Brilliant & Affordable Amazon Work From Home Essentials For Busy Women

Must-Have Amazon Work From Home Essentials

Did 2020 made you work from home? If you are looking for ways to make your work day more prodoctive at home, here are the best Amazon work from home essentials to help you out!

Working from home isn’t always easy, especially if you are used to working in an office, and having all of your office essentials at your work place.

In this blog post I share with you my ultimate list of 18 must-have Amazon work from home essentials to make your work day much more productive and easy!

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Comfortable Chair

Usually, people don’t realize how important a comfortable chair is in their workspace. 

Think about it, you can sit for hours in front of your computer or desk and work. 

Then, try to remember how much your back hurts after sitting for hours working on an uncomfortable chair!

Invest in a comfortable chair that will make your working sessions much better and healthier for your back.

Ember Mug

I don’t know about you, but I HATE when my coffee gets cold after a long work session! 

And what’s more annoying, is getting up every once in a while to warm the coffee mug in the microwave.

The Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug is exactly as its name. 

You can simply set your coffee temperature and the mug keeps the temperature of your drink for HOURS!

This mug is such a life changer and whoever invented it is honestly a genius.


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you probably know what a huge planner obsession I have!

I love planners, I love organizing my life and being aware of everything I need to do, I love checklists and writing down everything.

If you don’t have a planner yet, I don’t know what were you doing until now, but I highly recommend investing in an affordable planner!

I love undated planners, because you can start using them whenever you want and if you are traveling for a month for example, and not writing down anything, those pages don’t go to waste.

Laptop Bag

If you are working through the computer, and especially with a laptop, a laptop bag is a must-have work from home essential you’ll need if you are taking your laptop wherever you are going.

To-Do List Daily Planner Sheets

As I told you earlier, I personally love to-do lists/checklists/organizing my day and planning! 

This daily planner is another one of the best Amazon work from home essentials and is perfect for planning your day at work (at home) or in general, planning your day and making sure you are doing everything you planned.

In the daily planner, you can write down things you must do today, write down a to-do list, write down how much water you drank and what you ate, keeping track of health & fitness habits, writing down appointments, and more!


Pens & Highlighters

Another thing that adds the joy I get from having a physical planner and planning my life in planners/to-do list sheets is using colorful pens and highlighters!

I love color-coding the things I need to do. For example, if it’s a “work think” I will highlight it in my planner in yellow. 

If it’s a fun thing I need to do or an event/anything fun, I will highlight it in purple, for running errands I will highlight the assignment in orange, etc.

I also highly recommend Pilot G-TEC-C4 pens. I’ve been using them since elementary school, and I love them so much!

They are easy to write with, comfortable in your hand, and they will help you get beautiful handwriting.

Sticky Notes

If there is anything you need to remember, using sticky notes is the best way to make sure you will remember!

I love sticking sticky notes on my laptop/mirror/anywhere I look at often to remind myself of important things that if I won’t open up my planner I won’t remember.

Cord Organizer

I hate it when all of my cords get messed up together on my desk and it becomes such an effort to pull one cord out of the mess.

That’s why I think this cord organizer is a brilliant invention that can help a lot in your everyday life!

Instead of having all of your cords messed up and stuck in each other, you can make sure they are all separated and organized on your desk with this cord organizer.


If you’ve been working at an office, having a printer at work always seems so obvious. 

But once you got sent to work from home, you are probably surprised that you may (or may not) not have a printer at home!

I have this HP printer at home, and I highly recommend it!

Throw Blanket

Cuddling with a soft throw blanket while you work will make work much cozier!

Laptop Bed Tray

Even though working from bed isn’t recommended if you want to stay focused, but every once in a while spending some time working from bed with this laptop bed tray is definitely a fun experience


It’s always important to have headphones when you are trying to get away from the sounds of your family or pets in the background of your calls, you need a pair of wireless headphones!

I highly recommend these beautiful Beats headphones that don’t only look amazing but they are also very high quality and are highly recommended!

Neck & Back Massager

I love this product so much!! I always recommend this neck & back massager here on my blog because it honestly gives the best massages EVER.

I always love sitting down and using this while I work at home or even watch TV.

This neck & back massager will definitely make you much more comfortable while you work and can prevent future back pains after a long day working at home!

Desk Lamp

If you are not only working on your computer, and even if you are working when it’s dark, a desk lamp is always a great help to working better.

Here are some of my favorite desk lamps:



Files Organizer

Now that you are working from home, one of the most important work from home essentials you’ll need is a files organizer!

Organize your files and keep your working space organized with a nice files organizer.

Phone Holder

Whatever I am donig on the computer, I always like having music playing in the bakground or some videos as well.

I love using this phone stand at my desk for a fun experience while I am working.

It comes in multiple pretty colors and holds almost every kind of phone!

Also, you can charge your phone while its resting on it!

The stand holds your phone at an angle you normally would hold it which makes everything super easy and simple to use!


Candle/Oil Essentials Diffuser

I love working at home while lighting a candle next to me and enjoying the amazing smell.

Random fact, my favorite scent is pumpkin spice! I love lighting it all year round 🙂

If you don’t like candles, or if you are in a dorm room and not allowed to light candles, you can also invest in an oil essentials diffuser which is perfect for the long term!

I love using diffusers because first of all it’s a one-time investment to make, and later on every few (around 6 months, depends how much you use it) you can stock up on some oil essentials.

USB Desktop Charging Station

These days everything needs to be connected through USB. 

But let’s be honest, our computer only comes with 2-3 ports and usually that’s not enough!


A USB hub makes life easier, especially for working from home. 

You can get this 6-port USB hub for an affordable price that will literarly change your life while working from home and will make your day much easier!

And that’s it! These were my TOP 18 recommended Amazon work from home essentials that I think anyone should have at their home office!

What’s your favorite thing about working from home? Share with us in the comments below!

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