TOP 30 Best & Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For Dad HE IS GOING TO LOVE!

35 Christmas Gifts For Dad

This blog post is about 35 Christmas gifts for dad!

Finding the perfect Christmas gift for your Dad can be a daunting task since they never seem to want anything, but fear not! 

If you want to remind your dad that you are the favorite child 😉 this holiday season, check out this blog post for 35 Christmas gift ideas for your Dad! 

Let’s get started!

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Christmas gifts for dad

Christmas Gifts For Dad

Personalized Whiskey Decanter

Starting off with one of the best Christmas gifts for dad – this personalized whiskey decanter from Etsy!

It is completely customizable. You can choose the design, as well as customize it with your dad’s name!


Ember Temperature Control Mug

If your dad works long days at the office, or if he works from home, he is going to LOVE this Ember temperature control mug – TRUST ME.

It’s an electric mug that features a special temperature control feature, that will keep his hot drink warm all day long!

No more cold coffee days 😉

Personalized Dad Photo Keyring

If you are looking for a small little Christmas gift or a stocking stuffer, definitely consider getting him this personalized dad photo keyring from Etsy!

You can completely personalize this keychain. All you need to do is to choose your leather color, what to write on the keyring, and you will also send the seller a high quality image of you and your dad!

Stanley Tumbler

You can never go wrong with a 40oz Stanley tumbler! This is the perfect practical Christmas gift for dad. 

It can perfectly fit in his car drink holder, keep his beverage at the perfect temperature, and is super convenient to carry on the go.

Minipresso Portable Espresso Machine

For a coffee loving dad, this portable espresso machine is the perfect gift! 

He can take the Minipresso everywhere he goes, and if he’s a camping lover, this is also a practical find for camping lovers.

Camp Kitchen

If your Dad loves to camp or spend lots of time outdoors, this camping stove might be a gift he will love. 

It’s easy to transport, is easy to maintain and will hold up for about an hour of cooking each time.

Philipps Beard Trimmer

This is a must-have for any Dad that loves his beard, and taking care of it. 

The Philipps beard trimmer will help him trim his beard easily, and it also comes with multiple useful accessories. 

Plus, it can run cordless for up to 14 hours without charge!

Touchscreen Gloves

If you live somewhere cold, or if you don’t live with your parents and he lives somewhere cold, these touchscreen gloves are a great practical Christmas gift for dad!

There’s no need to take off your gloves and freeze with these touchscreen gloves from Amazon 😉

Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

I can’t think of someone who doesn’t uses earbuds at all. There’s always an occasion for using earbuds!

I highly recommend these HeyDay noise canceling wireless earbuds from Target.

They are wireless earbuds that are perfect for daily uses. And your dad can use them in any occasion – when working out, on his way to work, around the house, when he’s taking the dog out for a walk, and more!

Lightweight Puffer Vest

A lightweight puffer vest is perfect for the dad that is in and out of the house or the car a lot!

It’s comfortable and perfect for in the car but heavy enough to keep him warm when he’s out and about 🙂

Dad Mug

You can never go wrong with a meaningful dad mug!

You can get this Best Dad mug on my Etsy shop, and choose from different designs!

Neck Massager

This neck massager gives THE BEST neck massages! 

I have this at home, and I’m OBSESSED.

You can get this comfy neck massager pillow, and let him enjoy deep neck massages from the own comfort of his couch!

Portable Apple Watch Charger

This is a really great gift for anyone really, but if your Dad loves gadgets then he knows how quickly they can run out of battery! 

If he has an Apple Watch, he will definitely make great use out of this portable charger! It is easy to use and will charge his smartwatch quickly.

Personalized Digital Portrait

This personalized digital portrait above is a portrait I made for my dad, of our favorite photo from our 2015 Paris trip!

For his birthday this year, I made him two portraits (this one and another one from a different trip to Dubai), I printed them out and framed them in beautiful picture frames I got from IKEA.

He loved this gift and hung both of the pictures in his living room!

Keurig Coffee Maker

If your dad is a coffee lover, trust me when I say, he is going to LOVE this Keurig coffee maker from Amazon.

I love the Keurig coffee machines in general. They are high quality and long lasting.

Screen Magnifier For Smartphone

This screen magnifier for smartphone is an awesome Christmas gift for dad he can use to rest his phone and project videos, photos or texts!

He can also use it to watch movies in bed, or even use it while following recipes when he’s cooking.

UGG Classic Suede Slippers

These UGG Classic Suede slippers have a ‘cloud-like’ footbed, they are slip-free and are the most comfortable slippers for your dad to get through these cold winter months!

Mini 6 Inch Electric Cordless Chainsaw

Moving on to this mini 6 inch electric cordless chainsaw!

Although it’s compact size and lightweight, your dad will be able to use this tools set for any projects he has – big or small.

Padfolio Binder

If your Dad likes to carry a lot of things with him at once, then this is the perfect padfolio! 

This padfolio will let your Dad carry all of his stuff in one go: passport, credit cards, pen, iPad and more!

Massage Gun

If there’s one thing that all dads have in common is back, shoulder, neck and anywhere else pain 😉

Basically his whole body will appreciate this deep tissue massage gun, which will let your dad work out the knots in his neck or relieve tension in his back!

Kiehl’s Skin Care Set

Get your dad started on a morning and night skincare routine leaving his skin feeling toned and smooth! 

This skincare set comes with an Ultra Facial Cleanser, a Moisturizing face oil, Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado, an Ultra Facial Moisturizer, a Herbal Extract Toner, and a deep pore minimizing cleansing clay mask!

Grill Mat

If your dad is a grilling lover, help him master his grilling skills with this heavy non-stick grill mat that can withstand 600 degrees of heat!

BBQ Net Tubes

If your Dad loves to BBQ then this BBQ net tubes set is the perfect gift for him. He will love grilling anything he can in these grilling baskets!

A Daily Dose of Dad Jokes

The Daily Dose of Dad Jokes is a funny jokes book written by Youtube star and stay-at-home dad – Taylor Calmus.

It’s the perfect jokes book that will help your dad learn all of the best dad jokes and unleash their best dad jokes 😉

Gold Glass Bar Cart

A great addition to any at-home gym is this adjustable dumbbells set from Amazon. 

They feature adjustable weights that go from 5 to 50 pounds. Plus, they’re easy to use and have a comfortable grip! They are perfect for an at-home-work out dad!

Engraved Wallet

You can get this personalized engraved wallet on my Etsy shop. It’s completely customizable! You can choose from a brown wallet option and a black wallet. 

After you purchase the wallet, you need to send us your favorite photo of you and your dad, and we will engrave it on the wallet!

Adidas Shorts

If your dad likes working out and going to the gym, or if he likes wearing active shorts in general, these Adidas shorts are an awesome option!

They have breathable fabric, feature pockets, and are super comfy!

Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer

If your dad loves grilling and meat in general, this Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer is the perfect grilling and cooking essential!

He can use this meat thermometer to cook his meat to perfection, and make delicious meals!

Gold Glass Bar Cart

For a BBQ loving dad, you should definitely consider getting this Wild Western-Themed BBQ sauce gift set! 

It comes with 12 flavors of USA BBQ sauces and BBQ rubs, and the cutest thing about this, is that the sauces come in a western-themed book packaging with mini glass bottles!

100 Essential Movies Scratch-off Chart

If your dad is a movie lover, and always watches all of the new movies, the best movies – he is going to love to challenge himself with this 100 Essential Movies Scratch-Off Chart!

Salt Block Cooking Plate

One of the best Christmas gifts for dad, and especially for a dad that loves cooking or grilling, is this Salt Block Cooking Plate! 

It’s perfect for cooking, grilling, cutting, and serving food! 

The salt block is exactly what you think it is, a rock salt stone, placed on a steel tray, that also comes with a recipe pamphlet!

Megapro Multi-Use Screwdriver

For the dad that loves to repair things around the house, this does-it-all-screwdriver is a well-rounded tool. 

It will help your dad get things done faster and comes with storage inside the handle so he won’t lose any parts!

Wireless Charging Station

This wireless charging station is the perfect charging situation solution for your dad.

It can power up to three devices at once, so your dad can use it to charge a few devices at once, and have everything charging in the same place, so he doesn’t needs to look for each device, they are all in one place!

Massage Seat Cushion

If your dad loves amazing massages, and also happens to work from home – gift him the gift of an amazing massage every day while working from his home office! 

This massage seat cushion gives amazing back massages and features a heat feature, 6 vibrating motors, and 2 heat levels!

Thrunite Archer Flashlight

Lastly for today is this ThruNite LED flashlight from Amazon!

If he loves camping and outdoor adventures, he can definitely make great use of this LED flashlight.

It features a water-resistant feature, and also has a dual switch on the flashlight!

And that’s it!

This blog post was about the best Christmas gifts for dad!

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