The Best Silverware Sets Under $50

This blog post is about best silverware sets!

best silverware sets

I don’t know about you, but I invest lots of thoughts and planning into buying home decor and essentials. And that includes silverware sets!

I love having cute things, and I am slightly obsessed with kitchen essentials and accessories.

Anyways, this post is about the best silverware sets, that are also pretty affordable and are under $50!

Let’s get started!

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Best Silverware Sets

20pcs Silverware Set

Starting this post simple with this 20pcs silverware set from Target!

If you want to stay on a budget, this 20pcs silverware set is the perfect budget friendly find, especially for a first apartment.

Wooden Silverware Set

If you want to spice things up in your kitchen, you should definitely check out this wooden handle silverware set from Target as well!

So cute!


Matte Gold Silverware Set

I LOVE gold silverware! Add a golden touch to your kitchen aesthetic with this matte gold silverware set! 

I LOVE this golden set!

Matte Black Silverware Set

This matte black silverware set will add a beautiful touch to your kitchenware. It includes 30 pieces, and is a very classy and modern find that will match almost any kitchen aesthetic.

Gold Silverware Set

As I keep saying – you can never go wrong with a gold silverware set!

This stylish gold silverware set will definitely elevate your table! It’s a 20pcs set that comes with all of the silverware you need. 


Elegant Gold Silverware Set

Another option for an elegant gold silverware set that I am LOVING! It’s shinier, and includes 20 pieces as well.

Black Silverware Set

Keep it classy yet unique with this black silverware set!

This silverware set is simple, yet super nice and classy. It’s a 20pcs silverware set, that also has a 40pcs set option as well.

Brown Handle Silverware Set

One of the best silverware sets in this post is this unique wooden handle silverware set!

This 20pcs silverware set is a great budget-friendly find that isn’t only affordable, but also unique with it’s elegant brown handles.

50 Piece Silverware Set

If you are moving into your first apartment, you can’t go wrong with this 50-piece silverware set! 

First of all, the price is great, which makes it an amazing first apartment essential find.

But design-wise, it’s timeless, so you can use it for years without it going out of style!

Rose Gold Silverware Set

This rose gold silverware set from Amazon is my FAVORITE! I have this set as well, for almost two years now, and beyond the fact that it is so pretty and also affordable, it’s made out of great quality!

As I said I have it for two years now, and it didn’t chip at all!


Matte Rose Gold Silverware Set

I am definitely eyeing this rose gold silverware set from Amazon for the next time I need to buy silverware.

As I said, I love rose gold silverware! I think it is so pretty and definitely spices up your kitchenware.

24pcs Black Silverware Set

If you are into black silverware, you should definitely check out this 24pcs black silverware set from Amazon.

Beyond the regular silverware it comes with, it also includes matching steak knives, which is pretty awesome!

Classic Silverware Set

Another option is this classic silverware set, from Amazon as well!

It also comes with the regular forks/knives/spoons, and also includes the steak knives which is great.

Hollow Out Handle Silverware

If you are looking for extremely unique silverware sets, I think this hollow out handle silverware set from Amazon will definitely do the job!

Ombre Silverware Set

If you are looking for a more girly/unique silverware set, this ombre silverware set, from Amazon as well, is a great option to consider!

Wooden Handle Silverware Set

Another one of my favorite silverware sets is this wooden handle silverware set!

This silverware set fits a variety of occasions and it’s the perfect set for bringing some rustic vibes into your kitchenware aesthetic.

Hangable Silverware Set

Next is this hangable silverware set from Amazon! This silverware has a head concave design, so you can hang the flatware on the plate to avoid staining or mess on your table!

Pink Handle Silverware Set

Last but not least is this pink silverware set from Amazon! If you are a girly aesthetic lover, and want to add a pink touch to your kitchenware, this is definitely a set to consider!

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And that’s it for today! I hope you found the perfect silverware set 🙂

This blog post was about the best silverware sets!

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