20 Insanely Beautiful Easter Wreaths For Front Door

Easter Wreaths For Front Door

Easter is almost here, and it’s time to start looking for some Easter wreaths for front door!

What I love about Easter is the color and happy vibes it brings to your home. If you’ve missed my previous Easter decorations blog posts, make sure to read them for more decor ideas!

And as for today, I am going to share with you 20 beautiful Easter wreaths that are perfect for your front door!

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Easter wreaths for front door

Hello Easter Eggs Wreath

This Easter eggs wreath is perfect to add some nature vibes to your front door!

Happy Easter Colorful Wreath

If you are looking for a colorful wreath, this colorful Easter bunny wreath will look great on your front door!

I love the colors, the colorful ribbons, and how full this wreath looks!

Colorful Easter Bunny Wreath

You probably know this colorful Easter bunny wreath if you’ve read my Easter decorations blog post. But if you didn’t, here’s a beautiful colorful Easter bunny wreath I found on Amazon!

Easter Eggs Wreath

Next is this beautiful Easter eggs wreath. It isn’t too big, the colors aren’t too bright, and it is definitely a beautiful Easter wreath.

If you are looking for more neutral Easter wreaths for the front door, this will be a perfect find!

Hello Easter Wreath

Here’s a beautiful orange-yellow Hello Easter wreath! It has Easter eggs on it, leaves, Easter eggs, and it’s a fun pop of color to add to your door!

Floral Bunny Shaped Wreath

I think this is my favorite Easter wreath in this blog post. It is a floral bunny-shaped wreath, with beautiful pastel colors and it’s just the perfect Easter/spring wreath for your front door!

Easter Eggs Wreath

Here’s another beautiful and simple Easter eggs wreath for your front door! It’s simple, yet completely beautiful and would look great on your door!

White Flowers Easter Wreath

If you are looking for something more neutral, yet kind of festive and fits for spring as well, this white flowers Easter wreath is a beautiful find.

Easter Bunnies Wreath

How adorable is this Easter bunnies wreath? It’s beautiful, neutral colors with small pink touches, it’s so cute!

Light-Up Floral Spring Wreath

This light-up floral spring wreath gives me spring vibes as well as Hawaii vibes, so if you live in Hawaii and looking for a spring wreath, or if you don’t live in Hawaii and looking for an Easter/spring wreath that will also give you “living in Hawaii” vibes – this is a perfect wreath for you!

Cute Easter Eggs Wreath

Next is another super cute Easter eggs wreath with green leaves and small cute flowers to hang on your front door!

Bunny Shaped Wreath

I LOVE the bunny-shaped Easter wreaths! They are so cute and unique. Here’s another beautiful wreath I found on Amazon.

Carrots Easter Wreath

This carrot Easter wreath is definitely a unique find. If you are looking for a special, unique Easter wreath to hang on your door, this is definitely for you!

Easter Bunny Light-Up Wreath

This is a beautiful Easter bunny light-up wreath to hang on your front door! It’s festive, has some spring vibes as well, and it also lights up!

Colorful Easter Eggs Wreath

Next is this floral and colorful Easter eggs wreath! It’s super cute, festive, and definitely “screams” Easter!

Beautiful Rose Wreath

How beautiful is this rose wreath? It isn’t much of an Easter wreath, it’s more of a spring wreath, but it is beautiful and you can hang it up on your door for the whole spring season!

Carrot Wreath

This Easter carrot wreath is definitely a unique piece and not a traditional holiday wreath. It’s small, cute, and a very unique piece to decorate your home with!

Pastel Colored Easter Eggs Wreath

I love colorful wreaths and especially pastel-colored decorations. This pastel-colored Easter eggs wreath is definitely a unique piece that will bring festive Easter vibes as well as a touch of girliness to your place


Festive Easter Eggs Wreath

Next is this beautiful festive Easter eggs wreath! It isn’t too big, it’s unique and colorful and I love the pop of yellow in this wreath.

Beautiful Spring Flowers Wreath

This spring flowers wreath is soooo pretty! It also lights up, and it is honestly a beautiful spring wreath to hang on your front door during the spring.

And that’s it for today! These were 20 insanely beautiful Easter wreaths for front door! Which one are you getting this year? Share it with us in the comments below!

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