30 Best Bath Mats That Will Level Up Your Bathroom!

This blog post is about the best bath mats!

best bath mats

I am assuming I am not the only one who deeply cares about how every essential in my home looks like, so if you DO care about how your bath mat looks like, you are in the right place!

In this post, we are going to cover the best bath mats for YOUR bathroom!

You’ll find here everything from neutral bath mats, boho bath mats, funky bath mats, and more! As well, as the best bath mats for any budget 🙂

Let’s get started!

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Best Bath Mats

Table of Contents:

Best Math Mats Under $20

H&M Tasseled Bath Mat

I am starting off this blog post with one of my favorite best bath mats – this H&M tasseled bath mat!

I can’t believe it’s less than $20, and I’m actually considering getting this. It’s so cute!

Sonoro Kate Bath Mat

The Sonoro Kate Bath Mat from Amazon is the most plush bath mat EVER. It has a fun texture that will make your feet feel cozy after getting out of the shower! You literarily feel like you are stepping on a cozy cloud 😉

Turkish Cotton Bath Mat

One of the best budget friendly, under $20 bath mats, is this Turkish cotton bath mat from The Company Store. 

This bath mat will give you all of the luxurious feels, it’s soft and perfect for any bathroom’s aesthetic, and comes in multiple colors too!

Amoami Waffle Bath Mat

If you are looking for a bath mat that doesn’t scream “I’m a bath mat!” , this waffle bath mat from Amazon is a cute option!

It gives more of a cute rug vibe, but it’s still as functional as any bath mat.

Best Bath Mats Under $30

Get Naked Bath Mat

I’ve had my eye on this one for a while now! And they also came out with more cute colors!!

You can never go wrong with a trendy Get Naked bath mat. They are so cute!

H&M Tufted Bath Mat

You can’t go wrong with a two-tone bath mat! It’s cute, spices up your bathroom, and it is the perfect combination of a simple bath mat with a unique touch.

Garland Rugs Plush Washable Bath Mat

This Garland Rugs bath mat is one of the best bath mats that are durable, soft, and are non-slip. 

It has a modern design, and is also simply designed, so it won’t stand out too much, but still add a nice elegant touch. 

Best Bath Mats Under $50

Peachy Clean Bath Mat

If you are looking for a funky and colorful bath mat, and add a pop of color to your bathroom, you can’t go wrong with this Peachy Clean bath mat from Urban Outfitters!

This bath mat definitely went viral at some point, and it’s extremely cute.

Crochet Bath Mat

If you are planning on a boho themed bathroom, or want to spice up your bathroom with a unique rug, this crochet bath mat is the perfect find!

Bath Mats Set

Moving on to this bath mats set from Amazon! It’s the perfect price for two bath mats (that honestly is the same price of one), and it comes in multiple colors!

Sweet Cheeks Bath Mat

Moving on to a super cute and sweet 😉 bath mat – this Sweet Cheeks bath mat from Urban Outfitters!

It is cute, colorful, and will definitely add fun vibes to your bathroom.

Lavish Home 2 Piece Bath Mat Set

This Lavish Home 2 Piece Bath Mat set is one of the best bath mats for any bathroom!

It is very plush and has a stepping-on-a-cloud feeling, and it comes in a set of two! 

So you can put them larger bath mat near your bathtub, and the small one near your sink or toilet.

Cherries Bath Mat

Can you actually go wrong with a cherries bath mat? Ummmmm I don’t think so either!

This is the best bath mat to throw in a pop of color and make your bathroom colorful and fun!

F*** Bath Mat

One of the best bath mats in this post, is definitely the F*** Bath Mat from Urban Outfitters!

It’s funny, girly, and perfect for a girly bathroom with a twist 😉

H&M Waffled Bath Mat

Another cute waffle bath mat is this one from H&M. It’s cute, neutral, matches almost any aesthetic, and is cute, yet different 🙂

Lands’End Supima Cotton Bath Mat

One of my favorite non-slip bath mats is this Lands’End Supima Cotton Bath mat!

It’s simple, elegant, and will definitely match any styled bathroom. 

It also comes in multiple color, and the non-slip feature is perfect because I don’t think most of us want to live without because you don’t want to get out of the bath and slip and literally see your life flash before your eyes 😉

Neutral Tufted Bath Mat

This neutral tufted bath mat is so cute, and will match almost any aesthetic!

It still has an interesting pattern, so it’s not completely plain, but still adds an interesting touch to the bathroom.

H&M Thick Pile Bath Mat

Add a (neutral?) yet colorful touch to your bathroom with this geometric bath mat from H&M!

I love the beautiful color combination, and the pattern is super cute, and not “too much in your eyes”. So it’s perfect for almost any bathroom.

Colorful Thick Pile Bath Mat

For the colorful loving girlies – this colorful thick pile bath mat from H&M is the perfect statement bath mat!

Just by looking at it I am feeling some happy and joyful vibes! It’s the perfect way to add a fun touch to your bathroom. 

H&M Floral Bath Mat

This floral bath mat from H&M is the perfect combination of a not too colorful, yet neutral bath mat design. 

It’s the perfect way to add a gentle pop of color to your bathroom, while still keeping things neutral and not too bright.

H&M Patterned Bath Mat

For the pattern loving girlies, how cute is this patterned bath mat?? It’s interesting, unique, but still neutral. 

It’s a great way to spice up your bathroom, by still keeping things neutral and too crazy.

H&M Cotton Bath Mat

If you’re looking for more of a runner-type bath mat, if you have a larger space to fill, then this runner cotton bath mat is super cute yet simple and modern. 

It comes in many colors but it is soft and will fit any space beautifully!

Flower Power Bath Mat

If you are designing a fun girly bathroom, you can’t go wrong with this flower power bath mat!

It’s so cute, comes in multiple colors, and is extremely soft!

Cowgirl Bath Mat

Another super fun and girly bath mat is this pink cowgirl bath mat! It is such a vibe!

Queen of Hearts Bath Mat

A cute, girly, and definitely unique bath mat, is this queen of hearts bath mat from Urban Outfitters as well!

Best Bath Mats Under $100

Anthropologie Hand-Tufted Bath Mat

I’m obsessed with Anthropologie. They have the CUTEST stuff! And their bath mats are so cute!

This hand-tufted bath mat adds some personality and a pop of color to any bathroom, and it also gives me a touch of vintage vibes, which is so pretty!

Brooklinen Tufted Bath Mat

If you are looking for a high quality, long lasting bath mat, you should definitely consider the Brooklinen bath mat!

It is thick, soft, and will absorb water quickly. Plus, it’s both practical and stylish!

Crop Circles Bath Mat

This beautiful crop circles bath mat is definitely a statement piece in a bathroom. It’s unique, and will add an artsy touch to any bathroom.

Each bath mat come sin bold shapes and colors, and the quality is amazing!

Weezie Signature Bath Mat

The Weezie Signature Bath Mat is the PERFECT oversized bath mat! 

If you have the space, and want a beautiful large bath mat along your tub, you should definitely consider getting this one!

Frontgate Resort Collection Bath Mat

If you want to recreate a hotel style in your bathroom, this Frontgate bath mat is definitely one of the best hotel-styled bath mats!

It is thick and stylish, yet simple and perfect for any styled bathroom, and comes in multiple colors!

And that’s it for today! I hope you found the perfect bath mat 🙂

This blog post was about the best bath mats!

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