The PERFECT Birthday Ideas For Boyfriend! + GIFT IDEAS!

This blog post is about birthday ideas for boyfriend

Birthday ideas for boyfriend

If your boyfriend’s happiest day of the year is coming up, and you want to make it extra special for him, you are in the right place!

This post is all about birthday ideas for boyfriend! We are going to cover things to do with your boyfriend on his birthday, and of course, cover the best birthday gifts for boyfriend!

Let’s get started!

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Birthday Ideas For Boyfriend

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Fun Birthday Date Ideas For Boyfriend

Binge-Watch His Favorite Show/Movie Series

Let’s start this blog post with an easy and fun idea – binge-watching his favorite show/movie series!

I don’t know about your boyfriend, but my boyfriend is a HUGE Harry Potter fan, and for us to sit down and watch all of the movies in one day is his actual dream haha

All you have to do is make the popcorn and let him choose what he wants to watch 🙂

Birthday ideas for boyfriend

Have a Romantic Beach Picnic

If you two are beach lovers, a romantic beach picnic is one of the best birthday ideas for boyfriend!

You can either get takeout or cook his favorite food, and sit down at the beach, watch the sunset, and eat delicious food.

Birthday ideas for boyfriend

Go Stargazing

Birthday ideas for boyfriend

Speaking of romantic activities, what’s more romantic than stargazing and watching the beautiful night sky?

Fun Beach Day

Birthday ideas for boyfriend

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is going to the beach for hours! I love being at the beach for hours, even until sunset!

If you two love the beach, you can have so much fun spending time together at the beach!

Go Zip-lining/Rock Climbing Somewhere Beautiful 

Birthday ideas for boyfriend

For the adventurous couples, what’s a better birthday date than an extreme adventure?!

Whether you like zip lining or rock climbing, and especially if you are pretty close to some beautiful nature gems, you can’t go wrong with an extreme outdoor activities!


Go Bike Riding Somewhere Pretty

Birthday ideas for boyfriend

Me and my boyfriend LOVE bike ride dates! They are so much fun, and we especially love doing them around sunset time. SO PRETTY.

If you have your bicycle that’s great, and if not, and you live in a big city, you can easily rent a bike somewhere and ride around! 

So, whether it’s your own bike or a rental, you can ride your bicycles around your city and explore it together, and have the perfect birthday date!

Go Rollerskating Together 

Birthday ideas for boyfriend

I’m a terrible roller skater, but if you aren’t 😉 A roller skating date can be so much fun!

Bonus tip – if your boyfriend’s birthday is in the winter, you should definitely consider going ice skating – SO ROMANTIC.

Netflix & Chill Date Night

Birthday ideas for boyfriend

My boyfriend and I are obsessed with Netflix & chill date nights. We love watching TV together, and a Netflix & chill date night always sounds like a good idea!

Going “all crazy” for your boyfriend’s birthday is fun and romantic, but sometimes, it’s the little things in life, like a fun Netflix at home date 🙂

Personalized Birthday Gifts For Boyfriend

Custom Faceless Digital Portrait 

One of my favorite birthday gifts for boyfriend, or for any occasion, is definitely a custom faceless portrait!

I got one for my boyfriend 2 years ago, and it’s such a meaningful and unique gift he can cherish for years to come.

You can get this custom faceless portrait on my Etsy shop, it’s a digital file that will be sent to you. Then you can print it out on a canvas, or frame it.


Personalized Toiletry Bag


This personalized toiletry bag from Etsy is the perfect combination of a practical and unique gift idea!

You can personalize it with your boyfriend’s initials or name, and even choose the color and font.

Personalized Shot Glasses

Moving on to the next birthday gift for your boyfriend- these personalized shot glasses! 

These personalized glasses are a great birthday gift idea! Each glass can be personalized with your boyfriend’s name & initials. 



Personalized Heart Shaped Collage

Moving on to the next birthday gift for boyfriend – a beautiful personalized heart photo collage!

If you are into unique and meaningful gifts, this heart photo collage will make the perfect gift he can cherish forever!

You can get this on my Etsy shop, and personalize your collage with your favorite captured moments of the both of you, and even personalize it with your names.

Custom Where We Met Map 

What’s more romantic than capturing the place where you two met!

You can get this custom where we met print on my Etsy shop as well! It’s a digital file that you can later print out on a canvas or frame it in a cute picture frame 🙂

Zodiac Constellation Map

Another super romantic gift, is this custom constellation map! If you love astrology, and especially if your boyfriend is into it too, this custom night sky map is the most romantic birthday gift for boyfriend.

This digital constellation map is a captured moment of the night sky of the day you met. So romantic!


Personalized Chef Knife Set

My boyfriend is an amazing cook, and if yours is too, you should definitely check out this personalized chef knife from Etsy!

This is a great high quality chef knife, meaning it’s the perfect practical gift for a cooking loving boyfriend.

Custom Decision Coin

A cute little gift for your boyfriend’s birthday is this custom decision coin!

Trust me, it will make any decision so much easy to make! From deciding on who will do the dishes, what to order, what eat, and to what movie to watch – this custom decision coin is a must-have!

Personalized Controller Stand

How great is this personalized controller stand?? If your boyfriend is a gamer and plays video games, he will LOVE this!

This controller stand makes the perfect gift for your boyfriend’s birthday! It’s unique and also very practical, and the best thing is that it is personalized with his name, how cute!

Custom Whiskey Glasses

For a whiskey lover, consider getting him this beautiful custom whiskey glass! 

The cup can be personalized with his name on it, and it is so nice, and will make such a unique gift for him.

Personalized Keychain

If you are looking for small birthday gifts for boyfriend, something to add to an existing gift, this personalized keychain is so cute! 

Personalized Engraved Wallet

A personalized engraved wallet is the perfect birthday gift for him! It’s a practical gift, because who doesn’t need a wallet? 

And it’s also meaningful and unique because you can personalize it with his initials or write something meaningful.

Personalized Lighters

Another simple but cute gift is this personalized lighter! 

We don’t support smoking here, but if your boyfriend smokes, and doesn’t seem to quit soon, this personalized lighter is a cute addition.

Personalized Girlfriend T-Shirt

A funny gift idea that will definitely put a smile on your boyfriend’s face is this personalized girlfriend t shirt from Amazon!

You can personalize it with your name and photos, and this way, everyone will know he has a girlfriend 😉

Funny Custom Face Boxers 

Another funny and personalized gift – these boxers with your face on them! 

It’s a super funny gift that I’m sure he will love, because who wouldn’t want a pair of boxers with his girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s face on them?

Our Adventure Book Scrapbook 

For the travel, or adventurous couples, this Our Adventure Book is the perfect scrapbook to display your beautiful captured memories together!

You can put in it all of your favorite photos from trips and adventures you went on, and have a beautiful keepsake of your relationship.

DIY 100 Reasons Why I Love You Notes Jar

If you are looking for DIY birthday gifts for your boyfriend, you can’t go wrong with this DIY 100 reasons why I love you jar!

As you can assume, it’s a glass jar filled with 100 reasons why you love him <3 Check out this TikTok for how to make them using the printable notes!

Lifestyle Birthday Gifts For Boyfriend

Massage Gun

I’m OBSESSED with this massage gun from Amazon!

I have this too, and we use it all the time! It gives amazing massages!

Portable Neck Fan

Next is this portable neck fan from Amazon! 

This personal neck fan is suitable for any activity! Working, working out, traveling, and more! It’s very easy to use and is very practical gift!

Star Wars Chopsticks 

If your boyfriend is a Star Wars fan, and also love eating with chopsticks every once in a while, you can’t go wrong with these Star Wars chopsticks from Amazon!

Funny Birthday Gift Idea

If you don’t know what to get your boyfriend for his birthday, but you do have a bunch of inside jokes/silly jokes together, this belly button cleaner will definitely do the job!

The CraveBox

The CraveBox is the ultimate gift for anyone! If he likes candy and snacks, you can’t go wrong with this.

The CraveBox is a a full set of 50 different snacks that includes everything you can think of! From sweet, salty, savory, and even a few healthy snacks as well.

Electric Trimmer

Another great gift idea for your boyfriend’s birthday is this electric trimmer. 

Also, it’s both waterproof and washable, making it perfect for wet and dry use, even in the shower.

Movie Night Set

I think this gift is perfect and let me tell you why… my boyfriend loves to watch movies and the perfect snack next to a good movie is of course – POPCORN.

So if your boyfriend loves to watch movies or you watch movies together and love to do fun movie night dates, this popcorn gift set is perfect for you!

Star Wars Whiskey Decanter Set

Another cool Star Wars gift is the Star Wars whiskey decanter set, a very useful and cool gift for him, if he’s a Star Wars fan and also loves whiskey, I’m sure he would love this!

Beard Grooming Kit 

This beard grooming kit for men is the perfect beard styling kit for your  bearded boyfriend! 🙂

This kit comes with a beard wash, beard conditioner, beard oil, beard balm, beard comb, beard brush, beard scissors, travel storage bag and a beard E-book!  

Sports Team Pillow

Whether your boyfriend is an NBA fan or an NHL fan, we got you covered! 

These sports pillows are so nice, and perfect for a sports fan! Choose your boyfriend favorite team, and get him this cool pillow!

NFL Football

On to the next gift, perfect for any football fan or player – this NFL replica football, that matches the official NFL sizing and is a professional football as well! 

NFL Team Cutting Board / Serving Tray

One of my favorite unique boyfriend birthday gifts is this NFL team cutting board/serving tray.

It’s a football-shaped party platter and serving tray! Just choose your boyfriend’s favorite team, and that’s it!

NFL Grilling Spatula

One more NFL-themed birthday gift idea – this NFL grilling spatula! 

If he’s into grilling, consider getting him this cool spatula, or as they call it – sportula! It has the team name stamped on it and also their logo. loving this team spirit!

Camping Stove

If your boyfriend loves camping – this might be the perfect birthday gift for him!

This camping stove from Target is portable, so he can take it on any adventure, it also packs easily, and is suitable for outdoor use!

PlayStation 5 Console

If you want a ring on your finger this year 😉 You can’t go wrong with the PlayStation 5 console!

If your boyfriend loves video games and gaming, This PlayStation 5 console is the perfect gift for him.

Meta Quest 3 Mixed Reality Headset

The next gift idea for the gamer boyfriend is this Meta Quest 3 mixed reality headset! 

Although this is an expensive gift, this is a super powerful quest, and will make an amazing birthday gift for your boyfriend!

Xbox Series X Console

If you are still planning on getting that ring this year 😉 This Xbox series X console will definitely do the job!

AirPods Pro 

You can’t go wrong with the famous Apple AirPods Pro!

By using them, your boyfriend will be able to listen to his favorite music, while doing anything from working out, cooking, to getting his work done!

Apple AirTag

A super cool birthday gift for him is the Apple AirTag!

It’s a great gift for him to attach to his keys or backpack and if misplaced he can just locate it on his phone! 

It’s a cool and practical gift, that is also good for work trips/traveling, to keep track of his luggage.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV stick is an affordable and an amazing gift for him.

You can get him this Fire TV stick at Target, he can use it to access all of his favorite channels and platforms!


As I always say, you can never go wrong with an amazing smelling perfume for a man. But this Bleu De Chanel Perfum is something different!

This luxury perfume is an amazing gift for your boyfriend. It smells AMAZING!

It has a fresh and clean scent, and I love this perfume for men so much.

Fashion Birthday Gifts For Boyfriend

Luxury Hand Watch

For a hand watch loving guy, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful hand watch.

This Nixon watch is the perfect stylish gift! It’s a very classy and elegant watch, that will definitely elevate your man’s look.

Also, for the silver loving men, this Tissot hand watch is a beautiful luxury find! It’s a luxurious piece, that makes the perfect modern hand watch for your man.

Classic Ray-Ban Sunglasses 

How pretty are these classic Ray-Ban sunglasses? 

Sunglasses are a must-have for any man! So if you want to spoil your boyfriend a little extra this year, these Ray-Ban sunglasses are the perfect choice!

Nike Air Force 1

Last but not least for today are the trendy Nike Air Force 1 shoes! 

They are classy, neutral, modern, and of course – comfy! They make the perfect sneakers that will match any outfit no matter what 🙂

And that’s it for today! I hope you found the perfect birthday ideas for your boyfriend 🙂

This blog post was about birthday ideas for boyfriend!  

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