Affordable Easter Decor Ideas You Need to Try in 2023!

Affordable Easter Decor Ideas

Easter is right around the corner and it’s time to get into the spring and Easter vibes and to start thinking about Easter decor ideas to decorate your home!

Today I am going to show you some beautiful and affordable Easter decorations that you can find on Amazon for affordable prices!

Keep reading for beautiful Easter decor ideas!

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Easter Wreath

Like in every holiday, decorating your front door with a beautiful and festive wreath is definitely a must!

I found this Easter bunny wreath on Amazon and it’s so pretty! It is so much fun decorating for spring and Easter with colorful decorations after the winter season.

Light-up Easter Eggs Tree

I love this light-up Easter eggs tree! It’s beautiful, and makes a lovely Easter decoration around your home, in your bedroom, and even as a table centerpiece

Switch to Easter Pillow Cases

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, and especially my holiday decor, you probably know how I ALWAYS say that switching your pillowcases to festive holiday pillowcases!

Here are beautiful Easter pillowcases set that will add a festive Easter vibe to your space! It’s the little things that make a big difference 😉

Decorate Your Table With a Centerpiece

Adding a beautiful centerpiece decoration to your dining/coffee table is a great way to add some fun Easter vibes.

Here’s a beautiful bunny set to place on a table/bookshelf/shelves/etc.

Decorate Your Garden/Balcony With an Outdoor Grass Bunny

How cute is this grass bunny from Amazon? It’s a fun way to add some Easter vibes to your garden/front porch/balcony!

Bunny Shaped Wreath/Hanging Decoration

This bunny-shaped wreath is also a beautiful Easter front door wreath and will also make a lovely Easter wall decoration!

Decorate Your Wall With Colorful Butterflies

Since Easter also means that spring is finally here, and the cold winter is finally behind us, you can decorate your place with spring decorations as well!

These colorful butterfly decals will add a pop of color and spring vibes to your home! You can stick them on the wall and make it an accent wall, maybe hang them around your window, on a column if you have one, the ideas are endless!

Decorate Around Your Home With Easter Lights!

Once again, if you’ve read my previous holiday decor ideas blog posts, you know how much I love decorating with string lights!

This colorful string light will add some color to your home and add some fun Easter/spring vibes to your space!

Hang a Floral Garland Around Your Front Door

If you want to add a colorful spring touch to your place, combined with your Easter decorations, this beautiful floral garland is just for you!

You can hang it around your front door, on your staircase, place it as a centerpiece on your table, etc.

Add Colorful Artificial Flowers Around Your Home

How pretty are these artificial pink flowers? They are beautiful!

They also make a great spring/Easter decoration to your place and add a lovely vibe to your home. You can place them anywhere you want, and I can guarantee you it will look AMAZING!

Easter Eggs Basket Decoration

This Easter lighted eggs basket will be perfect as a dining table centerpiece, or as a decoration, you can place on a shelf, a nightstand, side table, bookcase, etc.

Switch Your Doormat!

I love switching my doormat to a festive/seasonal one! You can either get an easter one, or a seasonal spring doormat like the one in the picture below!

It’s the little things that make a huge difference.

Hang Some Paper Lanterns Outside

Here’s an Easter outdoor decor idea. To add some color and fun festive vibes outside, you can get these paper lanterns and hang them on your front/back porch!

This paper lantern set from Amazon comes in 8 different colors you can hang up on your porch, and even add some string lights inside them as well.

Hang Up an Easter Banner

It’s always fun to have a holiday banner to remind you of the holiday and add some festive vibes to your home.

Also, this Easter banner will make a fun Easter party decoration to add some festive Easter vibes to your party!

Switch Your Table Cloth

You might be very surprised to discover how switching your table cloth to a festive one, gives your dining table/kitchen space a whole new vibe!

I found this pretty floral table cloth on Amazon for an affordable price.

Decorate Your Front Porch With Easter Figures

How cute is this bunny statue? It lights up, and makes a beautiful outdoor Easter decoration!

Decorate With Home Accents

I love little home accents and decorations in general, and especially during the holidays.

There are many beautiful Easter home decorations you can find and place as a centerpiece on your table, place them on a shelf/bookcase/side table/etc.

Check out this adorable bunny carrot home decoration that is perfect for Easter!

Display an Easter Wooden Sign

If you are less of a holiday banner and you want something more neutral, this wooden Happy Easter sign is a great decor piece for your place!

Hang an Easter Graland on Your Staircase

I already showed you the floral garland, but I think that one is more for hanging around your door/window. But this beautiful Easter eggs garland is perfect for your staircase!

Place a Huge Outdoor Decoration

If you follow the “go big or go home” phrase, and you like to go all over the place with holiday decorations – why not decorate outside?!

As an example,  here’s a cute 4ft Easter bunny outdoor decoration you can place outside, on your front porch, etc.

And that’s it! These were the best & affordable Easter decor ideas to decorate your home for Easter this year!

Which decoration was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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