

Get CUTE Disco Party Invites

Starting off with cute disco party invites! Your party invitation is the first impression your friends will get about your party, so you NEED to make it cute!

I found these beautiful disco invitations from Etsy, that you can customize with your info and text the final result to your friends, or print them out, and hand them to your friends.

Set Up a Balloon Arch 

Another great party decoration that you should get for your disco-themed birthday party –¬†this beautiful silver¬†balloon arch¬†from Amazon!¬†

A balloon arch at the entrance to your party is a great way to upgrade and decorate your birthday party! 

And¬†this silver disco theme balloon arch¬†is more than perfect for your celebration ūüôā

Decorate With Silver Balloons

An essential for your party is, of course, some beautiful balloons! 

I love these disco ball balloons and these silver balloons set that will be the PERFECT addition to your party.

Set Up a Photo Booth Area

Another must-have for your party is a photo booth area for your friends and you to take Insta-worthy disco pics! 

You can¬†get this silver party backdrop¬†from Amazon, to bring in some silver disco vibes, and you can also use these pretty disco photo props¬†to upgrade your photos ūüôā

Offer Cute Drinking Options

Upgrade your friends party drinking experience by offering these awesome options!

First of all, I’m OBSESSED with¬†these beautiful disco ball cups¬†from my Etsy shop, that you can also customize and write your friends name on, and give them as party favors.

Also,¬†these disco drinking pouches¬†are sooo cute and will definitely upgrade your drinking experience during your party ūüôā¬†

Disco Ball Straws

I LOVE these cute disco ball straws!¬†It’s a fun decoration for the drinking cups you choose, they are super cute and would go with any cup and drink!¬†

Hang Up a Party Banner

One of the best 22nd birthday ideas is hanging up a cute party banner on the wall, on your photo booth wall area, or my favorite Рabove the food table!

Decorate Your Table With a Table Runner

This disco party table runner from Amazon is perfect for decorating your disco party food or drinks table! 

It is SO PRETTY, and will look SO GOOD with all of the food, drinks, and table decorations.

Disco Themed Tableware

Complete your disco themed party table with these beautiful disco tableware!

I love this disco party tableware set from Amazon, it is so cute and also comes with a matching table runner.

Disco Ball Ice Bucket

Keep your alcohol cool and fresh with this disco shaped ice bucket! Beyond the functional part, it will make such a cute addition to your disco themed table!

Decorate Your Table With Confetti 

The PERFECT way to decorate your drinks or food table at your party is to add some confetti on it! This glitter silver confetti will be so pretty on your table!

Another confetti that will be perfect for your party is this disco ball confetti, so pretty!

Decorate Your Table With Disco Lights

Next on our disco-theme party ideas are these disco ball lights! They will look sooo good on your party table! So pretty!

Decorate Your Cupcakes With Disco Toppers

A beautiful way to decorate your cupcakes, if you are serving cupcakes, is with beautiful disco ball cupcake toppers! 

Decorate Your Cups With Drink Tags

I LOVE using drink tags for parties! They make the perfect addition to your party decor aesthetic, and they are so so cute!

You can get these custom number drink tags (with your number Р22) on my Etsy shop, they also come in silver, so they will perfectly match your disco party aesthetic. 


Use Disco Ball Cocktail Picks

The next 22nd birthday decor idea for your disco theme party is these disco ball cocktail picks!

They are perfect for the delicious cocktails and drinks you’ll serve at your party!

Taylor Swift Birthday Party Theme

Birthday Party Invitations

The most iconic 22nd birthday theme is definitely a Taylor Swift 22 birthday!

Start off by bringing in some Taylor Swift birthday vibes with these beautiful party invites!

They are digital so you can fill in your information, and either text them to your friends and guests or print them out and give them by hand!

Decorate With Balloons!

Moving on to these 22 number balloons! These cute balloons are a the perfect size to decorate an empty walL.

Also, these beautiful RED balloons will look so good to add the Taylor Swift party vibe! 

Make a Photo Booth Area

These days you can’t have a birthday party without Instagrammable photos! That’s why a photo booth area at your party is a MUST! 

You can get this RED backdrop,  and make I promise you that your friend would take photos and have a lot of fun!

Decorate Your Table With Taylor Swift Confetti 

As a Swiftie myself, I would definitely get this Taylor Swift confetti for a birthday party food table!

This cute-themed confetti features Red album icons like Taylor’s hat, kisses, and the number 22! It’s a great way to upgrade your table!¬†

RED Hearts Sunglasses For Your Friends!

These red heart-shaped sunglasses¬†are super cute and just like Taylor’s!

You can’t have a Taylor Swift-themed party without these sunglasses!

Complete your party with these beautiful sunglasses for your friends and take the CUTEST Instagram pics with them, and they can also make the perfect party favor for your friends.

Hang Up “I’m Feeling 22” Party Banner¬†

Above your food/dessert table, you can hang a¬†“I’m feeling 22” party banner!¬†

These party banners are so cute and perfect for your Taylor Swift 22nd-themed birthday party!

Get Cute Shot Glasses 

Upgrade your friends’ drinking experience at your party with these cute¬†feeling¬†22-themed shot glasses!¬†

Get Taylor Swift Themed Cookies 

How pretty are these themed¬†Taylor Swift cookies!?¬†They’re perfect for your Taylor Swift 22nd birthday party, and they are so pretty!!

Decorate Your Cake With A Cake Topper 

If you feel like it, you can decorate and upgrade your birthday cake with this cute 22-cake topper from Etsy that would look great on any birthday cake!

Decorate Your Cups With Drink Tags

I’m OBSESSED with¬†personalized drink tags¬†for parties!¬†

You can get these custom drink tags from my Etsy shop, and get them in red (or black, whatever you want), and put them on your cups.

Just make sure to order these in advance, because it does take around 14-20 days to arrive.

Decorate Your Table With a Tablecloth

Decorate your food table with a red tablecloth or a white tablecloth to complete tour Taylor Swift theme party!


Y2K Birthday Party Theme

Y2K Birthday Invitations!

Invite your friends to your memorable 22nd birthday party with these cool Y2K birthday party invitations!

They are both digital invitations, that you can customize with your name and info, and either text it to your friends or physically hand them over.

Set Up a Photo Booth Area 

Make sure your friends (and yours) Instagram pics are super cute by setting up the perfect photo booth area with a beautiful Y2K backdrop and Y2K photo props!

Set Up a Balloon Arch 

Decorate the entrance to your place/party or a different area at your party with this beautiful pink and purple balloon arch!

Hang Up a Party Banner  

Hang up a¬†cute party banner¬†or¬†these cute Y2K decorations¬†on the wall, on your ‚Äúphotos area‚ÄĚ wall, or above your food/desserts table ūüôā

Don’t Forget Cute Straws! 

Drink in style with these cute drinking straws! They are perfect to complete your Y2K party theme, and they are so cute!

Hang Up Bubble Garlands 

This beautiful bubble garlands set will make the PERFECT party decor for your Y2K birthday party!

You can hang it up from the ceiling, even above your food table, and add an extra unique touch to the party.

Use Cute Y2K Themed Tableware

Decorate Your Cupcakes With Cupcakes Toppers

If you are serving cupcakes at your party, decorate them with cute cupcakes toppers!

Get ICONIC Britney Spears Cups

Honestly though, what’s MORE ICONIC than¬†these Britney Spears cups?!

They are the PERFECT addition to your Y2K party! What’s more iconic than Hit Me Baby One More Time cups? You tell me!

Personalized Flower Drink Tags 

I LOVE these personalized flower drink tags from my Etsy shop! They are new and SO PRETTY, and I love them!

If you are having a smaller gathering, you can engrave your friends’ names on each drink tag.¬†

Or, if you are having a larger party, you can either engrave your name on the drink tags or keep them blank. 

Y2K Icons Banner

I can’t think of something MORE iconic than¬†this 2000s icons party¬†banner!

This is definitely one of the coolest party banners to hang above your food table or somewhere at your place for the party!

Use a Tablecloth or Table Runner

A great way to decorate your food table at your party is with a pretty tablecloth! 

I found this pretty sparkly purple tablecloth on Amazon, as well as this beautiful sequin table runner!

Decorate Your Table With Confetti  

Upgrade and decorate your food table with beautiful Y2K confetti!

Whether you are looking for something unique like this Y2K confetti, or if you want something more traditional, this hot pink birthday confetti from Amazon.

Take Shots With Reactive Pink Cups!

One thing you shouldn’t forget for your party is alcohol shot glasses!¬†These reactive pink cups¬†are so cool!

Y2K Slap Bracelets

The best party favors for your Y2K party are these slap bracelets! They are so cool and are perfect for your party! so nostalgic! 

Y2K Party Temporary Tattoos

Another one of my favorite party favors, especially for a Y2K party, is temporary Y2K tattoos!

Decorate yourself and your friends with these cool Y2K party temporary tattoos! They are the perfect addition to your party!

Boho Birthday Party Theme

Boho Party Invitations

These beautiful boho-themed party invitations are so pretty! I also love these custom birthday party invites from Etsy as well. 

You can customize both of them with your name and info, send them to your friends in this one, or print them out in this invite! 

Hang Up a Party Banner

I love hanging party banners above the food/desserts table, but where ever you decide to hang it up, you can‚Äôt go wrong with this natural¬†“happy birthday” party banner¬†or this¬†peace & love party banner!¬†

Personalized Rattan Letters Centerpiece 

A beautiful idea for a birthday table centerpiece, that would look so pretty on your party table, is definitely this boho rattan letters centerpiece! 

You can get your initials, or of your age, 22, and place it on your table.

Decorate With Unique Balloons

As I keep saying, you can’t not decorate your place for your party with themed balloons!

I love both these neutral-gold balloons from Amazon, that are perfect for bringing in some neutral boho vibes.

And also, I LOVE these LED balloons from Amazon! They are so cool!

Set Up a Balloon Arch

I LOVE this boho neutral colored balloons arch! 

You can set it up at the entrance of your place, and make people “enter your party” through the beautiful balloons arch.

Also, you can set it near your food table or on a blank wall and make a cute photo spot!  

Set Up a Photo Booth Area

Next is setting up a photo booth! Make sure you have the perfect spot for your and your friend’s Insta pics with this gold metallic backdrop or this tulle backdrop with lights for the BEST boho birthday party photos!

Boho Tableware

Complete your food table with beautiful gold boho tableware! 

Another beautiful option is this unique white tableware set for the perfect boho party!

Decorate The Table with a Tablecloth

Decorate your food table with this layered table skirt or with this boho macramé table runner, both from Amazon!

 Get a Boho Cake Topper

I’m sure your 22nd birthday party cake is gorgeous! But do you know what will make it even more stunning? This boho cake topper! 

Decorate Your Cups With Drink Tags

I just can’t shut up about my favorite¬†personalized drink tags!¬†

For your boho themed party, you can get these in the number 22 in either white, gold, or light pink – it will be so pretty!

Just make sure to order these in advance, because it does take around 14-20 days to arrive.

22nd Birthday Candle 

The best candles to put on your birthday cake are these 22 birthday candles from Amazon! 

They are perfect for a boho themed cake, including for the cake design below!

Get a Boho Birthday Cake! 

22nd birthday ideas
Source: @laurascakes_cupcakes

Last but not least for your 22nd boho birthday party is to make or get yourself a boho-themed cake!

Here’s an example of a beautiful¬†22nd birthday cake design, perfect for your 22 birthday party!

Groovy Hippie Birthday Party Theme

Cute Party Invites

Let’s start with these beautiful  party invitations! 

I LOVE these custom groovy party invites from Etsy! They are perfect for your groovy party theme and will definitely make a fun first impression for your party.

Decorate With Groovy Themed Balloons 

Bring festive groovy vibes to your party by decorating your place with these groovy hippie vibes balloons! Both are from Amazon, and I love the flowers balloons, they are so pretty!


Set Up a Balloon Arch

Setting up¬†a beautiful balloon arch¬†at the entrance to your party can definitely be an impressive decor piece to introduce your party theme to your guests. Plus, they can also take cute photos there! ūüôā¬†

Set Up a Photo Booth Area

A party themed Instagrammable photo booth area is definitely a must have for any party!

You should definitely check out this orange party backdrop, and don’t forget these groovy-hippie photo props to complete your Insta-worthy photos!

Hang Up a Party Banner

Moving on to¬†hanging up a party banner!¬†If you came across my other birthday decor blog posts, you know how much I love hanging a¬†cute festive party banner¬†above the food and drinks table, I think it’s so cute!

Decorate With Daisies Garlands

Next on our groovy hippie party decor ideas is this pretty daisy banner! Imagine how cute this will look like above your food table or as a decoration on an empty wall.

Use a Cute Tablecloth or Table Runner

Decorate your food table with a cute floral hippie tablecloth or this neutral table runner!  

Decorate Your Table With Confetti 

A great way to upgrade your table is with this cute groovy hippie-themed confetti or with this custom confetti from Etsy! 

Get Cute Dinnerware For Your Party

Complete your groovy hippie party theme with this beautiful groovy tableware set, or this cute hippie tableware set from Amazon!

Personalized Flower Drink Tags 

Whether you are having a small gathering with friends, or a larger party, one of my favorite party decorations is definitely getting unique drink tags!

You can get these beautiful flower drink tags on my Etsy shop. You can engrave on them your friends names, or write something about (for example Р22 B-DAY, or your name/initials on it).

Or, you can leave them empty and only decorate your cups with the blank flower shaped drink tags.

For this themed party, you can get the gold colored drink tags, and we also have them in white and light pink that could match.

Decorate With (Even More) Balloons!

There isn’t a thing as “too many balloons” at a birthday party, and¬†these beautiful balloons definitely match the cool groovy aesthetic!


Don’t Forget Cute Straws! 

Drink in style with these cute hippie-design straws! They are perfect to complete your party theme!

These¬†colorful flower straws¬†are so pretty, and they are also reusable, which is definitely a plus ūüôā

Decorate Your Cupcakes With Toppers  

If you are serving cupcakes at your party, decorate them with cute hippie cupcake toppers!

Travel Birthday Party Theme

Boarding Pass Birthday Invites

As a HUGE travel lover, I couldn’t relate to this party theme more!

Offer your friends an out-of-this-country party experience for your 22nd birthday!

Starting off with sending out these cute boarding pass invitations, that are so pretty and fun!

Hang Up a Party Banner 

I love hanging party banners above the party food table, but wherever you decide to hang them up, you can’t go wrong with¬†this travel themed party banner, or¬†this feeling 22 party banner¬†as well.

Set Up a Photo Booth Area

These days there’s no proof to a party online without Instagrammable pics!¬†

Set up the perfect photo booth area for your friends to take cute photos with this gold party backdrop and these cute party photo props to spice up their pics!


Decorate With Beautiful Balloons

Add more balloons to your party with¬†these beautiful gold balloons, and my personal favorite –¬†these globe balloons¬†from Amazon! They are SO unique!

Decorate With These Airplane Balloons

Decorate your place with these beautiful airplanes balloons that are extremely unique and definitely brings in the fun travel vibes!

Decorate With Travel Maps Confetti

Party confetti is perfect for decorating your food or drinks table! This pretty travel maps confetti is the perfect travel themed confetti for your travel theme party! 

Decorate Your Party With Suitcase Boxes

Another cute addition to your food table, as a unique centerpiece, is a suitcase boxes centerpiece! 

I found this on Amazon, and it looks so pretty! It’s the perfect way to decorate your table a little extra and add those fun travel vibes.


Travel Themed Tableware 

Complete the food/serving experience with a beautiful gold tableware set!

I also love this the adventure begins gold set from Amazon. Both of the sets would be perfect for your travel themed birthday party!


Get Personalized Airplane Drink Tags 

One of my favorite drink tags designs I sell on my Etsy shop are these personalized airplane drink tags!

They are SO CUTE! They come in gold, rose gold, and silver. You can engrave on them your name, or age, or whatever you want, and it will look perfect for a travel themed party ūüôā

Give Out Airplane Keychains Party Favors! 

If you want to spoil your friends a little bit more at your party, consider getting them cute travel themed party favors like these gold airplane bottle opener keychains! 

Decorate Your Cupcakes With Travel Toppers

If you are serving cupcakes at your party, you can decorate and upgrade your cupcakes with cute cupcakes travel toppers from Amazon!

And that’s it for today!

I hope you found some unique 22nd birthday party themes and decorations ūüôā

This blog post was about 22nd birthday ideas!

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