The BEST Shower Caddy Finds For Apartment Bathrooms

This post is about the best shower caddy finds.

Best Shower Caddy

Whether you’re sharing a bathroom or just have a lot of products, the most important thing you can have to stay organized is the best shower caddy possible. 

Whether you need to keep your products separate from your roommate’s or just don’t have a place to properly store them, having a shower caddy makes a huge difference!

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When you live in an apartment, you can’t exactly renovate your bathroom to create your dream shower. So, here’s a list of the best shower caddies for apartments to level up your space just a little.

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Adhesive Shower Caddy Shelf

You can grab one or even a few of these adhesive shower caddy shelves to store all your products. Whether it’s for body gel, soap, shampoo, moisturizer, razors, wash cloths, or anything else you use in the shower, this can help to keep your stuff SO much more organized.

White Adhesive Shower Caddy

If you’re working with a neutral or white theme, these white adhesive shower caddies would be so cute. They’re a little smaller so these are great for anyone who doesn’t have a million products but just needs something to keep their space a little more organized!

Gold Over the Shower Storage Caddy

If you’re worried about adhesive caddies sticking for a long time, you can get this over the shower caddy that you just hang over your showerhead.

This is SO affordable and the gold color will make your shower look all the more luxurious!

Layered Shower Caddy

If you have roommates or a lot of products, this layered shower caddy is a great option! You can easily divide your stuff from your roommates’ or organize things by product to keep your bathroom super organized.

Turntable Shower Caddy

I love the idea of a turntable shower caddy!

No more dropping things or scrambling to get the products at the very back. If you use a wide variety of products, this will be the best shower caddy for you!

3-Pack Shower Caddy and Soap Holder

If you use bar soap PLUS lots of bottled products, this 3 pack shower caddy is a great option for you! I always like having a separate soap holder so that my other products don’t get soap residue all over them.

Bamboo Hanging Shower Caddy

If you like the natural or boho aesthetic, this bamboo hanging shower caddy will match your aesthetic perfectly. It’s also got two layers of shelving so it’s perfect if you’re sharing a bathroom with a roommate!

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Wire Hanging Shower Caddy

This shower caddy is easy to organize products with these separate compartments to keep everything organized.

Suction Cup Shower Caddy

This small suction cup shower caddy is perfect if you just need a little extra space and want something durable that is going to stick to your wall even in a moist shower.

Hanging Square Shower Caddy

This is the best shower caddy if you’re looking for something with enough vertical space to hold your shampoo bottles or any taller bottles.

You can fit several products in this shower caddy which makes it so convenient!

2-Pack Shower Caddy

Here’s another great shower caddy option for anyone with a roommate. It’s seriously so much easier to keep an apartment organized with a roommate if you each have separate spaces for your products and belongings.

This shower caddy set is also probably more affordable than if you were to each buy your own!

Clear 3-Pack Shower Caddy

If you like the acrylic aesthetic, these clear shower caddies are great! You have separate compartments for bottles, soap, and razors, which makes it so easy to keep your stuff organized instead of having it all piled on top of each other.

Woven Shower Caddy

This shower caddy set includes 2 woven shower caddies. It is so affordable but looks so much more luxurious than some other shower caddies I’ve seen out there.

This would be great for anyone who loves earthy or boho decor to bring some of that aesthetic into your bathroom!

Corner Modern Caddy

This corner shower caddy is the best shower caddy if you’re looking for something with a modern aesthetic that still has lots of space for different products! It even comes in different colors like gold and black.

Tilted Hanging Shower Caddy

These tilted compartments on this shower caddy is perfect for storing lots of different bottles and making sure they don’t fall or spill. I don’t know about you, but I’m always dropping things in the shower and I feel like these slanted compartments would help so much!

Those are seriously some of the BEST shower caddy products I found in my search, so I hope you found one that matches your aesthetic and your storage needs!! It can be hard to stay organized when you’re living in an apartment, but I know from experience that products like these shower caddies make all the difference.

This post was all about the best shower caddy finds.


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