The CUTEST College Graduation Gifts For Friends They Are Going to LOVE!

College Graduation Gifts For Friends

This blog post is about college graduation gifts for friends!

Graduating from college is a major milestone in life, and it’s a time to celebrate the hard work and achievements of your friends by getting them a thoughtful college graduation gift! 

Whether they’re moving on to their first job, grad school, or exploring other opportunities, finding the perfect graduation gift can be a challenge, and that’s where I come in!

If you want to find the perfect college graduation gifts for friends, keep reading for the best and unique college graduation gifts!

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college graduation gifts for friends


Alo Yoga District Trucker Hat

Starting off this blog post with the Alo Yoga District Trucker Hat. This is a trendy, cute hat that can look good with any outfit, and will make a fun graduation gift for her!

Also, this hat comes in more colors as well!

Lululemon Leggings

Moving on to these Lululemon leggings! They are sooo comfy, made out of great material, and are perfect for working out, lounging around, and will last for long!

Custom Business Card Holder

Next is not only a unique college graduation gift, but also a practical one as well!

Having a business card on you is a must! You’ll never know where the day leads you, who you’ll meet, and how you’ll take advantage of that situation.

The best way to be prepared for any case, is by having a business card holder with you, along with your business cards!

Now as for the gift, one of the cutest and practical gifts you can get your college grad, is getting her a custom business card holder!

You can completely personalize it, choose the color, font, write her name, initials, whatever you want!

Personalized Tumbler

I loveee getting people personalized tumblers, since it’s also a fun and creative gift that you can personalize yourself and make it more meaningful, and it’s also a pretty practical gift as well!

Personalized College Graduation Plaque 

A thoughtful and meaningful college graduation gift, is this personalized college graduation plaque from Etsy!

You can completely personalize it, you can choose the figures and customize them according to your college grad’s appearance. You can choose the addons, the text, what to write on it, and more!

Personalized Wallet

This is actually one of my favorite college graduation gifts! It’s so cute! 

A personalized wallet is an awesome gift for her. First of all, it’s completely customizable, which means that you can chose the color, font, and font color of the wallet. 

You can decide what to write on the wallet, it can be her name, her initials, or a sweet word to decorate the wallet. 

Now my ACTUAL favorite thing about this personalized wallet, is that this is a unique, and super practical gift at the same time!

Fuzzy Slippers

Another gift I 100% believe you can never go wrong with, is a nice pair of fuzzy soft slippers!

These are my favorite slippers from Amazon, I always recommend them because I’m honestly obsessed!

Personalized Hair Clip

personalized hair clip is a sweet little gift to get your friend for her college graduation!

You can get her either a set of personalized hair clips, or add a single hair clip to another bigger gift. 

In any case, these personalized hair clips are so cute! You can choose the color, font, font color, and decide what to write on the hair clip!

Personalized Jewelry Box

I’m obsessed with cute jewelry boxes, and especially with these personalized jewelry boxes from our Etsy shop!

This personalized jewelry box will make the perfect gift! First of all, it’s completely customizable, which means that you can chose the jewelry box’s color, what to write on it, the font, and the font color!

Second of all, these jewelry boxes are so cute! And they have enough space for organizing your rings, earrings, and you can even throw in a little bracelet or necklaces.

This is perfect for daily use, and even better for traveling and keeping your jewelry safe in one place!

Personalized Portrait

I love giving personalized portraits as gifts! This is such a cute way to make a fun memory last forever in the most unique way possible – as a illustration print!

You can get a personalized digital portrait of your favorite photo together on our shop! 

Carry On Suitcase

Next on our list is a carry on suitcase! You can never go wrong with a carry on suitcase, because everyone needs a suitcase, and everyone hates buying it for themselves.

If she’s planning on traveling in-between graduating and starting a job, this can be the perfect gift for her!

Also, this is the perfect essential for future work trips in general!

Custom Clear Makeup Bag

custom clear makeup bag

I’m OBSESSED with this custom clear makeup bag! It’s so cute, and beyond the fact it is an awesome and practical gift, it’s also such a sweet and unique gift!

This custom makeup bag is perfect for traveling, but it’s even more perfect for everyday use, since it isn’t huge (which means it can easily fit in your bag without taking up too much space), and it’s also clear, which means you can see everything you have!

Custom City Map

I love this custom city map! This is a nice personal gift to give a college grad.

You can either get her a custom city map of her college town, maybe of her hometown if she’s moving out to a different state, or just get her a map print of her favorite city in the world!

This is a cute memorable gift, that she can use as a decor piece as well!

Travel Scratch Off World Map

I feel like these scratch off world maps were a huge trend a few years ago, but now, without being totally viral, they still make the perfect gift for travelers!

If she’s a travel lover, or going on a big trip after college, you can get her this travel scratch off world map, for her to use to keep track of the countries she visited, and scratch off a country after she visited it!

Keurig Mini Coffee Maker

I love the Keurig mini coffee maker, because it’s small, fits in every sized kitchen, and it also makes great coffee!

If she’s moving out to her first apartment, and she also happens to be a coffee lover, you should definitely consider getting this Keurig mini coffee maker!

Custom Birth Flower Necklace

I love this birth flower items trend that is going around, it’s so pretty!

They say that jewelry is a woman’s best friend, so why not get your bestie a beautiful custom birth flower necklace?

This specific necklace is completely customizable, and is also  made out of high quality material.

All you need to do, is to choose which color (and material) you want – they have 14K gold, sterling silver, and rose gold.

Then, you chose the birth flower, and tell them the name of your college grad, and chose the necklace’s length!


Personalized Toiletry Bag

As you can see I love giving people personalized gifts. I honestly think it’s an even nicer and more unique way to show your love by getting them thoughtful gifts.

But this personalized toiletry bag isn’t only meaningful by being personalized, it’s also an awesome practical gift that will be perfect for traveling!

You can completely personalize it, meaning you can choose the size, color, and what to write on the bag itself.

Custom City Map Glass Cup

Speaking of city maps, another awesome “custom city map product” is this custom city map glass cup from Etsy!

This is such a cool gift! You can chose your college grad’s hometown, college town, or just their favorite city in general, and get them a unique cup!

Wireless Charging Station

An awesome and practical gift idea is this wireless charging station from Amazon.

This desktop charging station is perfect for charging your phone, Apple Watch, AirPods, or anything that you want to charge wireless! 

Cool Business Card Holder

Having a business card on you is a must! You’ll never know where the day leads you, who you’ll meet, and how you’ll take advantage of that situation.

The best way to be prepared for any case, is by having a cool business card holder with you, along with your business cards!

Nike Air Force 1 ’07

It seems like these Nike Air Force 1 ’07 shoes have been trending everywhere, but they are trendy, they do look good, and they will definitely make a perfect college graduation gift for someone who’s been eyeing (or dreaming) these shoes for a while!

Amazon Echo Dot

You can never go wrong with an Amazon Echo Dot, and I’ll tell you why – because not matter if you want it or not, it can help you do anything you want, and also makes an awesome Bluetooth speaker.

So, what can you do with the Amazon Echo Dot? Besides of blasting music, you can use it to set an alarm, ask it what’s the weather tomorrow, ask random questions about stuff you want to know, and more!

Shaving Kit

If he shaves, and likes shaving, you can get him this awesome shaving kit from Amazon!

This shaving kit comes with a shaving cream, a razor, and 4 cartridges for him to use!

Rich Dad Poor Dad Book

After reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, I can’t shut up about it. Literally.

This is honestly the best book for understanding money, and I think this is a must-read book that any 20 years old should read before getting into “the real world”.

It teaches you everything there is to know about having a “rich dad” mindset about money, investing, and making money.


Gold Hour Hand Watch

This beautiful Golden Hour hand watch will make the perfect graduation gift for any man who likes hand watches in general! 

This is a waterproof hand watch, that is made out of stainless steel, and comes in many colors! It comes in black (as seen in the photo below), silver, gold, rose gold, and more!

Ember Temperature Control Mug

I love this Ember Temperature Control Mug! And I will tell you why. 

As someone who works from home on the computer most of the day, I always make myself a delicious coffee in the morning, and usually I never drink it at once, and eventually it gets cold, and I get sad because I want my hot coffee! 😉

WELLLL, since getting the Ember Temperature Control Mug, my life has been much happier Because this mug controls the temperature of the drink, and can keep your coffee warm and delicious! 

In my opinion, this is a must-have for anyone who works from home, or for people working long hours at the office!

Personalized Tumbler

You can never go wrong with a personalized tumbler as a gift! 

It’s the perfect gift, because it’s not only practical, but it’s also considered as a unique, personal gift that you can completely customize and make it one of a kind!

Grooming Cap Apron

This grooming cap apron is a LIFE CHANGER, especially if you live with the man you are getting this for.

But anyways, even if you don’t live together, it will change his life as well.

I used to hate every moment of my boyfriend giving himself hair cuts or shaving at home, because all of the hair will fall all over the bathroom sink, and cleaning it was such a headache!

And since getting him the grooming cap apron our lives changed forever, because instead of the hair falling everywhere, it all falls on the apron, and once he finishes shaving/the hair cut process, he just simply throws everything to the trash, and nothing gets messy!

Custom City Map

As I said earlier, custom city maps are the perfect personal, and meaningful gifts you can get someone that is finishing one chapter of his life in one city, and moving to another.

You can get him a custom city map of his college town, or a city map of his hometown if he’s moving out of the city, you can also get him a city map of the new city his moving to, etc.

Keurig Mini Coffee Maker

The Keurig Mini Coffee Maker happens to be my favorite coffee maker, and I’ll tell you why.

First of all, it’s small, and is perfect for any sized kitchen, whether you have a tiny kitchen or a huge one.

Second of all, it works amazing, makes delicious coffee, and is highly recommended!

The Beard Kit

Next is The Beard Kit! This is the perfect gift for a bearded guy that loves his beard as much as he loves his own mother 😉 

The Beard Kit comes with a beard wash/shampoo, 3 packs of beard growth oil, a beard balm leave-in conditioner, a beard comb, beard brush, and a pair of beard scissor! 

Everything you need to take care and grow your beard!

Personalized Graduation Plaque

Last but not least for today, is this graduation plaque! 

It’s completely customizable! First of all, you can customize the illustration figure, so it will match your college grad. 

You can also decide the size and plaque stand, and send personalization instructions to the Etsy seller to design it exactly as you wish!

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