21 TRENDY 21st Birthday Nails Ideas You Are Going to LOVE!

21st Birthday Nails Ideas

This blog post is all about the best 21st birthday nails ideas for your birthday party, keep reading!

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Your 21st birthday is finally here, and it’s time to look for some 21st birthday nails inspiration and get some ideas!

In this blog post, I put together a list of 21 21st birthday nails ideas that you can easily recreate.

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21st birthday nails


Flamingo Birthday Nails

How cute are these beautiful baby pink flamingo birthday nails?!

21st birthday nails

Trendy Colorful Nails

I think this is my favorite nail design in this blog post. I love unique nails, and I love the fact that every nail design here is completely different from the other!

21st birthday nails

Reflecting Nails

Super cool 21st birthday nails that are both trendy and classy!

21st birthday nails

Unique Leaf Nails

Another unique 21st birthday nails idea, is this beautiful unique leaves nail desgin!

21st birthday nails

Beautiful Pink Pineapple Nails

Next on our 21st birthday nails ideas list is this beautiful pink pineapple nails!

If you are looking for something pink, fun, and that screams summer, this is a great option.

21st birthday nails

Glittery Ombre Nails

I love glittery nails for any birthday, it’s just so festive and party-themed. I also love this beautiful glittery simple ombre nails design.

Unique French Nails

If you want something more simple, yet unique, this unique French nails design is definitely an awesome option to consider.

21st birthday nails

Ombre Nails

I love ombre nails! They are so pretty, unique, and simple. If you do want something more calm and simple for your 21st birthday, these ombre nails are a beautiful option to consider.

21st birthday nails

Festive Birthday Nails

Our next option are these festive birthday nails! If you are looking for a birthday-themed nails design, that is festive and glittery – this is for you!

21st birthday nails

Happy Birthday Nails

Another cute option is this Happy Birthday nails!

21st birthday nails

VERY UNIQUE 21st Birthday Nails

I am definitely considering these nails for my birthday, but I like my nails shorter than the nails in the picture.

Anyways, if you want a very unique 21st birthday nails design, I think you can’t be more unique than these beautiful nails!

21st birthday nails

Colorful Unique French Nails

Who need the traditional French nails design when you can go for a unique, colorful nails design like this?!

21st birthday nails

Cute Glittery Nails

Another super cute 21st birthday nails design is this cute glittery nails idea! If you want something simple, yet super cute and trendy, this is for you!

21st birthday nails

Beautiful White Nails

These beautiful white nails are not only super unique, they will also match with any birthday outfit!

21st birthday nails

Metallic Glittery Nails

Next are these super festive metallic glittery nails! I love the combination with the unique French nails, and the combination of the metallic colored nails and the pretty glitters!

21st birthday nails

Fancy French Nails

These kind of French nails are so pretty! If you are looking for something very unique for your birthday, this is the perfect design for you!

21st birthday nails

Glamorous Jeweled Nails

These beautiful Jeweled nails are perfect for your 21st birthday party. They are glamorous, glittery, and are so unique with the beautiful jewels!

21st birthday nails

Glitter Pearled Ombre Nails

Next are these beautiful 21st birthday glitter pearled ombre nails! This is such a beautiful nail design, and is actually pretty easy to create!

21st birthday nails

Neutral Glitter Nails

These beautiful neutral glitter nails are the perfect simple, yet beautiful nails for your 21st birthday party!

21st birthday nails

Pink Glittery Nails

Moving on our 21st birthday nails list, these beautiful pink glittery nails are perfect for your 21st birthday party!

This nails design is colorful, glittery, unique, and is perfect for your birthday.

21st birthday nails

Unique Pattern Nails

Last but not least for today, are these cool pattern nails! If you like going all out with your nails, and looking for a unique, outstanding, nails design – this is for you!

21st birthday nails

And that’s it for today! These were the best 21 21st birthday nails ideas you should definitely recreate for your 21st birthday!

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