TOP 50 Popular Christmas Gifts For College Girls

This blog post is about Christmas gifts for college girls!

christmas gifts for college girls

Christmas shopping for college girls can be quite tricky, especially if you feel like she’s a girl that has everything! 

If you are looking for unique and thoughtful Christmas gifts for college girls, you are in the right place 🙂 

This blog post is all about Christmas gift ideas for college students that includes everything from personalized gifts, jewelry gifts, beauty gifts, practical gifts for college, and more!

Let’s get started!

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Christmas Gifts For College Girls

Table of Contents:

Lifestyle Christmas Gifts For College Girls

Custom 2024 Planner

Although I am currently not a college student, but I can positively say that I’m obsessed with my planner and I can’t live without it. 

I feel like it’s even more helpful as a college student, when you have school work, exams, projects, work, life – a lot of things to remember. 

A cool Christmas gift for college girls, beyond a regular planner, is a personalized planner! 

I found this beautiful weekly planner on Etsy that you can customize with her name!

Apple Air Tag

The Apple Air Tag is definitely one of the best practical Christmas gifts for college girls! 

And I’ll tell you why; first of all, as for daily use, they can put it in their wallet, this way, if they lose their wallet or in any serious case someone steals their wallet on campus, they can easily find it! 

Another way to use the Apple Air Tag is while traveling! If they go to college outside of their state, and when they travel home they travel by plane, this is the best way to track the suitcase and make sure it doesn’t get lost!

CGC College Care Package

I am super excited to share with you this Christmas gift idea – the College Girl Cherished college care package! 

College Girl Cherished is a super unique brand. It’s a college care package subscription brand that offers monthly college care packages to your college girl! 

The care package is valued at $60+, and you can get it as a one time gift for $51. 

OR, if you want to spoil her throughout the whole year, you can sign up to the monthly subscription plan! In the subscription plan, each month, your college girl will receive a fun care package that is filled with handpicked items that will make her the happiest girl on campus 😉 

Also, they were kind enough to offer my readers a 10% OFF discount code on your purchase! 

Get 10% OFF your first order by using the code – MAYA10

Personalized Travel Jewelry Box

I feel like travel jewelry boxes can come in more handy than you might think! I always store my every day jewelry in my little travel jewelry box next to my bed every night. 

And obviously, I use it a lot when I travel too. 

You can get your college girl a custom travel jewelry box, with her name on it, for her to store her jewelry in her dorm room or when she travels back and forth from home!

Personalized Passport Covers

Next on our list are these beautiful personalized slippers that you can get on my Etsy shop! 

I also have a pair myself, and I love them so much! They are so soft and comfy.

OR, if you want to get her plain fuzzy slippers, you can get these soft slippers from Amazon!

Personalized Tumbler

I take my tumbler everywhere with me and drink almost everything in it! Whether it’s a morning smoothie, or my delicious iced coffee, or just cold water during the day. 

personalized tumbler is one of the best and most practical Christmas gifts for college girls! 

Keep her hydrated with this personalized 16oz tumbler from Etsy! She can take this tumbler everywhere with her on campus and outside!

HP Portable Instant Photo Printer

They say that college is one of the best times of a person’s life. So many memories, friends, parties, events, (and of course the tests, homework, etc). 

Help your college girl capture every moment, and keep it forever physically with this HP instant photo printer! 

With this photo printer you can print photos directly from your phone, or any other device, in just a few minutes!

Mirrored Digital Alarm Clock

Since most of us use our phone’s alarms, I found out that there aren’t a lot of cute regular alarm clocks online.

But, if you don’t like to sleep with your phone, or if you are on the top bunk and want to make sure you are waking up on time, you should check out this cute mirrored digital alarm clock from Amazon!

Ninja Air Fryer

I swear, your life splits to before and after getting a Ninja Air Fryer. 

I’m obsessed with my Ninja Air Fryer, my boyfriend and I use it every day, and you can make some great meals with it! 

And as for a college student, this Ninja Air Fryer will be AMAZING for cooking actual food in the own comfort of her dorm room!

Selfie Ring Light

If your college girl loves taking selfies, making TikToks, or is an influencer on her free time – this selfie ring light from Target can make the perfect gift for her! 

This ring light comes with an adjustable tripod for her to place wherever she wants and take the best selfies and photos/TikToks!

Keurig Mini Coffee Maker

I always talk about the Keurig mini coffee maker. They are honestly the best, and this mini size is perfect for any dorm room! 

I feel like coffee can be a must-have during intense finals season or during a busy study schedule, so this Keurig mini coffee maker can definitely come in handy! 

They come in a few different colors – pink, black, light blue, green, gray, and red.

Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker

Speaking of coffee – I LOVE this Mr. Coffee iced coffee maker! 

As a huge iced coffee fan, I can tell you that it makes the best iced coffees! 

If your college girl is an iced coffee lover, definitely consider getting her this iced coffee maker from Target, for her to enjoy making delicious iced coffees from the own comfort of her dorm.

Heated Throw Blanket

This heated throw blanket can make one of the best and coziest Christmas gifts for college girls! 

It’s an electric heated 50″X60″ throw blanket, that has 6 heating levels and an over-heat protect as well. 

It’s also machine washable, and is perfect for staying cozy and warm while snuggling with this soft throw blanket!

Custom Digital Faceless Portrait

I love getting my family/friends custom portraits of my favorite photo of us!

I actually make and sell these digital faceless portraits on my Etsy shop, and I highly recommend checking it out!

You can get your college girl a beautiful portrait of the two of you (or of a special memory in general), print it out, and frame it in a beautiful picture frame that she can hang/display in her dorm.

College 101: A Girl’s Guide to Freshman Year

If your college girl is a freshman that just started college this year, getting her this College 101: A Girl’s Guide to Freshman Year book can be a perfect gift that she can read and use to go through college!

Rose Gold Bluetooth Speaker

Who doesn’t like listening to music and singing in the shower?! 

This pretty Rose Gold Bluetooth speaker has a waterproof case and is the perfect speaker for singing in the shower session! 

Upgrade your college girl’s dorm showers with fun music while showering with this rose gold Bluetooth speaker!

Cute Wireless Keyboard

If your college girl is in need for a new keyboard, consider getting her this cute wireless keyboard from Amazon! 

It can also come as a set with a wireless mouse, so you should definitely check that out too. 

This keyboard is a multi-device keyboard for Windows, Apple iOS, Apple Tv, Android or Chrome, it’s a Bluetooth keyboard that connects to any device! 

It also comes in different colors too – dark gray, lavender purple, off-white, and gray!

Laptop Lap Desk

As someone who works from home, I can tell you that sometimes I just love working from bed. But to do so comfortably, a laptop lap desk is definitely required 😉 

As for college students, you can get her this awesome lap desk from Amazon, and she can use it to do homework from bed, use her computer from bed, and it even has a little compartment for her phone!

Apple AirPods

I can’t think of someone who doesn’t uses earbuds at all. There’s always an occasion and a reason for using earbuds!

Get your college girl the best-selling Apple Airpods, for her to use when walking around campus, doing homework, studying at the library, while working out, and so much more!


Apple Watch

I feel like you can never go wrong with an Apple Watch. 

Especially as a gift, I can tell you that I myself didn’t run to buy it, but I did get it as a gift from my brother and I love it so much! 

I love working out with it and seeing how many calories I’ve burned (just being honest here haha), and I also love to use it to see new text messages when I am not on my phone, it also tracks my steps!

Instant Colorful Tea Latte Kits

These instant colorful tea latte packs are the PERFECT Christmas gift for a tea lover! 

All you need to do is just drop one of these cubes and its edible garnish, and create the perfect Insta-worthy barista-inspired gourmet tea drink! 

Brita Water Bottle

Let’s keep your college girl hydrated with this 20oz Brita water bottle! 

This isn’t just a random water bottle, this is a Brita water bottle, meaning it’s a Brita insulated filtered water bottle. 

It comes with a built in straw, and made out of stainless steel!

Amazon Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo Dot is the perfect alarm clock/digital source to ask any question you need! 

Also, I love it’s speaker, and your college girl can definitely blast out some fun music from this Bluetooth speaker!

Electric Oil Essentials Diffuser

Usually college dorms don’t allow burning candles, so having an electric oil diffuser is perfect for keeping a dorm room smelling good and delicious with essential oils! 

This electric essential oil diffuser comes with a 5-in-1 premium Humidifier, has a 7 LED color changing lights, and has an important auto-off safety switch too!

Colored Pens For Planner

We talked about a planner, but can we talk about how fun and aesthetically pleasing it is to write down in your planner with beautiful colored pens?? 

This colored pens set comes with 18 different colored pens, and is perfect for making your planner look colorful and aesthetically pleasing!

Jewelry Christmas Gifts For College Girls

Birth Flower Name Necklace

This birth flower name necklace from Etsy is one of my favorite necklace designs!

You can completely customize it, from the necklace material (gold, rose gold, silver), to choosing her birth month’s flower, and personalizing it with her name.

Personalized Long Distance Necklace

If you are doing long-distance with your girlfriend, or your bestie studies way too far from you, consider getting her this beautiful personalized long-distance necklace from Etsy! 

I got my best friend this exact necklace, and personalized it with our names and states, and it turned out SO PRETTY!

Kate Spade Round Earrings

You can never go wrong with a beautiful set of stud earrings for a woman!

I’m obsessed with these Kate Spade round stud earrings from Nordstrom. They are beautiful, perfect for any occasion, and come both in gold and in silver too!

Slip Slim Scrunchies

I’m a huge fan of scrunchies in general, but for some reason I just don’t like how they look on my hair.

BUT, that was until I discovered the Slip Slim Scrunchies, that are the perfect solution for my feelings!

They are beautiful slim scrunchies, that are a perfect fit for any hair style, and can definitely come in handy for your college girl.

Beauty Christmas Gifts For College Girls

Revlon Hot Hair Brush

The Revlon Hot Hair Brush is a GAME CHANGER.

They say it’s a one-step volumizer, and it actually is!

It’s the perfect hair dryer and hot air brush tool to give you the prettiest, easiest, and quickest blow outs (which is perfect for a busy college student).

Glowy Start Skincare Set

What’s better than a high quality skincare set for Christmas?! 

This skincare set comes with a blueberry bounce gentle cleanser, an avocado ceramide recovery serum, a watermelon glow niacinamide dew drops, a plum plump hyaluronic cream, and a watermelon glow niacinamide sunscreen (SPF 50)!

Fenty Beauty Makeup Set

This Fenty Beauty makeup set comes with a mini Gloss Bomb lip luminizer in Fenty Glow, a mini Freestyle Highliter in Wattabrat, and a full-size Hella Thicc mascara in Cuz I’m Black!

Cloud Pink Perfume By Ariana Grande

You can NEVER GO WRONG with a delicious smelling perfume for a woman! 

As for writing this, Ariana Grande just dropped her NEW Cloud Pink perfume, and I can tell you – it smells AMAZING!

Dip Powder Nail Kit

If she likes getting her nails done, and especially likes to do them herself, consider getting her this pink dip powder nail kit! 

This nail kit comes with all of the dip powder nail kit essentials she needs to get her nails done at home! (or at her dorm room)

Tree Hut Golden Vanilla Gift Set

After blowing up on TikTok, although I thought they were over-hyped, I can say that people know what they are talking about – I LOVE their amazing body scrubs! 

Anyways, this Golden Vanilla gift set includes their amazing body scrub, the matching body butter and shaving oil (that I didn’t get to try yet but I heard it’s amazing!).

LED Foldable Makeup Mirror

If she’s a makeup lover, or just likes doing her makeup everyday, I can guarantee you – she is going to love this LED foldable makeup mirror from Amazon! It’s a USB rechargeable makeup mirror, that is also touch screen and features different light modes! 

It is the perfect portable tabletop makeup mirror for traveling, and is perfect for having in her college dorm, because it doesn’t take much space!

Facial Steamer

A facial steamer opens up your pores and help you clean your pores by detoxifying, cleansing, and moisturizing it. 

This facial steamer comes with an adjustable nozzle and a water tank with 3 essential oil baskets!

Jade Roller

Moving on to this jade roller for face. It’s a facial massage tool made from jade stone. 

It says to improve circulation, reduce puffiness, and relax your face and body. Also, it’s supposed to help with anti-aging 🙂

Fenty Beauty Lip Gloss Trio

One of the best Christmas gifts for college girls, that are also makeup lovers, is this Fenty Beauty Glossy Posse lip gloss trio! 

It comes with lip glosses in three shades: Fenty Glow, Pink Dragonfly, & Glass Slipper Heat.

Personalized Makeup Brush Set

This NEW personalized makeup brush set is one of the CUTEST Christmas gifts for college girls!

You can get it on my Etsy shop, and it includes the personalized makeup brush case, and 5 matching travel-sized makeup brushes!

Makeup Brush Cleaner Machine

This makeup brush cleaner is AMAZING. It cleans your makeup brushes quickly, and it’s much easier and faster to clean your makeup brushes. 

If she’s a makeup lover, or just uses makeup daily and gets her makeup brushes dirty all the time – this makeup brush cleaner is a perfect gift for a makeup lover to quickly clean their makeup brushes.

Conair Curling Iron

If she likes styling her hair, you should definitely consider getting her this Conair curling iron! 

I actually have their hair waver, and I am very happy with it. So I can say that Conair’s hair styling tools are definitely affordable and worth the price!

24K Golden Eye Mask

This 24K Golden Eye Mask is perfect for taking care of dark circles, puffy eyes, eye bags, wrinkles, and more! 

It’s the perfect Christmas gift idea for a skin care lover 🙂

Fashion Christmas Gifts For Sister in Law

CUTE Workout Set

I am actually OBSESSED with this cute workout set from Amazon! It is SO CUTE, and I already ordered myself a set too!

SKIMS Seamless Bodysuit

Kim Kardashian has definitely broke the internet with SKIMS. 

Get your college girl this cute SKIMS Seamless Bodysuit! It’s perfect for working out, or even to put together a cute outfit with this bodysuit.

It comes in a bunch of neutral colors, and is also perfect for under dresses (but I think it’s a cute workout outfit or perfect for a cute everyday outfit).

Touch Screen Gloves

If your college girl is in college in a cold state and city, and it gets super cold and snowy where she’s studying, having warm touch screen gloves is definitely a must! 

A pair of nice touch screen gloves is the perfect gift for a cold-city-college girl, that is always needed when living in a cold place during the winter.

Michael Kors Crossbody Bag

This Michael Kors crossbody bag is a beautiful purse to spoil your college girl with!

It’s feminine, beautiful, and is definitely made to last. Also, it isn’t too small, and isn’t large either, it’s the perfect size for a good going-out purse, and is also perfect for upgrading your everyday outfits!

The North Face Beanie

During these cold days, a cute beanie is definitely a must! If your college girl is going to college some where cold, she will definitely make great use out of The North Face Fur Pom Beanie! 

It’s so cute, cozy, and also comes in pink and in an almond color.

Satin Pajamas Set

You can never go wrong with a cozy pajamas set as a Christmas gift! 

This beautiful satin pajamas set from Bare Necessities comes in a few different colors – a coco brown color (as seen above), black, maroon color, royal blue, and a floral pattern.

Lululemon Cap

Last but not least for today, is this Lululemon cap! 

If she likes wearing caps and different kinds of hats, she can definitely make great use out of this Lululemon cap!

It comes in multiple colors, such as gold, mint, pink, light blue, and dusty pink.

And that’s it for today! I hope you found the perfect Christmas gift for college girls 🙂

This blog post was about Christmas gifts for college girls!

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