Christmas Gifts For Her Ideas UNDER $50

This blog post is about Christmas gifts for her!

christmas gifts for her

Whether you are looking for Christmas gifts for her, and also want to stay on the affordable side, check out these AMAZING Christmas gifts for her under $50! 

This blog post is all about the CUTEST Christmas gifts under $50. 

You can find here everything from jewelry gifts, accessories, makeup, skin care, and so much more! Let’s get started!

Let’s get started!

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Christmas Gifts For Her

Table of Contents:

Lifestyle Christmas Gifts For Her

Personalized Tumbler

Starting off this Christmas gifts for her blog post with my favorite personalized tumbler! 

You can get it on my Etsy shop, and what I love about it that it’s completely customizable! 

All you need to do is to choose the tumbler color, name design, and font color!

Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

I highly recommend these HeyDay noise canceling wireless earbuds from Target. 

They are wireless earbuds that are perfect for daily uses, I have these as well and I’m super happy with them.

Personalized Wooden Recipe Binder

Let’s start this blog post with one of my favorite Christmas gifts for her options – this personalized wooden recipe binder from Etsy! 

If she loves cooking, and has a lot of recipes, you can get her this personalized wooden recipe binder for her to collect all of her delicious recipes!

Personalized Travel Jewelry Box

These personalized travel jewelry boxes are perfect for any occasion or use.

You can obviously use them while traveling, to keep all of your precious jewelry organized and safe in one place.

BUT, I also love to use my travel jewelry box at home too. I put it on my night stand and take off my jewelry every night before I go to bed.

Stanley 40oz Tumbler

The Stanley Tumblers became extremely popular these past two years. Although they are trendy, they are super practical as well! 

First of all, they are large 40oz tumblers, which means you can rely on them for at least half of your day to stay hydrated. 

I also love that they have a reusable straw, and there’s also a double-wall vacuum insulation feature, which means that your beverage will stay fresh for hours!

College Cityscape Can-Shaped Glasses

If she’s a college student, or a recent graduate, you can get her this college cityscape can-shaped 2pc glass set from Uncommon Goods! 

They have a huge list of university design options, you can get her this set with her college design.

Personalized Hair Clips

If you are looking for stocking stuffers, or cute little Christmas gifts to add to a larger gift, these personalized hair clips are PERFECT. 

First of all, you can never go wrong with hair clips, since this is something that most of us women use on a daily basis. 

Also, they are PERSONALIZED. How cute are these colorful hair clips with your name on them?!

Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker

I know, I never shut up about this Mr. Coffee iced coffee maker! It honestly makes the best iced coffees! 

If your woman is an iced coffee lover, definitely consider getting her this iced coffee maker from Target!

F*** Bath Mat

If she’s in college, or recently moved into her new place, or just has a private bathroom of her own, this F*** pink bath mat is definitely a funny and cute bathroom decor piece!

Apple Air Tag

Next is the famous Apple Air Tag! 

If she travels a lot, goes on work trips often, or just tends to lose stuff – the Apple Air Tag is the perfect solution! 

She can use the Apple Air Tag to keep track of her suitcase when traveling, or if she tends to forget her keys in random places, she can connect it to her keychain and never lose her keys again 😉

Bluetooth Mini Speaker

This rose gold Bluetooth mini speaker is the perfect portable speaker to use anywhere you go! 

It also comes with a waterproof case, which means you can even use it while taking a fun hot shower!

Mirrored Digital Alarm Clock

If she’s a college student, or isn’t but still uses an alarm clock, consider getting her this beautiful mirror digital clock from Amazon! 

What’s cool about this digital alarm clock is that it is mirrored, so when it doesn’t display the time, you can use it to get your makeup done! so cool! 

Also, it features a diming mode, 3 brightness levels, dual USB ports, and it is also a beautiful room decor piece!

Essential Oil Diffuser

I’m obsessed with candles, diffusers, or anything else, and an essential oil diffuser is definitely an amazing Christmas gift option! 

This is a quiet 5-in-1 essential oil diffuser that features 7 LED color changing light options, has an Auto-Off safety switch, and more!

Bliss Collections Daily Planner

If you are familiar with my blog, you know how obsessed I am with planners. I honestly have no idea how I can function without having my life written down and everything planned out. 

If your lady sounds like me, she will definitely enjoy this You’ve Got This daily planner!

Colorful Pens

We talked about a planner, so we have to add to that gift 😉 these colorful pens! 

As being obsessed with planners, I also love writing and highlighting everything with colorful pens and markers. 

This colorful pens set comes with 18 different colored pens in beautiful shades!

Custom City Map Print

If she’s in college, or moved to a different city, got back from studying abroad, or just has a city she’s obsessed with – you can get her this custom city map print of her city!

Personalized Digital Faceless Portrait

One of my favorite gifts to get to my family and friends is a personalized digital portrait of a beautiful memory we captured! 

For example, I made my dad a faceless digital portrait of a beautiful photo we took in our last trip to Dubai, and also I made him a beautiful faceless portrait of an iconic photo we took years ago in Paris! (you can see these designs on my Etsy shop). 

Then, I printed them out and framed them in beautiful picture frames (that I actually got at IKEA), and it was such a meaningful gift. 

He loved it!

Cute Lavender Candles

Looking for cute Christmas stocking stuffers? Or just random little gifts to buy her? 

How about this amazing lavender scented candle?! 

You can choose between different design options, and if she likes lavender, she will definitely enjoy burning this candle!

Beauty Christmas Gifts For Her

Personalized Makeup Brush Set

One of my favorite Christmas gifts for her, that is under $50 (and even under $25), is this personalized makeup brush set!

You can choose between different makeup brush sets colors, and personalize the makeup brush case with her name.

The makeup brush set includes the personalized makeup brush case, and 5 travel-sized makeup brushes!

Makeup Brush Cleaner

Another cool and also practical Christmas gift for her is this makeup brush cleaner from Amazon! 

This is sooo cool! And I’ll tell you why – first of all, this is a 2 in 1 machine, meaning it’s also a makeup brush cleaner and makeup brush dryer mchine. 

It’s an automatic brush pinner with 8 size rubber collars, it wash and dries in seconds, and it’s perfect for daily use!

LED Makeup Mirror

If she’s a makeup lover, you can get her this LED makeup mirror that also includes some pretty cool features, such as: X2, X3, X10 magnification. 

There is also a touch control feature, dual power supply, and more!

Kylie Lip Kit

If she’s a makeup lover, she can definitely make great use out of the famous Kylie Cosmetics lip kits! 

The Kylie Lip Kit comes with her liquid lipstick and lip liner, and there are so many shades available.

Tree Hut Golden Vanilla Gift Set

The HOT and trending Tree Hut brand has definitely taken over TikTok, and I can tell you that I recently bought their Pumpkin Spice body scrub and I’m OBSESSED with it. 

I now definitely understand the crazy hype. 

Anyways, a beautiful Christmas gift for her is this Tree Hut golden vanilla gift set. It comes with a vanilla body scrub, body butter, and shave gel.

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub

If you don’t want to get the Tree Hut gift set, and you do want to get her the Tree Hut sugar scrub, you should definitely go for it! 

As I just said, I got their pumpkin spice sugar scrub, and I was SHOCKED to discover how amazing it is! 

It’s definitely the best sugar scrub I’ve ever tried. There are Christmas scents as well, such as this cinnamon dolce sugar scrub, and I know they have a Winter Wonder scent, an iced coffee scent, and more!

Christmas Scented Body Wash

Another Christmas gift you can never go wrong with – BODY WASH. And even more specifically, a Christmas scented body wash! 

This First Aid Beauty body wash comes in a Candy Cane scent, and also a “First Snow” scent. 

Making it the PERFECT Christmas body wash for winter!

Facial Steamer

Another amazing gift for a skin care lover is this home facial steamer from Amazon! 

It’s a portable humidifier machine that deep cleans your pores, tighten your skin, and is perfect for daily hydration!

Personalized Message Makeup Bag

If you are looking for a thoughtful and meaningful gift for her, but also want a practical gift, this personalized message makeup bag is the perfect combination! 

This personalized makeup bag is completely customizable. 

You can choose the makeup bag color, the name design, font color, and also make it extra personal and meaningful by writing a thoughtful message inside the makeup bag.

Healthy Hair Brush

If you aren’t familiar with the Manta Healthy Hair Brush, it’s an award-winning hair brush that offers the perfect hair brush solution for hair breakage. 

It’s a hair and scalp spa therapy at home, that makes sure your hair stays healthy by featuring minimum hair breakage and maximum shine to your hair!

Kylie Skin Mini Skin Care Set

If she’s a skin care lover, she can definitely enjoy this Kylie Skin mini skin care set! 

This skin care set comes with a mini foaming face wash, mini face moisturizer, a mini vitamin C serum, and the vanilla milk toner!

Real Techniques Makeup Brush Set

I love the Real Techniques makeup brushes, they are high quality, the design is beautiful, and their makeup brush sets are super practical and always comes with everything you need. 

This makeup brush set comes with 9 makeup brushes, 3 face makeup brushes and 6 eye makeup brushes.

Moroccanoil Hair Care Set

This Moroccanoil hair care set is a travel-size holiday hair care set that features the best-selling Moroccanoil Hair Treatment and their AMAZING Intense Hydrating Hair Mask!

Jewelry Christmas Gifts For Sister in Law

Long Distance Friendship Necklace

I got my long-distance bestie this personalized long distance friendship necklace for her birthday, and she loved it so much! 

I got her the 3 coins necklace in gold, with each of our states on the 2 coins, and behind the heart coin I engraved the year we became friends (literarily 2004!) and it was so cute!

Custom Initial Necklace

I love personalized jewelry as Christmas gifts. I think you can never go wrong with jewelry for women, and especially with personalized jewelry! 

You can get this initial necklace on Etsy, and personalize it by choosing the material, necklace length, and of course by choosing the initial.

Initial Pendant Necklace

Another beautiful initial necklace option is this BaubleBar initial pendant necklace from Nordstrom. 

This isn’t a personalized necklace, but you can choose her initial and get her this beautiful initial pendant necklace!

Personalized Birth Flower Name Necklace

This personalized birth flower name necklace is the a thoughtful and personal Christmas gift to give to any woman in your life. 

You can completely personalize this birth flower necklace by choosing the necklace material, the birth month flower, and personalizing it with her name!

Birth Month Flower Heart Necklace

Another extremely unique gift for her is this birth month flower heart necklace from Uncommon Goods! 

It’s a beautiful 24K gold necklace with dried flowers inside the heart shaped pendant. 

All you need to do is to choose her birth month flower, and that’s it!

Kate Spade “That Sparkle” Stud Earrings

As I keep saying, you can NEVER GO WRONG with beautiful jewelry for women! 

These beautiful Kate Spade round stud earrings come in gold or in silver, and are the perfect stud earrings set for everyday use.

Jewelry Organizer

If she’s a jewelry lover, or even if she doesn’t have a huge collection, she will definitely enjoy this beautiful jewelry organizer from Urban Outfitters! 

She can display her favorite jewelry pieces on it, and it also makes a beautiful room decor piece. 

BTW, it comes in gold too!

Fashion Christmas Gifts For Her

UO Jade Baguette Bag

We are all about being cozy and comfy this winter season! Get her these UGG pompom fleece lined socks from Nordstrom! 

They are perfect for lounging around the house, staying comfy and warm during the winter. They come both in pink, and also in cream. And they are SOOO CUTE!

Personalized Slippers

You can never go wrong with a soft and cozy pair of slippers, and especially not with cute personalized slippers from my Etsy shop!

These soft slippers come in multiple colors, and you can personalize them with her name, and make sure she will use allllll winter long 😉

Touch Screen Gloves

These winter touch screen gloves are perfect for anyone living somewhere cold! 

Whether she’s a college student studying in a cold state, or if she’s just living her life somewhere that gets cold enough, she will definitely make great use out of these high quality winter gloves!

Baseball Cap

Moving on to my favorite baseball caps! 

As someone who doesn’t know anything about sports, I’m obsessed with these caps because they look so cute! 

I know, I sound so basic. 

You can choose between the New York Yankees baseball caps and the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball caps. 

I don’t know anything about them I just know I love New York, I also love LA, and I love the look of these caps haha!

And that’s it for today! I hope you found the perfect Christmas gift 🙂

This blog post was about Christmas gifts for her under $50!

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