The Ultimate Guide to Bar Cart Accessories

Bar Cart Accessories Must-Haves

This blog post is about must-have bar cart accessories!

If you are looking for a fun way to decorate your apartment, and add a touch of elegance to a space, consider creating a bar cart corner!

This is a fun way to display your favorite drinks and glasses, and enjoy your time with guests when they come over.

In this blog post, we are going to cover all of the essential bar cart accessories, that every apartment bar cart corner needs!

From cocktail shakers and beautiful wine glasses, to wine openers/stoppers and ice buckets, we got you covered!

Let’s get started!

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Affordable Bar Carts Finds:

Gold Bar Cart

Starting off this blog post with this gold bar cart from Amazon!

This is definitely one of my favorite bar carts in this blog post, especially because it comes with a built in wine bottle rack and a wine glasses holder.

Gold Glass Bar Cart

Next is another gold bar cart, this one is from Target. It’s definitely unique with it’s design though!

The only difference from the previous bar cart, is that this one doesn’t come with wine racks. But it’s sooo pretty!

Also, this bar cart comes in many other colors, such as black, pink, white, silver, yellow, and more!

Bamboo Bar Cart

I’m obsessed with this bamboo bar cart from Target. This one is so pretty, and if it matches your apartment’s aesthetic, you should definitely consider getting this beautiful bar cart!

Black Bar Cart

Moving on to this pretty black & marble bar cart from Amazon. This bar cart matches almost any decor aesthetic, and it also comes with built-in wine glass holders and wine racks.

Wooden Bar Cart

This high quality wooden bar cart from Target is a great bar cart that has three levels, has wheeled, and can be the cutest bar cart if it matches your decor.

Clear Acrylic Bar Cart

Lastttt but definitely not least for this section, is this acrylic bar cart from Amazon.

I love clear bar carts, mainly because you can really decorate it and make it colorful and unique, while having a “clear base”.

A clear bar cart matches any home decor aesthetic, and you can decorate your bar cart however you want!

Beautiful Drinks & Wine Glasses:

Colored Wine Glasses

I am not going to lie, one of my favorite things about bar carts, is displaying beautiful wine glasses.

I don’t know why but I just love wine glasses! So prepare yourself, I am going to show you here some very cute finds!

Anyways, starting off with one of my favorite wine glasses set – these beautiful colored wine glasses from Amazon!

Add a pop of color to your bar cart, and to your drinking experience, with these fun colorful wine glasses!

Bubble Wine Glasses

If you are looking for simple wine glasses, with a twist though, definitely consider getting these bubble wine glasses, they are so cute!

Simple Wine Glasses

Although I’m obsessed with unique wine glasses, I still decided to throw in a simple wine glass set in this blog post as well.

This wine glasses set is a 4pcs set, and you can get it on Amazon for an affordable price!

Rhinestone Wine Glasses

If you are looking for extremely unique wine glasses, check out these beautiful rhinestone whine glasses from our Etsy shop!

They are not cheap, but they are so pretty! We sell them individually, so the price is per glass cup. They are handmade, and so unique!

Colorful Champagne Glasses

Moving on from the wine glasses, let’s continue this blog post with champagne glasses!

I think I fell in love with these colorful champagne glasses, they are sooo unique!

Simple Champagne Glass Set

I am also giving you here an option for a high quality champagne glass set as well, it comes in a set of 4 champagne glasses, and you can get it on Amazon for an affordable price!

Colorful Martini Glasses

Lastly, these colorful martini glasses from Amazon, that are SO PRETTY.

I love this colorful glassware trend, and especially these beautiful martini glasses!

Bar Cart Wine Racks:

Black Wine Rack

If your bar cart doesn’t come with a built in wine rack, you should definitely get a small wine rack to display your wine bottles and drinks in your bar cart.

This black wine rack from Amazon is a perfect option that can match almost any bar cart design!

Gold Wine Rack

Another wine rack option is this gold wine rack, from Amazon as well. 

It’s a great way to display your wine bottles, and add a pop of color to your bar cart.

Acrylic Wine Rack

Lastly, this acrylic wine rack is originally a fridge organizer, but if you display it nicely on your bar cart, and decorate your bar cart around it, this acrylic wine rack can be a cute display design!

Cocktail Making Supplies

Cocktail Making Kit

If you are into cocktail making, or want to get into it, check out this gold cocktail making kit from Amazon!

This set includes a 25oz cocktail shaker, a double jigger, strainer, ice tongs, muddler, spoon, liquor pourers, a wine opener, and a bamboo stand to display.

Cocktail Shaker

If you are not getting a cocktail making set, but still want to make cocktails, definitely consider getting this beautiful gold pineapple cocktail shaker from Amazon as well!

Pineapple Martini Cocktail Picks

If you are a martini lover, or want to make martinis, you should definitely use martini cocktail picks in your drinks.

I love this pineapple martini cocktail picks set from Amazon. It comes with 6 reusable cocktail picks.

Ice Buckets For Hosting:

Rose Gold Copper Ice Bucket

You are going to need an ice bucket for when you host and need to keep drinks cold. 

There are so many cute ice buckets on Amazon, and I am sharing with you some of my favorite finds!

This rose gold copper ice bucket comes with tongs as well, so it’s easy to add ice to your drinks and keep your drinks cold and fresh.

Gold Pineapple Ice Bucket

I think this gold pineapple ice bucket is definitely one of the most unique ice buckets I’ve seen!

What I like about this is that it isn’t big, so even if you are not using it at the moment, you can decorate your bar cart with it, without it taking too much space.

Disco Ball Ice Bucket

This disco ball ice bucket is definitely going to impress your guests! It’s so cool!

Clear Acrylic Ice Bucket

If you are looking for something more neutral and simple, consider getting this acrylic ice bucket from Amazon.

It comes with two ice buckets, a large 2gallon bucket, and a 1gallon bucket.

Misc. Bar Cart Accessories:


Having a strainer is perfect for removing ice and fruit from cocktails. Here are two options of the cutest strainers I found on Amazon!

Wine Stopper

I am going to make this paragraph interesting. I’ve asked an AI why you should use wine stoppers in your bar cart, and here’s its answer!

1. They allow you to save unfinished bottles of wine for later. This is a great way to save money and avoid wasting wine. 

2. They prevent spills and messes. If you’re not finished with a bottle of wine, a wine stopper can help you avoid spilling it all over your bar cart or countertop. 

3. They add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your bar cart. A well-stocked bar cart with a variety of wine stoppers is sure to impress your guests.

Now that you have all the answers, here are some of the cutest wine stoppers online!

Btw, you can get these personalized wine stoppers on our Etsy shop!

Wine Bottle Opener

That wine bottle ain’t going to open itself, girl!

Here are two options for awesome wine bottle openers from Amazon. I have the gold & pink wine opener, but I am definitely eyeing this electric wine bottle opener, because who want’s to work so hard for opening a wine bottle??


Keep your table and surface clean by using coasters when drinking with your guests/on your own!

Muddler Bar For Cocktails

A muddler is used to crush ice and herbs to add flavor and taste to your cocktails. 

I found this pretty gold muddler bar for cocktails on Amazon, check it out!

Liquor Pour Spouts

Last but not least for this bar cart accessories blog post, are liquor pour spouts!

They are used to prevent spills when you are pouring drinks, which comes in sooo handy!

I found this awesome 24pcs liquor pour spouts set on Amazon, great price, and great quality.

And that’s it!

This blog post was about must-have bar cart accessories!

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