TOP 43 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

This blog post is about Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Valentine's Day gifts for him

I can’t positively say that I am 100% sure my boyfriend isn’t the hardest guy to shop for.

Every holiday, birthday, or anniversary I get completely stuck with what to buy him!

I am sure there are many more partners like myself, and that’s why I created this blog post with 43 unique Valentine’s Day gifts for him, to make your gift shopping experience a little more easier!

Hopefully this helps you find something cool and different to give your significant other <3

Let’s get started!

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Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

Table of Contents:

Personalized Valentine's Day Gifts For Him:

Personalized Passport Covers

If you two are engaged, married, or just planning a romantic trip together, consider getting him these personalized passport covers from my Etsy shop!

Custom Digital Faceless Portrait

You can never go wrong with a custom digital faceless portrait of a beautiful memory of the two of you!

I make these beautiful faceless portraits (there are also regular portraits as well), and I think they make the perfect gift for anyone special to you.

You can cherish a special moment in an extremely unique way!

This is a digital portrait, so after you receive it you can print it out and frame it in a beautiful picture frame.

Custom “Night We Met” Star Map

Another romantic Valentine’s Day gift that has been around for years is this custom “Night We Met” star map! If you haven’t had the chance to gift this to your partner yet then this is a great opportunity. 

You can fully customize this, you can give it a title, add names, date, location, and more. 

This is the cutest and most thoughtful gift!

Personalized Leather Wallet

I love a great wallet and I’m sure your man does too. This Personalized Leather Wallet makes a great gift, you can add his initials, his name or a nickname. 

Plus, it comes in a variety of colors!

Personalized Whiskey Glass Set 

Another custom touch is this Personalized Whiskey Glass Set that comes with a personalized wooden box as well. 

You can choose from 6 different designs, add his name, or initials and in some designs you can even add a date. This makes such a cute Valentine’s Day gift!

Personalized Bottle Opener

For a festive occasion like Valentine’s Day a custom bottle opener is a must! A custom message, saying and his name will make this the best keepsake.

Personalized Spotify Plaque

I’ve seen this gift idea for a while now and it always seems to be a hit! 

You can customize this Spotify plaque with your favorite song and add a cute picture of the two of you. Plus, it lights up so it is great to keep on display!

Personalized Record Print

Personalized gifts are a small token of your love for your favorite person!

This personalized Vinyl Record Print come with your chosen song lyrics printed on the vinyl, you can add a date and both of your names for a personalized touch!

Personalized Golf Towel

If he’s a golf lover, then he will for sure appreciate a personalized golf towel so he always knows which is his. 

It comes in 18 different designs and multiple colors so you can pick the style that would suit him best!

Personalized Pushpin World Map

Map your favorite adventures together with this Personalized Pushpin World Map. 

Whether that is places you visited for your anniversary together, vacations or even your honeymoon! You can personalize it with your names and anniversary date.

Star Wars Figurine Print

If your man is a Star Wars fan then look no further! 

This Star Wars Figurine Print is a cute and small token for someone who loves the series and you can personalize it from a cute text or add your names.

Custom Couple Portrait Drawing

I already talked about how much I love getting my friends and family portraits of us. 

This custom couple portrait drawing is different, and allows you to get a picture drawn of you two as a couple, you can include pets, or if you have a family together you can choose the whole family photo option!

Diy Valentine's Day Gifts For Him:

Hand Casting Kit

Hand Casting Kit is a cute way to do a creative and fun activity this Valentine’s Day! 

It’s something that you create together and keep as a keepsake for years to come. It makes one of the most unique Valentine’s Day gifts for him!

DIY Valentine’s Day Coupons

One of my favorite DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for him is this Valentine’s Day couples coupons book! 

Basically, you can create as many coupons you want, with a bunch of fun and romantic activities and passes for your partner, so they can “use” whenever they want until they run out of activities. 

You can either completely DIY it from scratch, or you can get this Valentine’s Day couples coupon book from our shop, and simply print it, cut out the coupons, and that’s it!

Some of the couples coupons in this set includes a “romantic dinner coupon”,  “full yes day coupon”, “no house chores for a day”, “sexy time coupon”, and more! (there are 30 coupons in total)

DIY Open When.. Letters

Another meaningful Valentine’s Day gift idea is this Open When Letters set! They are super easy to make! 

All you need is envelops, cards/paper to write the letters, and this Open When Letters Labels set! 

It’s a printable labels pack that comes both in pink or blue, and includes 15 Open When Letters for you to print out, cut them according to the envelope size, and easily stick them on the envelops!

These printable labels come in red/light blue/pink, and we also have a gay couple version too 🙂


Reasons I Love You From A-Z

Celebrate your love for your partner with this Reasons Why I Love You From A-Z notes gift! 

It’s one of the most romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for him, and it doesn’t take much time to make! 

What you need to do to make this, is get these printable reasons why I love you notes from our shop, and write down reasons why you love him starting from A-Z (for example, C – Caring and thoughtful). 

Also, if you want to save even more time, you can print the filled-in version (the pack comes with both empty notes and with filled-in notes), and that’s it!

All Senses Gifts Set

One of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts is the All Senses Gifts Set! Basically, you should get 5 gifts, one for each sense – touch, smell, taste, sound, sight. 

So for example, you can buy him a perfume for the smell, CraveBox gift set for taste, sunglasses or even movie tickets for sight, etc.

100 Reasons Why I Love You Notes Jar

Okay if you are ACTUALLY looking for an extremely romantic Valentine’s Day gift – this 100 Reasons Why I Love You Notes jar will DEFINITELY to the job!

All you are going to need is 100 Reasons Why I Love You notes, a mason jar, and a short string. 

Then, you’ll need to cut out the notes (that are already filled in with 100 reasons), roll them, and tie them with a short string. 

Don’t forget to throw them in the mason jar! 

Also, if you want to add an extra personal touch, you can decorate the jar itself.

P.S- we also have a red 100 Reasons Why I Love You aesthetic notes, CLICK HERE TO CHECK THEM OUT!

DIY Relationship Memories Box

If you’ve been together for a while now, I am assuming you got the chance to go to the movies, watch shows, go to concerts, or even travel together! 

This relationship memories box is a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift. 

All you’ll need is a shadow box, and all of the tickets/any other memories and photos you have from your adventures together!

Our Adventure Scrapbook

This isn’t an actual actual DIY, but the Our Adventure Book is a beautiful scrapbook you can design and fill in all of your favorite photos from the best memories you shared!

Valentine's Day Gifts For Him to Buy:

Bluetooth Beanie

He will never need to use headphones when wearing a beanie anymore. This Bluetooth Beanie allows for 20 hours of music and it only takes 2 hours to charge. 

It comes in a variety of colors and makes the perfect gift for him!

Brooklinen Super-Plush Robe

Who doesn’t love a plush super soft robe? Especially during the winter months this will be a must-have for your loved one. 

It comes in multiple colors and styles and he will be nice and toasty right off the shower.

Back and Neck Massager

All of us could use this Back and Neck Massager with heat! 

It gives you a deep tissue massage that you can take anywhere. It is great to add to a desk chair, couch or even in the car.

Weekender Bag

Whether he likes going to the gym, travels a lot or if he just always has a lot of things to bring with him, he could definitely use this Weekender Bag. 

It is a gorgeous bag but still rough and tough for a man. It’s sturdy enough so he can use it on the daily!

Getaway Tiny Home Rental Gift Card

Spend some quality one-on-one time with your loved one this Valentine’s Day with this Getaway Tiny Home Rental Gift Card. 

Take some free time off and escape into nature for peace and quiet. Rest and have some quality time together!

Matching Keychains

A small but cute gift are these Matching Couples Keychains, it is only a little gift but it is something that you both can carry around and be reminded of each other.

Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

This cute Lovebox gift is a great Valentine’s Day gift whether you are long-distance with your partner, or he can keep it on his desk at work. 

You can send photos, notes, drawings or stickers from your phone directly to the Lovebox, your partner receives it immediately and can reply right back!

City Map Glass Cup

If he loves his favorite metropolitan city, whether that be his hometown or a city where he has fond memories, this city map glass is etched with the city’s map drawing! 

He will love this thoughtful and unique gift, plus you can choose from a multitude of cities within the US!

Whiskey Stones

Since the heart shape is a obviously the symbol of love, these heart shaped whiskey stones are great for your significant other to use in his drinks. 

It adds a cute Valentine’s Day touch to his favorite drink!

100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

If you and your man love to watch movies together then look no further! 

This 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster comes with 100 essential movie suggestions that you can cuddle up and watch together!

Masterclass Unlimited Subscription

If your man loves to always be learning about new things, then he will love this Masterclass Unlimited Subscription. 

They offer hundreds of classes from a variety of subjects, from arts & entertainment, to community & government, to sports, lifestyle, tech and wellness. You name it!

Premium Cocktail Machine

Name a better way to make and enjoy your favorite cocktails, without having to go out of your home, then with this Premium Cocktail Maker! 

It is on the pricier side, but 100% worth it if you love to enjoy a good cocktail!

Date Night Subscription Box

If you ever run out of ideas for date night, then this is the perfect gift. 

This date night subscription box delivers one box per month to your house with 4 to 5 games or activities so neither you or your partner have to come up with date night ideas for this Valentine’s Day.

Our Moments Couple Game

If you need a great couples game, the Our Moments game comes with 100 conversation starters so that you and your partner can deepen your connection and spend some quality time together. 

It also comes with some fun cards too!

Date Night Dice

Another great gift so you never run out of ideas for date night, are these Date Night Dice. 

They come with 36 possible date night ideas for a fun date night. You can roll one dice for a short date or two for a longer date!

Leather Tray and Keychain Gift Set

This leather tray and keychain make a sweet and simple gift for a lovely hubby, plus it is useful as well! 

You can choose the different messages so you could even gift this to a boyfriend, a son, dad or granddad!

Colsen Mini Indoor Fireplace

If you don’t have the space or budget for an actual fireplace then this Mini Indoor Portable Fireplace is just for you! 

It allows you to have a miniature fireplace that you can take with you anywhere around your house for that perfect cozy feel!

Aeropress Coffee Maker

Any coffee lover, especially the ones that love to make their coffee at home will LOVE this Aeropress Coffee Maker! 

It combines 3 brew methods in one for a smooth coffee. Plus, it is small enough that he can take it with him anywhere he goes.

Wellness Massage Cube

This massage cube is great to alleviate stress whether it is used for a massage or just as lotion. It is a great relaxer for the everyday hustle and bustle.

Beard Grooming Kit

If your man has a nice beard then he will love this complete Beard Grooming Kit. 

It comes with the complete set, so he will have everything he needs to keep his beard nice and groomed!

Screen Magnifier for Smartphone

A less cheesy gift, but great nonetheless, is this Screen Magnifier for his smartphone. 

He will be able to watch movies, videos or even game directly from his phone and project it onto this screen!

Mini Retro Arcade Machine

Now for a fun gaming gift that will remind him of old school games, is this Retro Arcade Machine! 

It is a portable handheld gaming console that comes with 300 built-in video games. He will be able to play this anytime, anywhere.

Weighted Blanket

This weighted blanket could be a gift that will be for the both of you! 

weighted blanket is the best to take really comfy naps or to just have on hand when you go to sleep. 

It is comfortable and makes you feel super relaxed!

And that’s it for today! I hope you found the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts 🙂

This blog post was about Valentine’s Day gifts for him!

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