The Best 15 Portable Shower Caddy Products You Are Going to LOVE For College!

This blog post is about portable shower caddy!

portable shower caddy

This blog post is about the best portable shower caddy products. 

There are so many essentials you need as a college student, but if your’e living in a dorm and sharing a bathroom, then a portable shower caddy is one essential you CANNOT skip!

if you’ve ever shared a bathroom then you know it can sometimes be inconvenient. As a busy student you don’t have time for inconvenience. Trust me, I get it!! 

I did some research on the best portable shower caddy products out there and in this blog post, I’m giving you 15 amazing options! 

Let’s get started!

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Portable Shower Caddy Finds

Over-The-Shoulder Shower Caddy

I’m a fan of any caddy that has multiple compartments and pockets to keep my toiletries clean and organized. When you’re carrying all your bathroom essentials in one bag, you would go crazy if you couldn’t keep it organized!

The fact that this has a shoulder strap makes it 10x more convenient. 

Quick Dry Mesh Shower Caddy 

This mesh shower caddy comes in so many different colors and even patterns. I love how it has both small and large pockets, so whether you’re carrying large bottles, towels, or tiny essentials, you should be able to fit everything in here! 

Mesh is also a great material for a portable shower caddy because it dries quickly, so it won’t get that wet or soggy smell we all hate. 

Embroidered Pink Shower Caddy

If you’re worried about other people having similar shower caddies to yours, you don’t have to think about that with this one! 

I’m such a fan of anything that can be embroidered or personalized. This shower caddy has the luxury of being spacious with the added touch of personalization.

Haundry Mesh Shower Caddy Tote

There are lots of great reviews on this shower caddy talking about how it’s flexible while still being sturdy, and saying that the side pockets are a great size. 

If you’re worried about finding a compact caddy that still fits all your essentials, this is your best bet!!

Portable Shower Caddy Tote Bag

If you’re the type that likes to throw everything into a tote bag and be on your way, this shower caddy is perfect for you. 

It comes in so many different colors and a couple different sizes, and it’s one of the most affordable options I’ve seen!

Pottery Barn Recycled Classic Shower Caddy

These classic shower caddies come in black, gray, and pink! There’s a spot in the middle that’s perfect for a towel or bigger bottle, and tons of smaller pockets along the sides for smaller items.

Full Size Hanging Caddy

This shower caddy is deep and spacious but still has some smaller pockets for organization. 

One reason I love this shower caddy is because it comes with a little hanger built-in, so you can easily hang it up on a hook or towel rack. 

This means you don’t need to put it on the gross floor or worry about taking up counter space!!

I’ve had a shower caddy similar to this one and it was honestly perfect for dorm room living!

Drawstring Shower Caddy

There are tons of great reviews on this shower caddy saying that it’s surprisingly spacious. 

Because the entire caddy is mesh, it won’t pool water at the bottom, so you don’t have to worry about mold or that gross wet smell that lots of caddies have after a while.

It also comes in pink, black, blue, or purple, so you can definitely find an option that suits your style!

Collapsible Caddy Basket


If you’re looking for something a little more sturdy than a mesh caddy, this collapsible caddy basket is a great option. It can become compact which is great for packing, but it also expands into a spacious basket with holes that allow for water to drain. 

Anyoifax Portable Shower Caddy Tote Basket

If you’re looking for a shower caddy basket that’s a little more aesthetically pleasing, this little basket tote is so cute! 

You can buy it in a 1-pack or 2-pack, and there are little heart cutouts that not only act as a design, but also a way to air your caddy to prevent mold and product build up.

Rejomiik Shower Basket

If you’re looking for a shower caddy basket that’s still cute but a little simpler, this portable shower caddy basket is perfect. 

It comes in various different colors and still has holes for drainage, but the pattern is a little more simple and neutral. I love the Khaki color of this basket!

Target Soft-Grip Tote Caddy

I love how this caddy from Target has two simple compartments. The reviews say that it’s sturdy that the holes allow for good ventilation.

I also think this shower caddy is the perfect size. Unless you have tons of products, you probably don’t want something too big – your essentials will get buried and disorganized quickly. 

You also don’t want something too small, or you’ll be struggling to fit everything into your caddy. But this basket with the two simple compartments is right in the middle!

Plastic Shower Basket With Handle

If you’ve already got an Amazon cart full of college essentials, you may as well add this portable shower caddy! 

The reviews say that it’s durable and the perfect weight to carry back and forth. If you’re looking for something simple and functional, this is a great option.

Plastic Divided Shower Caddy Tote

If you’re like me, you like being organized… and that means separate compartments are always a plus. This portable shower caddy is your typical shower caddy basket, but with compartments to keep you organized! 

It comes in so many pretty colors like blush, coral, lemon, mint, white, gray, and black.

Collapsible Mesh Shower Caddy Bag

This is another mesh shower caddy that has great reviews. If you’re looking for something simple and non-girly, this gray mesh caddy is a great option!!

It’s got lots of room without being too bulky to carry, plus plenty of pockets for organizing your toiletries. You can use the center to store washcloths or towels.

Gone are the days of rummaging through one big bag with all your stuff – now you can actually keep your bathroom essentials organized!

Whichever portable shower caddy you choose will be a great option for dorm room living. These products all have great qualities and affordability to carry you (and your toiletries) through your college years.

This blog post was about the best portable shower caddy products.

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