30+ Christmas Gifts For Mom That Will Make You Her Favorite Child ;)

Christmas Gifts For mom

This blog post is about 35 Christmas gifts for mom!

If you want to spoil your mom this year, and don’t know what to buy your mom for Christmas, you are in the right place!

I’ve put together this amazing list of 35 Christmas gifts for mom ideas, that you can buy online at your favorite stores!

We have here everything from personalized Christmas gifts for mom, unique jewelry gifts from Etsy, practical Christmas gifts – everything you’ll need to be her favorite child this year ūüėČ

Let’s get started!

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Christmas gifts for mom

Christmas Gifts For Mom

Personalized Wooden Recipe Binder

Let’s get started with one of my favorite Christmas gifts for mom –¬†this personalized wooden recipe binder¬†from Etsy!

If she loves cooking and follows a lot of recipes, make sure she has them all together in one place in this beautiful wooden recipe binder!

Personalized Travel Jewelry Box

If she travels a lot, goes on work trips, or just has her every day jewelry to take off at night –¬†this personalized jewelry box¬†is a beautiful Christmas gift idea!

She can use it to organize her jewelry when traveling, or she can use it in her every day life by putting her everyday jewelry every night in this beautiful jewelry box, personalized with her name/mom writing.

Personalized Slippers

These beautiful personalized slippers are a fun and cozy gift to get your mom, that you can be sure she will use all winter!

I also have a pair myself, and also got one pair for my mother, and I love them so much! They are so soft and comfy.

Personalized Apron

Another awesome Christmas gift for a cooking-loving mom is this beautiful personalized apron!

Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker

I never shut up about the Mr.Coffee iced coffee maker! It honestly makes the best iced coffees!

If your mom is an iced coffee lover, definitely consider getting her this iced coffee maker from Target!

Custom 2024 Planner

This custom 2024 planner is the perfect combination of a thoughtful, personal gift, and a super practical gift!

You can customize it with your mom’s name, and also decide on the months of this planner.


Personalized Passport Covers

If your mom is a travel lover, and travels often, or if your mom, or both of your parents are planning a vacation together, consider getting them these personalized passport covers!

You can get them on my Etsy shop, they are customizable, meaning you can choose the design on the passport cover (it can also just say their name, and not only “Mrs/Mr”), and you can also choose the font color!


Personalized Birth Flower Name Necklace

These beautiful birth flower name necklaces are one of my favorite Christmas gifts for women in general.

You can completely personalize them! All you need to do is to choose the necklace materials, choose your mom’s birth month flower, and personalize it with her name.

Mom’s Kitchen Gift Set

If you are looking for unique cooking Christmas gifts for mom, check out¬†this Mom’s Kitchen gift set¬†from Amazon!

This gift set comes with a cutting board, apron, and three engraved cooking utensils!

Stanley Tumbler

You can never go wrong with a Stanley 40oz tumbler! 

The Stanley tumblers took over the world, and they really are perfect for bringing your drink on the go!

Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

We all use earbuds and I can’t think of someone who won’t enjoy¬†these HeyDay noise canceling wireless earbuds¬†from Target.

They are wireless earbuds that are perfect for daily uses. Your mom can use them when working out, when taking the dog out for a walk, while cooking, etc.

Best Mom Necklace Gift Box

This best mom necklace gift box is definitely a unique gift your mom that she can cherish for years to come!

Kate Spade Slim Wallet

Spoil your mom for Christmas with the Morgan Small Slim Wallet from Kate Spade!

This beautiful wallet¬†is made out of high quality materials, it is made to last, and is also convenient with all of it’s pockets!

Neck & Back Heat Massager

I also never shut up about this neck & back heat massager. I have it at home, and I LOVE it. I also got my mom one last year.

It gives amazing massages at home, and it’s fun to watch TV, lay down on my couch and in the same time get a fun massage!

Heated Throw Blanket

This electric heated throw blanket is PERFECT for snuggling around your home during cold winter days!

If you want to help your mom to not want to get out of bed, or to not get up from the couch, get her this amazing heated throw blanket!

Heating Pad For Neck & Shoulders

One of my favorite Christmas gifts for mom, is this heating pad for neck & shoulder is perfect for pain relief.

It features 6 heat settings, 4 timers, and an auto off feature. It is perfect for taking care of back/neck/shoulders pain, and can be so much fun to cuddle with after a long day at work.

Kate Spade Round Stud Earrings

These beautiful Kate Spade round stud earrings come both in gold and silver, and make a beautiful everyday earrings set!

You can buy them on Nordstrom, and your mom can enjoy them as everyday jewelry that will remind her of YOU!

Mama Bear Slippers

Another fun slippers option for your mom are these Mama Bear slippers!

They are¬†the perfect Christmas slippers¬†for your mom to enjoy the whole winter with ūüôā

Best Mom Chef Knife Gift Set

Another thoughtful and practical Christmas gift for mom is¬†this Best Mom chef’s knife gift set!

Ember Mug Temperature Control Mug

I’m obsessed with¬†the Ember Mug Temperature Smart Mug!¬†As someone who works from home, I can also imagine that the same goes for someone who’s working long hours in the office – YOUR COFFEE GET’S COLD BEFORE YOU REMEMBER TO DRINK IT ALL.

Well, with this Ember Mug you can make sure your coffee or drink stays hot for HOURS!

Personalized Digital Faceless Portrait

One of my favorite Christmas gifts for mom, and for our loved ones in general, is a digital faceless portrait!

I make personalized digital faceless portraits on Etsy, and I can tell you that it makes a beautiful and meaningful gifts!

You can choose your favorite photo of the two of you, or a memorable family photo, and I’ll make from it a beautiful faceless portrait!

Then, you can print it out on a canvas or print it out and frame it, and give it as a thoughtful Christmas gift to your mom.

Mom Gift Set

If you want to play it safe, you can get your mom this beautiful Mom Gift Set from Amazon!

This gift set¬†comes with a 20oz stainless steel tumbler, a wooden puzzle-shaped keychain, a lavender scented candle, a “Mom Recipe” kitchen towel, two wooden cooking spoons, and the gift box itself with the paper filler and special card!

Personalized Message Shortbread Cookies

If you are looking for an ACTUAL unique Christmas gift for mom Рconsider getting her this personalized message shortbread cookies set!

These delicious vanilla shortbread cookies can be customized how ever you want!

You can personalize¬†these 24pcs cookies set¬†by writing an inside joke, a meaningful short message to your mom, or even just a “Merry Christmas Mom!” text as well.

Color Block Blanket Scarf

Get your mom a stylish and trendy scarf this winter!

This beautiful color block blanket scarf¬†isn’t only warm and cozy, but also trendy and cute!

You can choose between this purple color block design, or a green color block design. Both are SO PRETTY.

Snow Scented Whipped Body Butter

You can never go wrong with body lotions and creams for any woman!

This snow scented whipped body butter from Etsy is a highly recommended body butter find!

In general, this Etsy seller sells amazing body butters, soap bars, candles, and many other delicious-smelling things!

Personalized Hair Clips

I’m OBSESSED with¬†these personalized hair clips!¬†Not only because I sell them on my Etsy shop, but because they are ACTUALLY cute and can upgrade any hair style!

Personalized Portrait Ornament

If your mom collects unique ornaments, or you want to surprise her with a creative addition to your Christmas tree Рcheck out this personalized portrait ornament!

You can get¬†this personalized portrait ornament¬†on my Etsy shop, and you’ll be happy to know that it’s a 2-in-1 deal!¬†

First of all, you need to send us on Etsy the photo you want to make a portrait of. 

Then, you are going to tell us if you want to write something on the ornament (for example – “The Simths, 2023”). And tell us what to write.

And at the end, you will receive a digital portrait of the photo you chose, and the beautifully designed ornament!

UGG Fleeced Lined Socks

These beautiful UGG fleece line socks are THE PERFECT way to stay cozy and comfy at home!

They come in this beautiful cream color, and also in a pink design which is also incredibly cute!

Unlock the Wine Escape Room Game

This Unlock The Wine Escape Room Game is definitely a funny game to buy your mom and also play with her!

Your Next Bottle is part of an escape room games that requires you to find clues, solve puzzles, and crack the code to unlock your wine bottle!

THE COMFY Wearable Blanket

THE COMFY is a wearable blanket that was seen in Shark Tank, and is definitely one of the coolest Shark Tank finds!

As someone who’s OBSESSED with throw blankets, and I love cuddling with them on the couch, in bed, and even at my home office when I work from home –¬†this wearable blanket¬†is the perfect solution to snuggle with your throw blanket, and be cozy AF by wearing it!

Manta Healthy Hair Brush

The Manta Healthy Hair Brush is the perfect solution for keeping your hair strong and healthy!

This is the ultimate healthy hair brush that features minimum hair breakage and maximum shine, while keeping your hair strong, healthy, and soft!

16oz Iced Coffee Glass Cup

If your mom is a coffee lover, you can get her this 16oz iced coffee glass can cup, that includes a reusable straw and a lid!

It’s the cutest way for her to drink her morning coffee, and she can even take it on the go!

Custom Initial Mom Necklace

This custom initial mom necklace is the perfect personalized necklace to get your mom for Christmas!

You can personalize it by choosing how many tags you want, as well as the font style. And you can personalize it with your & your siblings initials!

100 Morning Treats Cookbook

The¬†100 Morning Treats cookbook¬†is exactly as it’s name – a fun cookbook with 100 morning treats recipes!

It can be a cute coffee table book, and obviously makes an amazing and unique cookbook for your mom!

Foot Massager

We love massages over here if you didn’t notice haha

This foot massager machine gives amazing foot massages wherever you are at home! You can watch TV while getting an amazing foot massage, or I can totally imagine myself using this while working from home!

YSL Makeup Gift Set

This YSL makeup gift set¬†is available on Nordstrom. It’s a $50 valued makeup set, but you can get it for only $35! (as for writing this)

This makeup gift set comes with the YSL makeup bag, a mini Lash Clash Extreme Volume Mascara, and with 2 mini Rouge Pur Couture Satin lipsticks in nude and red.

Custom Retro Stretch Bracelet

If your mom likes to stack bracelets, add to her collection this beautiful custom retro stretch bracelet!

You can either get her a bracelet that says “Mom”, or her name, or even by a few bracelets with each child’s name, so she can wear them together with her other bracelets.

And that’s it!

This blog post was about Christmas gifts for mom!

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