The Best 23rd Birthday Ideas & Decorations!

This post is all about 23rd birthday ideas.

Your 23rd birthday might not seem like much of a “milestone” birthday, but you still deserve to celebrate! I don’t know about you, but I LOVE planning my birthday party every year. And whether you want a big party or just a lowkey hangout with friends, I think you’ll love these 23rd birthday ideas I found!

From a Y2K theme to boho decor to some simple silver decorations, I’ve got it all listed in this post. I’m sure you’ll be able to find something here that appeals to your style and taste!

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How To Celebrate Your 23 Birthday Ideas:

Host a Dinner Party

Have a Boat/Lake Day

Go Glamping

Host a Beach Picnic

Host a Girls Night Party (spa & self care night)

Go To a Concert

Go On a Girls weekend trip!

At-Home Birthday Party Decorations

Whether you’re having a party in your house, apartment, backyard, or some kind of venue, these are great 23rd birthday ideas and decorations to get you started!

Silver Disco Birthday Theme

I’m OBSESSED with a good disco theme. It’s the perfect combination of retro and fun!

Editable Let’s Disco Retro Birthday Party Invitation

I’m a huge fan of physical birthday invitations, and these invites from Etsy are so cute and affordable! The font and format matches the disco theme perfectly.

Silver 23 Birthday Balloons

Every party needs some giant birthday balloons like this!! It’s the perfect addition to a DIY photo booth or any home birthday decor.


Metallic Balloon Arch

I love a good balloon arch, and if you’re going with a disco theme, this silver balloon arch is perfect!

You can also add these disco ball balloons to really keep the theme going.

Disco Cups

Whether you choose these personalized disco ball cups or these disco themed drink pouches, both are such a cute way to add to your disco theme with some essential 23rd birthday party supplies.

Photo Booth Decor

You can easily create a DIY disco-themed photo booth with this metallic tinsel curtain and these disco-themed photo booth props!! These are perfect for taking polaroid pics and making memories that will last forever.

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Disco Table Runner

This disco table runner is so cute! This would go perfectly with the disco cups I linked above.

Disco Ball Lights

These disco ball lights will add the perfect ambience to any evening or nighttime party. Whether you’re hosting a party inside or outside, these are the perfect addition to your 23rd birthday decor!

Disco Themed Disposable Dinnerware

Whether you opt for these silver disposable plastic plates or these disco ball themed paper plates, these are both great dinnerware options for your disco themed birthday party!

“23” Drink Tags

These drink tags might be one of my favorite 23rd birthday ideas! Getting these with a “23” are such a personalized way to celebrate a new year of your life.

Disco Ball Ice Bucket

Okay, how cute would this look on a drink table or a cocktail table in your backyard?! This is such a cute way to make sure your food and drink setup is on theme.

Disco Straws

These disco straws are also so cute! These would look so cute with disco dinnerware or the disco cups linked above.

Rose Gold Birthday Theme

The truth is, you really can’t go wrong with rose gold birthday decorations! Rose gold is the perfect blend of girly, neutral, and colorful all at once.


Digital “Let’s Party” Rose Gold Birthday Invitation

If you love the ease of sending a digital birthday invitation, these rose gold birthday invitations are super affordable and they’re a great way to start off your birthday celebrations aesthetically.

Rose Gold “23” Balloons

These balloons are so gorgeous in this rose gold color!!

Rose Gold Balloons

You can never have too many balloons at a birthday party. You can grab both these types of balloons to have a really pretty variety. I love mixing confetti balloons with metallic balloons!

Cute Banners

These two cute banners not only fit the rose gold theme, but also add an extra fun and lighthearted vibe to your 23rd birthday party. Your friends will love taking photos with these signs!

Rose Gold Table Runner

This table runner is so elegant! This is perfect to add to either a dining table or any table with food laid out on it.

Rose Gold Dinnerware

If you’re having a rose gold themed party, you need rose gold themed dinnerware! And when you’re using disposable dinnerware, making sure it matches your aesthetic is the easiest way to make it feel more elegant.

Rose Gold Fringe Curtain

This rose gold curtain is the perfect backdrop for a photobooth at your party!

Rose Gold Drink Tags

I love how you can order these drink tags in rose gold, which makes your party decor feel super customized!

Rose Gold Disco Ball Cups

Whether you’re having a disco theme or not, these disco cups can be ordered in rose gold which will perfectly match the rest of your rose gold decor.

“23” Birthday Candle Cake Topper

These are such elegant cake toppers, no matter what kind of cake you’re having!

Y2K Birthday Theme

I don’t know about you, but I’m obsessed with Y2K decor. Whether you want to add subtle Y2K additions to your party or want a full-on Y2K theme, here are some great decor pieces to get you started!

Y2K Party Invitation

This is such a cute Y2K themed party invitation! You can use this template for a physical invitation or a digital one, which is even better.

Y2K Balloons

Hanging these Y2K balloons would be the perfect way to announce your theme if you really want to go all-out! It would be so cute to take photos in front of this sign with your friends in your Y2K outfits.

Metallic and Confetti Balloons

Every party needs metallic and confetti balloons! I can’t make a whole list of the best 23rd birthday ideas without including these in every theme.

Y2K Icons Banner

I’m obsessed with this banner of Y2K icons. This is the perfect way to get photos with all your fave Y2K celebrities at your birthday party!

Bubble Garlands

These hanging bubble streamers are such a cute, young, and fun addition to your decor!

2000s Photo Booth

This tinsel backdrop and these Y2K photo booth props are the easiest way to make a DIY photo booth for some cute polaroid pics!

Table Runners

Grabbing one of these table runners will add to the retro or colorful vibes of the Y2K aesthetic!

Drink Tags

These drink tags are also perfect for your Y2K theme! You can even customize them with your name or your guests’ names.

Y2K Crazy Straws

These Y2K themed crazy straws are so cute!! If I was throwing a Y2K themed birthday party right now, I would definitely get these!

Y2K Cupcake Toppers

What could be better for a Y2K theme than getting Y2K celebrity cupcake toppers?! These are seriously so cute!

Y2K Slap Bracelets

These slap bracelets would be the PERFECT party favors because they’ll totally take you and your friends back to a simpler time when these were all the rage.

Y2K Temporary Tattoos

Nothing screams Y2K like temporary tattoos… and especially these Y2K themed ones! These would be such a fun activity to do with your friends.

DJ Disco Lights

This light is perfect for finishing off your Y2K themed birthday with a dance party!!

Boho Party Decor

If you want something a little more chill, minimalist, and whimsical, then boho party decor is perfect for you.

Digital Boho Invitation

I love how airy and clean this digital party invitation is! Perfect for kicking off your boho themed party.

Cream Colored “23” Balloons

When you’re going for boho decor, you want to have light-colored decor, which is what makes these balloons perfect!

Beige and Gold Balloons

These neutral balloons will make such an elegant addition to any boho-themed decor.

LED Balloons

These LED balloons are amazing! They would add the perfect ambience to any evening party. These are one of my favorite 23rd birthday ideas yet!

Happy Birthday Balloon Banner

This beige “Happy Birthday” balloon banner will add some fun to your birthday decor without taking away from the boho vibe. This balloon banner also has multiple reviews saying it was quite easy to blow up and string together, which is a plus!

White Tulle Backdrop

If you’re wondering what DIY photobooth backdrop to get for a boho themed party, tulle is the perfect material to maintain the neutral and whimsical vibe that boho decor gives you! I love this sheer backdrop from Amazon.

Burlap Paper Lanterns

These lightweight burlap lanterns will make for great birthday party decor! If you’re doing a backyard party, you could hang these on a fence or trees. If your party is inside, just hang them around the room!

Macrame Table Runner

Nothing says “boho” more than a macrame! This macrame is a great table runner because it’s the perfect blend between elegant and casual.

Custom Name Confetti

This custom name confetti is a great way to customize your birthday party decor, and it’s got tons of great reviews!

Personalized Letter Wall Art

You can get this wall art with your initials or even the number “23”! This is a great way to celebrate your new age while sticking to your boho theme.

Neutral Disposable Dinnerware Set

As I mentioned earlier, the best way to achieve a boho style in every aspect of your decor is to keep the decor neutral wherever you can. These elegant but neutral disposable dinnerware sets are a great way to do that!

Personalized Birthday Drink Tags

You can never go wrong with adding personalized drink tags, no matter what kind of theme you’re going for!

Black and White Theme

If you want to stick to something neutral and classy, why not go for a black and white theme? This decor is super elegant and easy to recreate!

Elegant Black Invitation

This is such an elegant invitation template from Etsy! It’s so cute and perfect if you want to have a stylish dinner party.

“23” Balloons

You still need balloons to announce your age, so why not order them in black or white (or both)? You can get them on Amazon!

Black and White Balloons

These black and white balloons are both so affordable, and getting a mix of both will add great variety to your 23rd birthday party!

LED Balloons

LED balloons are a great way to add some tastefulness and ambience to your party.

Black Photobooth Backdrop

This black tinsel is the perfect shade for your photobooth backdrop when you’re going for a black and white vibe!

Black and White Tablecloth

I love these two tablecloth options from Amazon. Whether you get this plain black one or this fun checkered one, both are great decor pieces to add to this list of 23rd birthday ideas!

Black Dinnerware Set

I love both of these black disposable dinnerware sets. They’re both affordable, have great reviews, and perfectly stick to the black and white theme!

Customized Drink Tags

You can order black or white drink tags right here on Etsy to add some fun to your dinnerware decor while still keeping the colors neutral!

“It’s My Birthday” Neon Sign

This neon sign would be SO cute with black and white decor. It adds a pop of fun and ambience to your decor!

Black and White Striped Straws

These disposable drinking straws stick to the neutral black and white theme, but the pattern makes them feel fun and young, which is perfect for any 23rd birthday party!

I hope you found some great 23rd birthday ideas in this post.

No matter what decor you choose, remember that the important thing is creating memories that last a lifetime and having a fun time!


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