45 Amazing Christmas Gifts For College Girl She Is Guaranteed to LOVE!

This post is all about Christmas gifts for college girl.

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Whether you’re shopping for Christmas gifts for college girl roommates, friends, your daughter, sister, or girlfriend, there are so many amazing gifts for college students to choose from.

I wanted to find the BEST Christmas gifts for college girls to add to this post. I’m not just recommending college-related gifts like planners, stationery items, and dorm room essentials. 

I’m giving you a list of the BEST products that young women love from home decor, to clothes, to beauty, to technology, and everything in between.

Let’s get started!

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Digital Alarm Clock

Whether the college girl you’re shopping for lives in a dorm room, apartment, or even at home, a digital alarm clock is a must-have. 

This mirrored digital alarm clock is perfect for anyone who likes the clean girl aesthetic or modern decor because it also doubles as a mirror, which will make your room feel slightly bigger and more modern.

The base and lights all come in a variety of different colors, which makes it easily suitable for any aesthetic!

Fuzzy Slippers

Fuzzy slippers are an absolute must-have college essential, in my opinion. No matter where she lives, these will give her some comfort while she’s lounging at home.

These fuzzy slippers come in so many different colors and even patterns like pink and brown leopard print!

Personalized Tumbler

Every girl needs a personalized tumbler!

Whether she keeps her tumbler at her desk or in her car, these are so convenient and thoughtful.

You can customize this tumbler by choosing the tumbler color, name font and color, and personalize it with her name. 

Stanley Tumbler

If she doesn’t have a Stanley Cup yet, it’s a must-have for Christmas this year! 😉

Stanleys are especially amazing for long days at school, because they keep your drink cool for so many hours!

Cute Workout Set

How cute is this high waisted ribbed workout set?! I can’t get enough of cute workout sets.

If the girl you’re shopping for loves comfy workout sets, you can check out this set in a few different colors and styles!

Lululemon Leggings

Lululemon leggings are the BEST! I love this Espresso colored leggings, but you can also buy it in different shades of blue, red, green, tan, and more.

These are seriously the comfiest leggings she will ever own, and they are super high quality as well.

Rhode Lip Case

The Rhode lip case has been the VIRAL product of the year.

I see it all over TikTok and it’s for a good reason 😉

If your college girl is constantly carrying around her lip gloss, getting her this Rhode lip tint case is the perfect way to make sure you’re buying her a gift she’ll use daily!

The Five Minute Journal

Sometimes, habits are hard to start but so worth it even if you’re dedicating just a little bit of time.

That’s why I love the five minute journal.

This journal will give her daily affirmations and space to reflect without taking tons of time out of her day.

It’s a great way to support your college girl on her self improvement journey.

Embroidered Shower Caddy

When it comes to dorm room essentials, a great shower caddy is not something you can afford to avoid. 

I love the idea of getting an embroidered shower caddy from Etsy because it’s a little more personalized and will help make sure she doesn’t lose sight of her stuff.

Plus, there are more than 20 colors to choose from, so you’ll certainly be able to find something she’ll love!

Hair Waver Curling Iron

I’m OBSESSED with using a hair waver to style my hair.

Although it isn’t the quickest hair style, it is an easy one that makes your hair SO PRETTY.

I use this INH Hair Waver and I’m super happy with it. Highly recommended!

Apple Air Tag

Apple air tags are an essential for everyone these days!

Whether you buy this as a standalone gift or include it as a stocking stuffer, the Apple Air Tag is a perfect gift for a college student that is traveling (home and back, or in between), or also in her everyday life.

She can connect it to her keys/put in her purse/wallet, and keep track of her belongings.

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Keurig K-Mini

The Keurig K-Mini is perfect for any college girl who lives in a dorm or small apartment.

I love this pink colored machine, but you can also order it in black, blue, red, gray, or green to match her aesthetic!

Bonus points if you give this to her with some Keurig pods so she can start using it right away.

Kate Spade Studs

These Kate Spade studs are absolutely gorgeous and classy.

I always say that you can’t go wrong with jewelry for any girl, and I’m OBSESSED with these beautiful Kate Spade studs. They are so classy, and they come both in gold and silver.

Monogrammed Laundry Bag

Every college girl needs a laundry bag, and this custom monogrammed laundry bag makes something boring suddenly stylish 😉

I love that it has straps to carry your laundry so that if you live in a dorm room, it’s super easy to transport everything to the laundry room.

You can get it in gray, black, blue, or pink, and personalize it with her name or initials.

There are even a bunch of different fonts to choose from!

Alo Leggings

Alo leggings are super trendy right now!

After hearing so many amazing reviews everywhere online, I got myself a pair, and I must say they are super high quality, and very flattering.

Since Alo Yoga isn’t on the cheap side, your college girl might want a pair, but maybe can’t afford splurging on herself, so Christmas is a great opportunity to get her the leggings of her dreams!

Iced Coffee Maker

You can NEVER go wrong with this Mr. Coffee iced coffee maker!

I’m obsessed with iced coffee, and if your college girl is too, trust me – she is going to LOVE this iced coffee maker you can get on Target.

Heated Throw Blanket

Heated blankets are LIFE CHANGING!

And trust me, getting out of bed might be tricky after getting one 😉

Especially for someone who lives in a winter climate, these are seriously the coziest type of blanket you can get.

This heated blanket has a 4-hour auto-off timer for safety, and you can choose from a few different patterns .

Personalized Makeup Brush Set

How cute is this personalized makeup brush set?!

You can get it on Etsy, and customize it by choosing your makeup case & brushes color, choose the name design and font color, and personalize it with your college girl’s name.

Personalized Wallet

An adorable Christmas gift idea, whether it’s the gift or a stocking stuffer, is this personalized name wallet.

It’s the perfect combination of a practical and personal gift. And you can customize it by choosing the wallet’s color, the name design and font color, and personalize it with her name.

Personalized Name Throw Pillow

How pretty is this custom name throw pillow from Etsy?!

In my opinion, you can never have too many throw pillows on your bed… and I know lots of college girls like to cozy up their space with throw pillows to make their bed feel like it’s as luxurious as a hotel!

You can choose the size and color of this throw pillow and personalize it with her name to make her own unique decor.

Gold Hoop Earrings

Every girl needs a few pairs of classy gold hoop earrings.  

I love this set from Amazon, and you can also choose from a few different designs.

Dior Lip Oil

The Dior lip oil feels SO luxurious.

It’s one of those things that the girl you’re shopping for probably won’t splurge on herself but she’ll LOVE receiving it as a gift.

You can choose from so many different shades of pink to make it the perfect color for her lips!

Personalized Neon Sign

A personalized neon sign would look SO cute in her dorm room.

She can hang it up and her dorm room, and even use it for future dorm rooms and apartments.

It’s a fun timeless decor piece you can’t go wrong with, especially for college girls 😉

Custom Rhinestone Passport Cover

How pretty is this rhinestone passport cover?!

Whether she’s traveling to/back from college, or if she’s planning a fun Christmas vacation, she will definitely enjoy traveling with a beautiful rhinestones passport cover!

Plus, You can also get it with a matching luggage tag!

Personalized Hair Clips

These personalized hair clips are just too cute.

They are a perfect combination of a practical and personal gift, that you can be sure she will make great use from.

These hair clips have so many five star reviews and they’re an awesome affordable but thoughtful gift!

Comfy Pajamas Set

Satin pajamas feel like the most luxurious way to pamper yourself and get a great sleep.

You can buy these satin pajamas in so many different colors (there’s even a Christmas version!), and the best part is they’re super affordable but will feel SO comfy when she puts them on.

I’ve included a short sleeve set and a long sleeve set option so you can get her whichever type she would prefer!

Trendy Sunglasses

I’m linking a couple different types of retro sunglasses that are both super trendy styles at the moment!

For each of these sunglasses, you can choose from a variety of colors to get whatever you think she’ll use most.

These sunglasses have great reviews and would match well with so many different types of outfits and face shapes.

Running Shoes

I’ve seen Zendaya on some ads for this brand which makes me IMMEDIATELY want them.

If your college girl is athletic or likes walking and running, these running shoes look like they’re seriously the comfiest thing.

I love this neutral pair, but you can order them in a variety of colors.

At Home Spa Gift Set

Who doesn’t love an at-home spa day?! This spa gift set comes with a spa dress, flower candle, sheet masks, tea, and a “spirits-lifting” bath soak.

That sounds perfect for any college girl who needs some self-care, don’t you think?

Puffer Jacket

This cropped puffer jacket from H&M would go perfectly with so many different outfits.

You can buy it in light gray or beige, but either option offers versatility so it can be paired with lots of different looks.

College Girl Care Package

I was so happy to find this college girl care package on Etsy that I had to add it to this list of Christmas gifts for college girl students!

You can choose the box color and it comes with a jewelry box, custom name makeup brush pouch and brushes, a piece of jewelry, some accessories, and a free personalized message.

I don’t know a single college girl who wouldn’t love getting something like this.

Winter Touchscreen Gloves

If the college girl you’re shopping for lives in a winter climate, these winter touchscreen gloves are a must.

They are touchscreen, so you can text and use your phone with no problem while wearing them.

Dyson Supersonic Nural Hair Dryer

If you aren’t familiar with the Dyson hair dryers, I have no idea where you’ve been!

You can quickly and easily dry your hair with this Dyson hair dryer without causing heat damage. 

This is definitely an expensive gift, but for sure something she’ll use for years to come.


AirPods are a must have for college students, or anyone actually haha

Whether you’re shopping for someone who doesn’t have them, or  just needs an upgrade, Apple has so many different options, from the original AirPods to the noise canceling ones.

Casetify AirPods Case

Casetify makes the BEST tech cases, and this AirPods case is no different.

Whether you are adding this to the AirPods gift, or your college girl already has AirPods, and you want to get something like this for her, the Casetify AirPods cases are too cute!

Apple Watch

Having an Apple Watch is the best way to track your activity, sleep, other health factors, and keep your communication on you at all times.

Apple Watches are so convenient to have in college to stay on top of your health goals (and stay on time for class!).

You can also choose a band style that would suit her well.

Rare Beauty Lip Duo

I’m OBSESSED with the Rare beauty products, and I know SO many college students who do, too.

For a celebrity beauty line, their makeup products are so affordable and every Rare Beauty color I’ve seen is so pretty.

I am personally obsessed with this Rare Beauty Lip Duo. It is long lasting, high quality, and super flattering.

Sephora Makeup Brush Set

Every girl needs some fresh makeup brushes every once in a while, and this Sephora complete set is a great way to make sure she has everything she needs.

It comes with 7 different types and sizes of brushes.

7 Days of Self Care Kit

This self care gift set is so nice!

Whether she completes her 7 days of self care over the holiday break or while she’s in school at some point, this is a great way to help her recharge and show herself some love.

This gift set comes with seven boxes filled with surprises like a spa headband, shower steamers, bubble candle, gua sha, pocket mirror, suncatcher, and comfy socks.

Personalized Gift Set

From the flower hair clip to the fuzzy socks to the customized glass cup, these items are all things that college girls would use.

Whether she loves to enjoy her iced coffee in the mornings or uses the cup for water, this gift set would be so cute on her desk and help her create such a comfortable study space wherever she lives. 

The socks also come in different colors that you can choose from!

Fenty Beauty Makeup Set

This Fenty Beauty set is the perfect mini makeup gift set.

It comes with the Fenty Icon lipstick fill and case, eyeliner, and a mirror and makeup bag.

The mirror and makeup bag are perfect for travel, and the makeup will let her try something new if she doesn’t have these Fenty Beauty items already!

College Cityscape Glass

You can order this college cityscape glass for over 40 universities, so chances are that her school is one of the options!

The illustrations have iconic buildings from each alma mater, team mascot, and campus landmarks. 

Wildflower Hardcover Personalized Journal

As soon as I saw this gorgeous journal, I wanted it. It is so pretty!

You can add her name to the front of this and it will become the go-to place for her to document all her amazing college memories.

You can also choose from a variety of different flower designs!

My favorite one is the “Summer Bloom.”

Beauty Hacks Gift Set

If you know the girl you’re shopping for loves beauty but you don’t quite know what beauty items to get her, this beauty gift set is perfect.

It comes with a bunch of different small self care beauty items including a pocket scrunchie, pedi set, manicure strips, and a lavender lotion bar.

Therapy Dough

This therapy dough is infused with essential oils which is great for stress relief… and every college student needs some help with stress relief.

These packs of dough come in the cutest packages and allows you to relive the childhood fun of playing with dough while helping relieve your stress!

I hope you liked this extensive list of Christmas gifts for college girl students!

Whether you’re shopping for someone you just met this year or someone you’ve known her whole life, sometimes thinking of the best gifts for students can be difficult.

We’re obsessed with all the gifts on this list, so I hope you found something you know she’ll love!



This post was all about Christmas gifts for college girl.


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