The Best Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas To Impress YOUR Guests!

thanksgiving table decor

Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

This blog post is about Thanksgiving table decor ideas!

Thanksgiving is all about gathering together with our loved ones, celebrating family, love, and being thankful for the things we have in life –

Including a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner table! ūüėČ

In this blog post, I share with you 15+ beautiful Thanksgiving table decor ideas and Thanksgiving table settings ideas!

Let’s get started!

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thanksgiving table decor

Thanksgiving Table Decor:

Personalized Thanksgiving Drink Tags

Starting off this blog post with a favorite of mine, because I make these!! ahh!

Anyways, these personalized Thanksgiving drink tags are PERFECT for your Thanksgiving dinner table!

You can mark your guests’ cups with¬†these personalized drink tags¬†with their names on it!

They are so cute! And the Thanksgiving collection comes with this turkey design, a pumpkin shape, and also a beautiful fall leaf design!

Personalized Pumpkin Place Cards

Moving on to these personalized pumpkin place cards, perfect for your Thanksgiving dinner table!

These pumpkin place cards are completely customizable. 

You can choose the color (gold/black/pink/silver/white/clear/wood), and obviously write the name of each guest on each place card!

Traditional Fall Decor Table

thanksgiving table settings
Source: @notinggrace

How pretty is this traditional fall decor table setting? It’s super festive and fall inspired, and makes a cute and easy Thanksgiving dinner table!

Thankful Thanksgiving Table

thankful thanksgiving table decor
Source: @thefrugalhomemaker

I’m obsessed with this festive Thanksgiving dinner table setting!¬†

These gold candlestick holders are beautiful, and with the personal touch of the¬†“Thankful” acrylic decoration, it’s just a whole festive vibe.

Simple Fall Table Setting

thanksgiving dinner table decorating
Source: @andimans

I LOVE this simple fall table setting! It’s so cute and neutral, and perfect for a simple Thanksgiving dinner table.

Mint Green Thanksgiving Table Aesthetic

mint green thanksgiving dinner table aesthetic
Source: @fashionablehostess

Moving on to the next Thanksgiving table decor idea – a mint green Thanksgiving table setting aesthetic!

Although I couldn’t find those mint green pumpkin soup bowls online, if you find something similar, definitely consider getting them too. They will totally upgrade your holiday table!

Disco Pink Cornucopia Centerpiece 

disco thanksgiving dinner table settings
Source: @studiodiy

If you want to go for an extremely unique Thanksgiving dinner table, surprise your guests with this hot pink cornucopia with disco balls centerpiece, and design a colorful Thanksgiving dinner table!

Neutral-Gold Thanksgiving Table

thanksgiving dinner table decor
Source: @unknown

This elegant gold-themed Thanksgiving dinner table is definitely one my favorites in this blog post.

Although I couldn’t find online the exact leaves garland they used, I did find a dupe/DIYish¬†gold leaves dupe you can DIY to create a similar look with.

Colorful Pink Dinner Table

pink thanksgiving table decor
Source: @randigarrettdesign

Another beautiful colorful table setting idea, you can easily copy this beautiful design with colorful velvet pumpkins, and also combine real/artificial flowers (I know that the blogger who did this used real flowers).

Black & White Table Setting

black and white thanksgiving dinner table
Source: @Pinterest

This black white table settings theme is definitely a neutral and elegant idea.

I LOVE the handmade crochet pumpkins, this is a unique upgrade for your holiday table.

You can buy them on Etsy, and although they are not as cheap as random mini pumpkins, they are definitely a unique find you can keep for years to come!

Neutral Boho Table Decor

neutral fall thanksgiving table decor
Source: @willowbloomhomeblog

How about some boho Thanksgiving table decor?!

I LOVE this boho-themed dinner table setting, it’s so unique, and you can also use these decorations (other than the pumpkins) during the rest of the year!

Ummmm can we talk about these beautiful placemats??

Elegant Holiday Dinner Table

thanksgiving dinner table
Source: @lindseymwagner

This beautiful neutral Thanksgiving table decor setting is also one of my favorites!

These are the exact decorations the blogger used, and it looks so pretty!

Copper & Green Aesthetic

green copper thanksgiving dinner table
Source: @blesserhouse

Check out this beautiful copper & green themed holiday dinner table setting!

It’s super easy to recreate, and combines both a festive and elegant look.

Roses & Pumpkins Table Centerpiece

roses and pumpkin thanksgiving tablescape
Source: @unkown

This beautiful roses & pumpkins centerpiece is a unique and super easy DIY to decorate your Thanksgiving table with!

All you are going to need is an artificial leaves pack, a pack of white mini pumpkins, and these beautiful artificial roses!

Lavender & Pumpkins Decor

lavender pumpkin fall tablespace
Source: @tarynwhiteaker

Moving on to our next Thanksgiving table decor idea – a DIY lavender & pumpkins decor!

This is a DIY because of the pumpkin vase you can make from either a real pumpkin or from an artificial white pumpkin. But this idea is so unique!

You can also use real lavender or buy artificial lavender on Amazon.

Gold Table Settings

thanksgiving table decor
Source: @hauteofftherack

Last but not least for today is this glamorous gold table setting! 

It’s super glamorous, elegant, and if you are looking for fancy Thanksgiving dinner table settings – this is for you!

And that’s it! This blog post was about Thanksgiving table decor ideas & settings!

More Thanksgiving Decor:

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