32 Best Christmas Gifts For Hostess to Impress!

Christmas Gifts For Hostess

This blog post is about the TOP 32 Christmas gifts for hostess!

If you are attending a cozy Christmas gathering, a fun Christmas party, or a Christmas eve dinner, get your host a beautiful and thoughtful Christmas gift for their home!

This blog post includes 32 beautiful and impressive home decor gifts and thoughtful gifts your hostess is guaranteed to love and enjoy! 

Let’s get started with this Christmas gifts for hostess list!

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Christmas gifts for hostess

Christmas Gifts For Hostess

Personalized Wooden Recipe Binder

Starting off with one of my all-time favorite Christmas gifts – this personalized wooden recipe binder from Etsy!

This is an extremely unique Christmas gift that I can almost guarantee that any cooking lover would love to receive!

Chunky Knit Throw Blanket

I’m obsessed with throw blankets, and I love to snuggle with a soft cozy throw blanket at home no matter how cold or hot it is outside.

This chunky knit throw blanket is perfect for winter, and also comes in mustard yellow and in gray.

Personalized Portrait Ornament

Getting your hostess a heartwarming personalized portrait ornament is a beautiful Christmas gift idea!

You can get it on my Etsy shop, and what’s included is this beautiful personalized portrait ornament and a digital portrait file of the image!

Personalized Apron

If your hostess happens to be a wonderful cook, upgrade their cooking/baking experience with this beautiful personalized apron!

Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker

I never shut up about this Mr.Coffee iced coffee maker! But it’s honestly an amazing gift, an affordable option, and it makes the best iced coffees!

Grilled Personal Pizza Maker

This grilled personal pizza maker is the perfect addition to a fun at-home date night/pizza night!

It makes brick oven-style pizza, right from your kitchen!


Personalized Digital Pet Portrait

If they have a dog/cat/pet you know they love more than words can explain, consider getting them this personalized digital pet portrait from my Etsy shop!

This is a digital portrait, meaning that you can print it and frame it with a beautiful picture frame they can use to hang it up.

Personalized Soap Dispenser

Another one of my favorite Christmas gifts for hostess, is this personalized soap dispenser set!

You can personalize it by choosing the color, the design, and what to write on the soap dispensers (for example – hand lotion/hand soap/shampoo/etc).

100 Cookies Cookbook

If they love baking, consider getting them this 100 Cookies Cookbook by Sarah Kieffer!

She is a famous blogger that owns the blog The Vanilla Bean Baking Blog, and she wrote this cookbook that features 100 recipes for different cookies and bars!

Christmas Shot Glasses Set

I’m OBSESSED with Anthropologie and I swear that I just want to live in their stores. Especially during the holidays season.

This Christmas shot glasses set is one of the cutest home decor gifts you can get your hostess or a new home owner.

And I highly recommend checking out the rest of their Christmas decor stuff, it’s too cute!

Electric Wine Opener

I believe I can confidently say that we all love wine, but we all hate opening wine bottles.

So, trust me when I say, that opening wine bottles won’t be a problem anymore, after using this electric wine opener from Amazon!

Electric Essential Oil Diffuser

You can never go wrong with an essential oil diffuser to make your home smell AMAZING.

This ASAKUKI essential oil diffuser is a quiet 5-in-1 diffuser, that features 7 LED color changing lights, an auto-off safety switch, and more!

Disco Ball Diffuser

Another option is this beautiful disco ball diffuser from Urban Outfitters!

It comes both in silver or pink, and it’s too pretty to exist! So it won’t only make your home smell amazing, but will also add a beautiful touch to the space as a cool decor piece!

Thermos With Tea Infuser & Strainer

This 17oz LeafLife bamboo thermos is THE PERFECT gift for a tea lover!

It features a tea infuser and a strainer inside the tumbler, as well as has a temperature keeping feature (it will keep your tea hot or cold for 12 hours).

Instant Colorful Tea Latte Kits

Upgrade your tea experience with these instant colorful tea latte kits! They are the perfect edition to upgrade your tea these days.

You have three flavor options – a pink latte set, matcha latte set, and a golden latte set.

All you need to do is to drop a tea square into hot water or milk, and wait a few moments for your tea to become a beautiful and delicious photogenic drink!

Personalized Whiskey Decanter

One of the best Christmas gifts for hostess ideas, and especially for whiskey lovers, is this personalized whiskey decanter!

You can completely personalize this, meaning you will choose the design you want, and what to write on the whiskey decanter.

Organic Herb Garden Kit

One of the cutest Christmas gifts for hostess, and especially for a gardening and herbs loving human, is This organic herb garden kit!

It is the perfect indoor herb garden starter kit, and makes a cute indoor herb garden! 

Modern Painting

If they are art lovers, and like to decorate their home with unique art, consider getting them this beautiful pink modern abstract painting from Etsy!

I recently found this talented artist on Etsy. She paints unique hand-painted paintings, that are sure to add a unique and artistry touch to the space!

Personalized Cheese Board Set

You can never go wrong with a personalized cheese board set to host your guests and upgrade your hosting experience.

This set comes with a personalized cheese board, as well as a cheese knife set too.

Dogs Pooping in Beautiful Places Calendar

The “Dogs Pooping in Beautiful Places” calendar is definitely one of the funniest, yet still practical Christmas gifts!

Basically, this is a 2024 calendar where you have a beautiful photo of a dog pooping in a beautiful place for each month.

If you are close to the hostess, and know it will make them laugh, you should definitely consider getting this for them!

Glass Cups With Lids & Straws

I’m obsessed with these glasses with lids & straws. They are perfect for drinking iced coffee, or any cold beverage in a fun way!

You can either get these vintage drinking glasses set, that comes with 4 beautiful glass cups and 4 glass straws.

Or, this Scoozee drinking glasses set that also comes with 4 glass cups and straws!

Custom City Map Print

If they have a city you know they are obsessed with, or they are living in a beautiful big city they love (aka NYC? San Francisco? LA? etc?), you can get them this custom city map print of their favorite city!

Christmas in The City Dessert Plates

I am sad I saw these beautiful Christmas In The City dessert plates, because now I am definitely dreaming and actually considering of buying them because I’m obsessed although I have way to many plates.

Anyways, these perfect Christmas city dessert plates are a beautiful and also practical Christmas gift for hostess!

Colored Wine Glasses

I feel like you can never go wrong with a beautiful wine glass set as a Christmas gift for hostess.

It’s a practical gift, that also “looks fancy”, and if you get them a unique wine glass set like this colored wine glasses set, it will definitely look like a thoughtful and beautiful gift they can use.

Christmas Dip Mix Set

If they love cooking, I can guarantee that they will love this Christmas Dip Mix Set from Etsy.

This Etsy seller made these delicious dip mixes and is selling them in this beautiful Christmas gift set!

The dips are: a Mardi Gras, French Onion, Ranch, Southwest, Italian Bread Dip Mix, Beer Cheese, Bacon Cheese Habanero, and a Lemon Dill dip mix!

A Toast For The Host Wine Bag

This wine bag is a perfect addition to a wine bottle gift! If you are buying them a wine bottle, you can upgrade the gift by putting it in this “A Toast For The Host” wine bag!

Also, just throwing a pro’s tip – you can make a “wine gift set” of a wine bottle, this wine bag, and the electric wine opener.

Christmas Tree Spoon Rest

This beautiful Christmas tree spoon rest is definitely a cute Christmas gift for hostess!

It’s practical because it’s a spoon rest, but during the holidays season they can decorate with it their kitchen and switch their regular spoon rest to this beautiful Christmas tree spoon rest!

Personalized Coasters

A coasters set is a practical home decor gift on it’s own. But PERSONALIZED coasters are definitely a unique upgrade that I can guarantee they will love to receive!

I am giving you here to beautiful options – these beautiful engraved coasters, and these unique photo watercolor coasters from Etsy!

Christmas Tree Candles

These small Christmas tree candles are a unique little Christmas gift for any home!

They can use it to decorate for the winter and for Christmas, they can also burn them, but in any case – these Christmas tree candles are definitely a unique find!

Personalized Dog Paw Ornament

If they have a dog that is not only a dog, but complete family 😉 You can get them this personalized wooden dog paw ornament with their dog’s name!

Personalized Dog Pillow

If you are looking for a funny/cute home decor gift to a dog owner, you should definitely consider getting them this personalize dog pillow with their dog’s photo on it!

Rhinestone Wine Glass

These handmade rhinestone wine glasses are a unique find you can customize yourself by choosing the beads and rhinestone colors!

They aren’t the cheapest, because they are handmade, but you can get your hostess a wine glass or even a set of two wine glasses for themselves and their partner.

And that’s it!

This blog post was about Christmas gifts for hostess!

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