The Best 15 College Graduation Party Games Ideas!

College Graduation Party Games Ideas

Planning your college graduation party? That’s awesome! Because today I am going to show you 15 super fun college graduation party games ideas to play with your guests!

If you are looking for college graduation party activities to do with your guests and friends, keep reading for some cool graduation games ideas!

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In this game, you need to separate all players into two equal teams and give each player a straw.

Then, have each time stand in two straight lines facing each other. The players at the front of their team’s line will hold the straw with their mouth and place the tassel on their straw.

While holding their hands behind their back, they need to attempt to hang the tassel on the next player’s straw.

If someone drops the tassel, the team must start again from the front of the line.

The first team who reaches the end first, wins!


For this game, fill ten disposable cups with water and line them up at the edge of the table.

Players should stand 10-15 feet away, ranked by age, and throw foam balls to knock down all cups.

Don’t forget to use a timer to record which team knocked down all the cups the fastest!


In BUZZED, everyone takes turns picking a card. Then, they’ll read it out loud, and either they’ll drink or a group of people drinks, depending on what the prompt is. 

For example, a card can be “take a drink if you’ve ever experienced a paranormal experience”, then whoever experienced that will take a shot!

The Voting Game

The Voting Game is a fun way to get your friends even better and deeper than before. In each round, you vote anonymously for the person that you think the question describes the most, then tally the votes you find out the truth about your friends!

Hats Off to The GRAD! Scratch Off Game

To play this game, you need to hand out the cards as graduation party favors for friends.
Then, you scratch off the gold circle to reveal winners!

This game doesn’t come with prizes, but you can get some inexpensive prizes to give to your guests!


DANGER is a fun storytelling party game to play with your friends! It’s also a great option to play in your college graduation party with your good friends!

Advice For The Graduate

Advice For The Graduate is a cute college graduation party game idea to do with your friends. Basically, you can sit down with your friends and right each other advice for life after graduation!

Drunk Power Hour Tower

After you and your friends get drunk, Power Hour Tower is a super funny game to try to play when you are all drunk!

Seeing everyone trying to build a tower when they are wasted is always a fun idea!


What’s a fun party without a pinata? Especially if you are drinking at your college graduation party, seeing drunk people trying to hit the pinata can be very funny!


These Cards Will Get You Drunk

In this game, you receive cards that include random prompts that somehow end in someone drinking. It is very funny and super fun to play with your friends!

What Do You Meme?

What Do You Meme is a very fun game to play with your friends! 

If you and your friends are into memes and are well educated with memes in general, this game is definitely for you!

Beer Pong

Beer pong is one of the most classy and fun ways to end up drunk! If you don’t know what beer pong is, I have no idea where you’ve been. 

You basically play ping pong on a table, place a few beer cups at each end of the table, and every time the ping pong ball gets in a cup, the losing team needs to drink that cup!



Playing some music and doing some funny karaoke performances are a great way to have fun with your friends!


Most Likely To

You can either DIY this game, or get this version on Amazon! If you get the game, you will receive cards that include different phrases, and you need to decide who’s most likely to do it. 

For example, you receive a “get drunk and wake up in a bush”, then you decide which of your friends is most likely to do it.

Take a Shot When…

Last but not least is “Take a Shot When…”. In this game, you need to decide on a few rules at the beginning of the party, and whenever those events happen/words are being said – everyone takes a shot! 

For example, take a shot when someone says “oh my god”, or when someone gets something to eat, etc.

And that’s it for today! These were the best 15 college graduation party games to play with your guests and friends!

Which game in this list is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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