The Best 2023 TRENDY Christmas Nails Ideas!

2023 Trendy Christmas Nails Ideas

Today I am going to share with you the best Christmas nails ideas for 2023!

If you are looking for beautiful Christmas nails inspiration, and looking for some Christmas aesthetic to add to your nails, you are going to love these 24 TRENDY Christmas nails ideas!

This Christmas nails ideas list has colorful Christmas nail designs, neutral nail designs, festive nail designs, and more!

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2021 Christmas nails ideas


Ho Ho Ho Plaid Santa Nails

I LOVE this nail design! I love this beautiful shade of red, and how creative this nail design is!

Green Plaid Nails

If you are looking for something more quiet, elegant, yet still festive for Christmas, these beautiful green plaid nails are a great option!

Cute Grinch Nails

I can’t think of a person that doesn’t know the Grinch! This is the ultimate Christmas movie, I personally watch it every year, over and over again, and I think this Grinch nails design is SO CUTE!

Neutral Festive Nails

If you don’t like colorful nails, that’s okay! You can re-create this beautiful neutral festive nails design.

Gingerbread Nails

Moving on with our trendy Christmas nails ideas – this gingerbread nails design is definitely one of my favorite!

This nail art idea is so cute! And if you don’t know how to draw on your nails, you can get gingerbread nail stickers online!

Snowman Nails

Next are these adorable snowman nails design! They are super easy to re-create, since you can get these exact nail stickers on Etsy!

CLICK HERE to get the cute snowman nails stickers!

Santa Hat Nails

How cute are these Santa hat nails?! They are the perfect type of a festive French manicure to spice up your nails for Christmas

Festive Santa Nails

Moving on to the next trendy and festive Christmas nails ideas – this cute festive Santa nails design is SO CUTE!

I love the cute Santa drawing, the adorable deer, and the festive snowy nails!

Christmas Sweater Nails

One of my favorite winter nail art trends are sweater nails! I actually got them for fall last year, but this Christmas sweater design makes it even more unique!

So, if you are looking for a cozy and festive Christmas nails design, I would definitely consider these beautiful nails.

Glittery Festive Nails

What’s a holiday without insanely festive glittery nails?! I love this Christmas nail art idea I found on Pinterest, and I also love glittery nails in general.

In my opinion, this beautiful glittery festive nails is definitely an option if you want to crush Christmas eve with some eye catching nails!

Festive Red Nails

Looking for something more calm? More relaxing? Eye catching but not too much?

I think this is a perfect idea for someone that doesn’t want to go all over the place with crazy nails, but still wants to add some festive Christmas vibes to her nails design.

Glittery Snowflakes Nails

Another nail art design I’ve been loving is this beautiful glittery snowflakes nails design!

It is so pretty, festive, and unique!

Clear Glittery Snowflakes Nails

Okay, this is one of the coolest designs you can create! 

If you are looking for some festive nails vibes, but don’t want to go all over the place with colors – go all over the place with glitters and snowflakes drawings!

Regular Christmas Vibes Nails

Once again, this beautiful nails design is for a woman that doesn’t like going crazy with her nails, but still wants something festive and unique.


I think this nails design has it all! We have here Santa’s leg, a Christmas sweater nail art, glitters, Christmas colors, Christmas gifts – this look is just the ultimate Christmas vibes nails idea!

Glittery Black Snowflakes Nails

If you are a dark nails person, and don’t really like going all over the place with colors (such as red/green/etc), I think this glittery black snowflakes nails would be a pretty good option for Christmas!

Christmas Winter Nails

I don’t know about you, but I think this insanely cute Christmas winter nails design just SCREAMS winter vibes!

I love that even though this nail art is very decorative, I still think it’s kind of minimalist.

Every nail is different and has it’s own drawing on it, but the colors of the nails are still calm and relaxing, and you don’t feel like you went too crazy with your Christmas nails.

Winter Nails

Once again, and even harder than before, these nails SCREAM winter time!

If you are looking for more winter nails, and less Christmas vibes on your nails, this winter nails design is a beautiful option.

Christmas Vibes Nails

These Christmas nails are so cute! If you are looking for some creative Christmas nails ideas, I would definitely consider getting these insanely cute and festive Christmas nails!

Gold Christmas Nails

Looking for something more elegant and calm? How about these beautiful gold Christmas nails!

They are super easy to re-create, they are very elegant, and perfect for any occasion before (and during) Christmas!

Christmas Lights Nails

Okay, I think these Christmas lights nails are one of the coolest Christmas nails ideas I’ve ever seen!

If you are looking for something unique, yet neutral with a pop of color, I would definitely consider these beautiful Christmas lights nails!

Glittery Candy Cane Christmas Nails

I LOVE these glittery candy cane Christmas nails! They are so elegant and beautiful.

I think they are the perfect combination between neutral nails and festive Christmas nails!

Neutral Plaid Deer Nails

These neutral plaid deer nails are definitely one of the most unique winter nails designs I’ve seen!

If you are looking for some neutral nails designs, but still want the festive Christmas/winter vibes on your nails, this is a beautiful and unique option to consider!

Pink Winter Nails

Last but definitely not least, are these insanely cute festive pink winter nails!

I love the pop of color (I like wearing colorful nail polishes no matter what’s the season), and I also think that these festive winter drawings are so cute and unique!

And that’s it for today! These were the best 24 TRENDY Christmas nails ideas for 2023! 

Which nail design was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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