Cute & Cozy Bedroom Ideas You Are Going To LOVE!

This post is all about cozy bedroom ideas.

cozy bedroom ideas
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If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that you want to feel cozy and comfortable in your bedroom. Your room should be a place where you can relax, rest, and feel at home. And achieving that certainly becomes easier if you have the best cozy bedroom ideas!!

But where do you even start with creating your ideal cozy bedroom?

I’m obsessed with all things interior design so I made this list of the best cozy bedroom ideas I could possibly find! I think you’ll find some inspiration in this post that suits your style.

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Cozy Bedroom Inspiration

If you want to achieve the perfect cozy bedroom, you first need inspiration and then you need some essential decor pieces. Here’s a list of some bedroom decor inspo photos, plus products you can grab to help you achieve your favorite look!

The Plush Room

cozy bedroom ideas
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This room’s decor makes me feel instantly calm and cozy all at once. The neutral decor plus the plush bedding makes it feel very clean and calming.

You can grab similar throw pillows on Target if you want to achieve this plush, five star hotel look with your bedding. I also found the most beautiful round ottoman on West Elm, just like in this photo!

Velvety Bedroom

cozy bedroom ideas
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I love the colorful, velvety elements in this bedroom. From the silky knitted blanket to the velvet throw pillow, these are statement decor pieces that subtly add to the cozy vibe.

If this was my room, I would definitely feel like I’m staying in a luxurious resort while simultaneously feeling cozy and comfortable. I feel like that’s the perfect blend… to achieve the luxury hotel look while still feeling at home!

Warm Lighting

cozy bedroom ideas
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A great way to make your room feel cozy is to add lots of warm lighting. This makes it feel like the sun is setting, giving your room a super relaxed vibe.

You can achieve this feeling by adding warm lamps and candles. Plus, when you pair that warm lighting with some neutral decor like this bedding, your mind will feel clear and at ease.

Natural Lighting

cozy bedroom ideas
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The sheer curtains in this bedroom allow for lots of natural light to flow through a subtle filter, giving the room that warm and cozy feeling.

You can easily recreate this room with some sheer curtains like these ones I found on Amazon, or these textured throw pillows!

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Cozy Bedroom Essentials

No matter what kind of room decor you have, there are certain cozy room essentials you can get to take the coziness up a notch.

Cozy Bed Frame

Yes, even a bed frame can be cozy! These neutral upholstered bed frames will give your room a put-together and cohesive feeling, which can be mentally relaxing. Either of these are great options to make your room’s decor seem more intentional.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are a great way to add some comfort to your bedroom because they give your room a lived-in look while still contributing to the overall style.

I especially love textured throw pillows because they add character to your room without making it feel too busy or overwhelming.

You can grab this chunky knit throw pillow from Target if you want something very cozy and textured, or opt for these elegant faux fur plush striped pillows from Amazon.


Your room will instantly feel more cozy if you have a rug. A rug gives your room a softer appearance, and let’s be honest – it’s also more comfortable to walk on!

If you don’t know what kind of rug to get, I always recommend a shag rug (because it goes with pretty much everything) or a modern abstract rug like this one that I’m linking from Target.

You can then layer these with patterned rugs, or just use them on their own!

Throw Blanket

One of the easiest cozy bedroom ideas is adding a throw blanket. Having a throw blanket in your room gives off the vibe that you do lots of relaxing, movie-watching, or curling up to read a good book. These are all activities that evoke a feeling of relaxation!

I love a nice plush fleece throw blanket, or even a chunky knit blanket if you’re looking for something a little more textured.


What could be better than cozying up to read a good book or watch a movie in some candlelight? 

The lighting of your room can seriously change the whole vibe, and that’s why I love adding candles to any room that I want to feel especially warm and cozy.

I love this “Cozy Nights” candle from Target, or this 3-wick candle from Bath and Body Works!

Rounded Full Length Mirrors

Mirrors with a rounded or soft shape will make your room not only feel cozier, but larger. In a larger room, you’ll feel less restricted and more expansive, making it a more comfortable and mentally relaxing feeling overall.

And rather than having a sharp symmetrical shape like a rectangle, you can add some softness to your room by getting an arched mirror like this one from Amazon, or even a wavy mirror!

Nightstand Table Lamp

Picture the perfect night routine: Before you fall asleep, you spend some time reading your favorite book by your warm nightstand lighting.

Is that not your ideal night routine? I know it’s mine! Either way, a warm, rounded lamp just like one of these two options from Amazon will be the perfect addition to any cozy room.

These two lamps are the perfect size to add to your nightstand without making it feel too cluttered or overwhelming.

Wall Decor

Nothing says cozy like some simple wall decor.

When you’re going for a cozy vibe, you don’t want your walls to be too busy or overwhelmed by color… but sometimes neutral decor can get boring.

That’s why I love these farmhouse prints from Amazon that say “let’s stay home.” The neutral design plus the calming words make it effortlessly cozy.

If that’s not really your vibe, you can grab a macrame like this from Etsy to add to your space!


There’s no way around it – a room with no curtains just simply won’t feel as cozy.

If you really want to make your room feel relaxing and welcoming, curtains are a great way to add some softness and privacy that will leave you feeling cozier.

I love these curtains from Amazon, which are blackout curtains (perfect for sleeping!) that have a sheer overlay to add to the design.

Or if you simply want something that’s totally sheer to let the natural light in, that’s great too! I found these sheer curtains on Amazon that have over a thousand great reviews.


Plants are a great way to make your room feel well kept and clean. A clean room will automatically be a cozier one, too!

If you’re not much of a plant mom, you can always grab faux plants – no shame in that! I love these hanging plants and potted plants from Amazon, which will give your room that “well kept” look without you having to actually worry about keeping your plants alive.

I hope you found some cozy bedroom ideas that you love in this post! Whether you’re totally redoing your room or just looking for a few cozy decor additions, I’m certain that your room will feel like your sanctuary in no time.

This blog post was about cozy bedroom ideas.


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