The Best 20 Personalized Etsy Graduation Gifts College Grads Will LOVE!

Personalized Etsy Graduation Gifts

This blog post is all about the best personalized Etsy graduation gifts to give to a fresh college grad!

If you are wondering what are the most thoughtful and unique college graduation gifts, read this blog post to get some Etsy graduation gifts ideas!

Inside you will find unique gifts such as personalized wallets, personalized mugs, personalized jewelry, personalized keychains, and more!

Let’s get started!

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personalized etsy graduation gifts


Personalized Name Graduation Necklace

Starting off this personalized Etsy graduation gifts blog post with this beautiful personalized name graduation necklace!

This necklace is completely personalized. You can chose the length of the necklace, the color of the necklace, the name of course, and the graduation year.

personalized name graduation necklace

College Graduation Mug

You can never go wrong with a nice graduation mug. The college grad can keep this mug for years in memory of his/hers college graduation!

There are insanely pretty college graduation mugs on Etsy, I highly recommend checking them out!

Personalized Men’s Wallet

A super practical Etsy graduation gift for him would be this personalized men’s wallet. 

Basically, you can engrave on the wallet and inside the wallet anything you want. 

So for example, on the front of the wallet you can engrave his initials, and inside the wallet you can engrave a short blessing or write a short sentence!

personalized men's wallet

Personalized College Graduation Gift Box

I love custom gift sets! I think they make a super cute gift in general, and it’s a great way to give an already made gift set.

Anyways, this personalized college graduation gift box comes with a personalized mug, and on top of that you can decide if to add a personalized name coaster, scented candle, a poppr and a gold tea strainer.

personalized college graduation gift box

College Graduation Keychain

Moving on in our Etsy graduation gifts list – these beautiful keychains! I think personalized keychains are always a cute gift to buy as an extra gift, or as a little gift by itself.

I love this personalized name college graduation keychain. I think it’s perfect for any college grad lady!

Also, if you are looking for a more manly keychain, check out this university keychain!

Personalized College Graduation Print

This beautiful college graduation print is such a beautiful gift to give a fresh college grad!

This print is completely customizable. You’ll need to write them a description of your college grad – her hairstyle, hair color, clothes color, skin color, etc.

Also, the text in this print is completely customizable as well. You can write here anything you want!

personalized college graduation print

Personalized Graduation Tumblers

Another super practical and pretty personalized Etsy graduation gift is a personalized graduation tumbler!

I found these super cute personalized tumblers on Etsy. They are so pretty and would definitely make a great college graduation gift!


College Grad Bobblehead 

A super cute and funny college graduation is this college grad bobblehead! 

I think this college grad bobblehead is such a cute college graduation gift that wouldn’t only give them a nice laugh, but they will also keep for years!

college graduation bobblehead

Personalized Graduation Bottle

Another one of the cutest Etsy graduation gifts is this personalized graduation bottle!

Help your college grad drink more water with this insanely cute personalized water bottle!

To personalize it, you will give the Etsy seller all of the visual information of your college grad (hair style, hair color, clothing color, etc), and write her/his name and graduation year.

personalized college graduation bottle

Personalized Graduation Print For Couples

If you and your partner are graduating together, you can be them a personalized college graduation print of the both of you!

This is a cute memorable gift that you can later on hang up in your apartment together 😉

personalized college graduation print for couples

Personalized Makeup Bag

Moving on to this personalized makeup bag. This is a super cute, and definitely practical gift idea she can use in he everyday life.

To personalize this makeup bag, you will choose the makeup bag color, the heart color, and what you want to write on it (her name/something else).

personalized makeup bag

Personalized Graduation Bracelet

These personalized graduation bracelets are so pretty!

The first option is this location bracelet. You can choose the color of the bracelet (gold/silver/rose gold), and write the location of her college.

Moving on to our second option – this beautiful silver graduation year charm bracelet!


Personalized Photo Album Graduation Gift Box

This is one of the most unique Etsy graduation gifts for college grads!

Basically, this is a personalized photo album graduation gift box. 

You can insert here some of the best/memorable college photos of your college grads, write something special, and throw in the box a little gift such as a keychain/cookies (they are not included in the box, you’ll add them later).

college graduation gift box

Embroidered University Sweatshirt

Next is this embroidered university sweatshirt! 

Give your college grad a beautiful personalized sweatshirt of her/his university! 

This shirt is completely customizable, and you can tell the Etsy seller exactly how you want it to look like, and also choose the color of the shirt!

Embroidered University Sweatshirt

Personalized Graduation Keepsake Print

Another beautiful Etsy graduation gift your college grad would love to receive and can use to decorate her next apartment, is this personalized graduation keepsake print.

You can completely customize this personalized graduation keepsake print by choosing the colors, outfits, hairstyle, hair color, etc – of the college grad, and also write anything you want.


personalized graduation keepsake print

Cute Personalized Graduation Gift Box

Next is this cute personalized graduation gift box! 

You’ll have a few gift box options, and they include a personalized glass coffee mug, a scrunchie, a softcover notebook, and a beautiful rose gold/black pen.

Also, if all of this wasn’t enough, it also includes a glitter box with Ferrero Rocher chocolate!

college graduation gift box

Engraved Graduation Box

Next is this beautiful engraved graduation box! You can make this a super thoughtful graduation gift by giving them this box and putting inside some of their favorite college gifts.

Later on they can use this engraved graduation box as a college memory box!

engraved college graduation box

Funny College Graduation Socks

These funny college graduation socks! This is a funny gift to give to a college grad with their face all over them!

This is a great extra gift to give or just a little gift to give to a college grad!
funny college graduation socks

Personalized College Campus Map

Last but not least for today is this personalized college campus map! This is such a unique and thoughtful college graduation gift any college grad would love to receive!

personalized college campus map

And that’s it! This blog post was all about the best personalized Etsy graduation gifts for fresh college grads!

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