21 Best 21st Birthday Gifts For Her She is Guaranteed to LOVE!

This blog post is about 21st birthday gifts for her!  

21st birthday gifts

If your daughter/sister/best friend/girlfriend/any 21 years old women in your life is celebrating her 21st birthday, check out this blog post for the best 21st birthday gifts for her!

Expect seeing the best 21st birthday gifts, including beauty gifts, fashion gifts, accessories, and many unique gifts she is guaranteed to love!

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CHANEL Le Rouge Duo Ultra Lip Color

If she’s a makeup lover, she will definitely enjoy a high-end makeup product such as the CHANEL Le Rouge Duo Ultra lip color!

It’s the perfect little gift, that is only physically little! Such a great product!

Rose Wine Glasses

I was first introduced to these super cool rose wine glasses by Adelaine Morin, a Youtuber I love!

The moment I saw these rose wine glasses in her video I fell in love right away! They are so cute and unique!

As 21 is the legal age of drinking (at least in the US), I think getting your girl a set of cute rose wine glasses will definitely make her happy!

Personalized Mini Jewelry Box

This cute personalized mini jewelry box is one of Home Styling By Maya’s viewers  favorite gift!

This personalized mini jewelry box is perfect for traveling, or just placing on your nightstand and take your jewelry off at night!

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Fluffy Slippers

I ALWAYS recommend these fluffy fuzzy slippers from Amazon! You can check in all of my related blog posts, I always recommend these fuzzy slippers since they are SO COMFY!

They are super soft, cozy, and comfy and are highly recommended!

14k-Gold Initial Disc Necklace

If you are looking for a beautiful gold initial necklace, definitely check out Nordstrom for their beautiful 14k-gold initial disc necklaces!

This is a personal and sweet gift to give a young girl that is celebrating her 21st birthday!

Luggage Set

I feel like a luggage set is the ultimate practical gift to give anyone these days! Whether it’s work trips, traveling – I feel nowadays (and especially after the crazy world events), everyone is looking for vacations and traveling the world.

So I can guarantee you that a nice luggage set is the perfect practical gift for any 21 years old!

Cute Bar Cart Prints Set

She’s 21 now, and if she’s living on her own, you should definitely help her set up her bar cart with these super colorful bar cart prints set!

I love this adorable bar cart prints set from Etsy, it’s so pretty!

Apple Watch

An apple watch is always a super cool and practical gift idea for almost any event. There are so many things you can do with an Apple Watch!

So if you are looking for a practical gift for her, check out this awesome Apple Watch!

Neck & Back Massager

I’m obsessed with this neck & back massager. And if you don’t believe me, you can check out all of the rest of my gift guides, because I literarily recommend it ALL THE TIME!

I love this neck & back massager so much. I have it at home and I love sitting on the couch watching tv and getting a nice neck/back massage!

Birth Flower Necklace

These birth flower necklaces are SO PRETTY! And are one of the nicest 21st birthday gifts for her! 

This is a beautiful personalized necklace. All you need to do is to pick your girl’s birth flower out of the chart in the product’s page, decide on a font for the name, chose a color, and write her name!

Cute Personalized Tumblr

cute personalized tumblr from Etsy is always a great gift idea for her!

I always love getting personalized gifts for other, since it feels more personal and thoughtful.

Anyways, this personalized tumblr is so cute! You can chose the color, write your girl’s name, and give her an awesome practical gift she can use on a daily basis!

Kylie Lip Kit

Ah! The Kylie Lip Kit! The #1 product that made Kylie even richer! 😉

If your girl is a makeup lover, and you want to be sure you are getting her the right thing – you can never go wrong with a Kylie Lip Kit from Ulta!

The Kylie lip kits come in so many shades, and the set includes the famous liquid lipstick and her famous lip pencil!

Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer

This wireless mobile photo mini printer are definitely one of the best 21st brithday gifts for her!

Basically, you can use this mini printer anywhere, and print photos directly from your phone!

This is such a cool gift to give! She can use the mobile photo mini printer for all of her adventures during college and after!

The Wine Condom

Moving on with our 21st birthday gifts for her list – The Wine Condom!

This funny gift isn’t only funny, it’s super practical! The Wine Condom is actually a wine & beverage bottle stopper, which can always come in handy!

Personalized 21st Birthday Print

Another super cute 21st birthday gift is this personalized 21st birthday print!

You can completely personalize it, just chose a picture of the both of you (or more girls, you can chose up to 10 girls in a print), decide what you want to write on the print, and more!

Birth Flower Bracelet

This beautiful birth flower bracelet is the same idea as the birth flower necklace I showed you earlier.

This is such a unique gift! You can either get it as a gift by itself, or combine the birth flower necklace and this beautiful birth flower bracelet.

All you need to do, is to chose her birth flower, the color of the bracelet, and tell the seller her name!

Marc Jacobs Daisy Fragrance Set

You can never go wrong with a delicious smelling fragrance set as a gift for a woman.

I’m obsessed with the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume, so I will highly recommend you getting this Marc Jacobs Daisy Fragrance Set from Amazon!

Tory Burch Robinson Leather Purse

If she likes high-end bags, she will definitely enjoy this beautiful Tory Burch Robinson leather purse from Nordstrom!

It come sin this beautiful grey-beige color, and is obviously made out of great quality.

Cute Gold Jewelry Holder

Moving on to this cute gold jewelry holder from Amazon! This is a great jewelry holder that maximizes space!

You can use it to hang your earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and even rings and headbands!

Rare Beauty Selena’s Faves 4 Piece Mini Set

Once again, this is for a makeup lover girl!

I never heard a bad review on the Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez makeup brand, and if she’s a makeup lover she will definitely enjoy this Rare Beauty Selena’s Faves 4 Piece Mini Set from Sephora!

Truth Or Drink Game

Honestly, truth or drink are one of my favorite games and I think every 20 something years old can agree!

This is the perfect party game to play with friends! Basically, you’ll need to set out drinks. Then, take a card and ask the question printed on it.

Then, you’ll need to decide if to take a drink, or tell the hard truth! As the game goes on, you and your friends will REALLY OPEN UP to each other and start asking questions you’d never dared to ask them out loud!


And that’s it for today! I hope you found some awesome 21st birthday gifts for your b-day girl! 😉


This blog post was about 21st birthday gifts!


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