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This blog post is all about 18th birthday decorations!


18th birthday decorations
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Your 18th birthday is a HUGE deal. Whether you’re throwing a big party or just having your closest friends and family over for a celebration, you deserve the best 18th birthday decorations you can get!

I LOVE party planning, so it was my pleasure to scour the internet for the best birthday party decorations I could find. Whether you’re planning your own 18th birthday party or you’re planning a surprise party for someone else, here’s a list of the best decoration ideas I found so you can find something that matches your style and aesthetic!

Here’s the list of the best 18th birthday decorations I could find!!

Let’s get started!

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Rose Gold 18th Birthday Decorations

Rose Gold Confetti Balloons

Confetti balloons like these rose gold balloons pack are so cute. You can either place these around your party strategically, like on a stair rail or along the walls. 

Alternatively, you can blow up a bunch of these and have them floating around your party room!

If you’re doing an outdoor party, you can tie these to trees, hang them on the fence, or on the sides of picnic tables!! So cute.

I also love these “Happy Birthday” confetti balloons from Etsy!!

18 Balloon Numbers

These 18 number balloons are so cute! Another perfect staple to your 18th birthday decorations.

You can use these as a backdrop for a photo booth or place them in a corner to set the tone of the room!

Set Up a Rose Gold Balloon Arch

A balloon arch is the perfect backdrop for a photobooth OR great entryway decor to your 18th birthday party.

Adding a balloon arch like this one is the perfect way to let your guests know that some serious celebrating is about to happen!!

Hang Up a Party Banner

This party banner is the cutest! I love this rose gold version. This is such an easy decor piece to hang anywhere at your party.

Alternatively, you can choose this “Happy Birthday” tassel sign, which is also so cute! You could also get both these signs and hang them in different areas of your party.

Set Up a Photo Booth Area For Cute Pics

With some balloons and props, this shimmer party backdrop wall will make the PERFECT photo backdrop. If you want all your guests to take pictures and post them from your party, this is such a great idea.

If you’re looking for something a little more affordable, you can opt for this rose gold tinsel party backdrop as a photo backdrop. Either way, you can pair these options with balloons and maybe even a neon sign to set the vibe.

Rose Gold Birthday Dinnerware

There are two rose gold dinnerware options I found that I love. This first Happy Birthday tableware set from Amazon will serve 25 guests and it’s got everything you need in the prettiest shade of rose gold!

The other option is this rose gold 18 set from Etsy. Not only is it rose gold, it’s also themed for an 18th birthday party which is exactly what you need!!

Personalized Birthday Drink Tags

It’s the little things in life, isn’t it?! Well, that goes for your 18th birthday party as well!

I sell these beautiful number drink tags on my Etsy shop, that you can get with your number (18), and decorate your cups with!

Just make sure to order in advance, because usually it takes around 14-20 days to arrive.

Get Cute Foil Paper Straws

This rose gold foil paper straws pack is such an affordable addition to your party that will make all your decor and dinnerware feel even more cohesive!

Rose Gold Happy Birthday Confetti

This rose gold party confetti would be a perfect addition to any table decor you have!

Get a 18 Candle!

Having the number 18 as a birthday candle on your cake is a must for your 18th birthday.

I love these geometric-type 18 candles because they feel a little more elegant and adult than the number candles you can buy at the dollar store.

Gold 18th Birthday Decorations

Hang Up a Cute Party Banner

What better way to celebrate adulthood than with a cute party banner like this?! You’re at the start of your adult life and probably have lots to learn, but you’ve come so far!!

Set Up a Balloon Arch

A balloon arch is a tried and true way to make any party decor more elegant.

And if you want to add some elegance to your 18th birthday decorations, then a gold balloon arch like this is a MUST!

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Metallic Gold Balloons

These metallic gold balloons are so pretty. You could pair these with almost any color palette to make your party decor feel expensive and preppy!

Gold 18 Balloon Numbers

You HAVE to have number balloons to celebrate your age… Especially for a big birthday like 18!

These balloons come in a bunch of different colors, so whether you choose the gold ones or something more vibrant, there will definitely be options to fit your party aesthetic.


As I keep saying, it’s the little things in life, and at your party as well!

Complete your gold 18th birthday decorations aesthetic with beautiful gold tableware for your party.

Set Up a Cute Photos Area

A beautiful gold party backdrop like this makes a perfect backdrop for a DIY photo booth or great entryway decor if you hang it in a doorway!

Spread 18th Birthday Confetti On The Table

Confetti is such an easy and adorable decor piece.

You can sprinkle these gold 18 confetti over tables or even across your entryway.

You can select pretty much any color you want, so you could even do a mix of gold and another color that matches your palette!

Personalized number drink tags

These number drink tags are so cute!

You can customize them to be whatever color you want, pick how many you want to order, and then order them in the number 18!!

These would be so cute on glasses with punch or sparkling water.

Don't Forget CUTE Straws!

If you have gold disposable dinnerware, you need straws to match! 😉

I love these gold disposable straws. Adding these to your list of 18th birthday decorations is something you won’t regret.

Gold 18th Birthday Candles

When you reach a milestone like your 18th birthday, you need candles for your age!! These gold 18th birthday candles are so cute.

Silver 18th Birthday Decorations

Hang Up a Cute Party Banner!

Hanging up a cute party banner for your birthday is a beautiful addition to your 18th birthday decor aesthetic!

I also love this silver balloons birthday banner, it definitely brings in some festive birthday vibes!

Hang Up A Silver Fringe Banner

You can use this beautiful fringe banner as a backdrop for a sign or even on its own to line the walls of a room or the sides of a table!

Silver Confetti Balloons

These white and silver confetti balloons are a great base color for your balloons.

They are so elegant and will definitely upgrade your party aesthetic!

18 Number Balloons

I looked at some of the pictures people posted in their reviews of these silver 18 balloons and they look so good with a variety of colors and other decor items!!

You can pair these with a balloon garland or photo booth backdrop, or you can just hang them up on a plain white wall.

Either way, these balloons are great 18th birthday decorations!!

Set Up a Photo Booth Area

This silver party backdrop is perfect for a photo booth backdrop if you’re going with the silver aesthetic.

I also love this silver adhesive curtain from Etsy, which is another great option for a silver photo booth backdrop!

Serve With Cute Silver Tableware

You will need dinnerware for your food, so why not choose one of these two gorgeous silver tableware sets?!

These silver tableware sets are so unique and perfect for any 18 year old birthday party!

Get Pretty Straws

Everything tastes better through a straw, and these silver paper straws are a great way to elevate your party decor in a slightly more environmentally friendly way!

I’m also obsessed with these butterfly reusable glitter straws. A little more expensive, but they’re way more unique and reusable, so I think they’re worth it! You can always reuse these in the future.

Decorate With Personalized Drink Tags

As I always say, I love decorating parties and events into the smallest details!

I LOVE decorating parties with custom drink tags! You can get them on my Etsy shop, with your age – 18, for the number drink tags.

Or, you can get these adorable silver custom name drink tags with your guests’ names, or with your own name.

Decorate The Table With Confetti

This personalized name & age confetti from Etsy is a great way to add a personal touch to your birthday decorations!

You can also pair it with this standard stars confetti I found from Amazon.

Personalized Disco Ball Cups

Okay, wouldn’t these custom disco ball cups be so cute for a silver themed birthday party?!

These give your party a unique and slightly more vintage feel.

You can either customize them with your own name to celebrate you, or with your guests’ names so they can take them home as a party favor!

Silver 18th Birthday Candles

I love these bordered 18th birthday candles. The perfect topping to any type of cake!!

Black 18th Birthday Decorations

Decorate With Black Balloons

This combo of glossy black balloons and matte black balloons will make your birthday party decorations look so expensive!

Set Up a Balloon Arch

There’s something about this black balloon garland that just looks so elegant!

You can set it up as a photo backdrop setup, or place it at the entrance to your party, over your desserts table, and more!

Hang Up 18 Balloons

These number 18 balloons in black are a perfect statement item to add to your decor.

If you want, you can use these as a base and then have regular balloons in same/different colors and sizes to give some variation.

Hang Up a Birthday Party Banner

Hang up a cute birthday party banner on an empty wall, on your photos backdrop area, above your food table – you name it – with a cute party banner!

I am also obsessed with this custom face party banner, it is so funny!

Set Up a Photo Booth Area

A black party backdrop for your photos area is perfect because you know the backdrop won’t clash with whatever your guests are wearing!!

Plus, it will definitely match your black 18th birthday decorations aesthetic 😉

Get Cute Black Party Tableware

I love these black party tableware and black party plates sets.

Finding cute disposable dinnerware can be difficult, but these ones are so cute and classy.

Get Black Disposable Straws

Thankfully, it’s easy to find black straws that will match the rest of your decor.

If you don’t want the straws to make a statement, then these black straws are perfect.

Whether the rest of your decor is colorful or completely neutral, these black straws will definitely match.

Get Cute Custom Drink Tags

These custom number drink tags are one of my favorite party decorations, and not only because I sell these on Etsy, but because they are ACTUALLY so cute and makes a huge upgrade to your party decorations!

You can customize these by choosing your number, and the color of the drink tags. Just make sure to order these a bit in advance, since usually it takes around 14-20 days to arrive.

Decorate Your Table With Confetti!

This 18th birthday confetti pack is one of the cutest birthday decorations I’ve seen yet!

I love how much variety comes in this one pack of confetti.

You can throw this up in the air for photos or use it to decorate your table settings!

Decorate Your Cake With 18 Candles

Decorate your birthday cake with these beautiful 18 birthday candles options.

They’re classy and perfect for any 18th birthday party. I especially love this glitter 18 candles set from Amazon!

I hope you found lots of great 18th birthday decorations in this blog post!

Whether you’re planning a party for yourself or for someone else, these decorations are all affordable and beautiful for any 18 year old’s birthday party 🙂

This blog post was about 18th birthday decorations.


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