35 Best Insanely Beautiful College Graduation Outfit Ideas to Wear in 2021!

College Graduation Outfit Ideas

Let’s talk about college graduation outfit ideas! In this blog post, I am going to show you 35 college graduation dresses & rompers (for those who don’t like dresses).

The price range is quite affordable, you can find here more expensive dresses, and cheaper dresses as well.

Anyways, let’s not ramble to much, keep reading to find your new college graduation outfit!

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college graduation outfit ideas

Janet Dress

This beautiful white dress from Revolve is absolutly gorgous! It’s flatering, not too short, not too long, it’s unique, it has a beautiful open back, and you will definitely look perfect in it in your college graduation pictures!

Black Rib Ruched Front Long Sleeve Mini Dress

In my opinion, this cute black dress from MissGuided is classy, flattering for any sized chest, and it’s a very unique piece to style with a statement necklace and a beautiful pair of heels.

Blue Satin Cowl Neck Ruched Mini Dress

When I was looking for college graduation outfit ideas, I saw that almost all of the outfits are black/white/floral. Who said colorful dresses aren’t apropreate for graduation??

This blue satin cowl neck dress is beautiful, the color, the style, and is very flattering!

Megan Mini Dress

I think this beautiful mini dress is one of the most unique college graduation outfits in this blog post! You can pair it with a pretty pair of heels.

Mallory Cowl Neck Slip Dress

I love the cowl neck slip dresses, they are so pretty! This beautiful dark blue dress is perfect for pairing with a pretty pair of heels, maybe adding some statement jewelry to look fancier.

Billie Drape Midi Dress

This insanely beautiful light blue satin dress from Revolve should definitely be your graduation dress! It’s flattering, extermely beautiful, classy, and is a very unique find!

college graduation outfit ideas

Black Satin Twist Front Mini Dress

A little black dress is always a good idea! But a black satin dress with a front twist is an even better idea 😉

You can wear some pretty and eyecatching high heels (or any other colorful/unique looking shoes) with this beautiful dress!

Suri Sleeveless Mini Dress

Next on our list is this absolutely stunning white lace mini dress from Revolve! 

I love the vibe of this dress, the lace, the unique look. You can easily style it with a pair of pretty high heels/wedges and a unique purse to go along with it!


college graduation outfit ideas

X REVOLVE New Age Dress

This one-shoulder baby pink dress is an outfit no one will forget after graduation!

It’s beautiful, classy, unique and formal, and you can easily rock this outfit with a pair of heels and a beautiful clutch/purse.

Oh What a Night Satin Halter Jumpsuit

This beautiful satin jumpsuit from NastyGal is a great option for a girl that doesn’t like dresses, and still wants to crush college graduation with an unforgettable outfit!

In my opinion, it isn’t too revieling, but eventually, it depends on your own opinion.

Crochet-Trim Smocked Mini Dress

This pretty crochet-trim smocked mini dress from Forever21 is the perfect simple dress, yet super classy and unique.

Nella Dress

The beautiful Nella Dress from Revolve is definitely a gorgeous dress to consider wearing for your graduation!

It’s a classy, flattering, and stylish dress that screams spring/summer vibes with the beautiful floral print.

You can pair this dress with some summer heels/wedges or even a pretty pair of sandals!

college graduation outfit ideas

Sought After Satin Cowl Dress

Once again, a cowl dress. I just love them! I think they are very flattering for any sized chest.

This beautiful satin cowl dress from NastyGal is a great option to wear! You can pair it with a pretty pair of heels/wedges, maybe add a beautiful statement necklace to look fancier.

Blue Satin Ruffle Midi Dress

Next is this gorgeous blue satin ruffle midi dress from MissGuided! It’s a beautiful formal dress, very flattering, and it is in the right length for a formal college graduation event.

college graduation outfit ideas

Floral Frill V-Neck Midi Dress

This V-neck floral midi dress is a more casual yet still fancy enough for a college graduation event. 

If you pair it with a beautiful pair of heels, add some jewelry, and do your hair nicely, you can definitely look formal and fancy enough for your college graduation!

college graduation dresses


Wide-Leg V Neck Jumpsuit

Next is this very simple yet classy black deep v-neck jumpsuit from NastyGal!

This beautiful wide-leg V neck jumpsuit is perfect for rocking a cool pair of heels, and styling it with trendy accessories!


college graduation outfit ideas



Floral Puff Sleeve Wrap Mini Dress

Another beautiful find from NastyGal is this pretty puff sleeve wrap mini dress! It’s pretty, flattering for most body types and chest sizes.

It has these pretty ruffles in the end of the dress and by pairing it with a beautiful pair of heels and maybe adding some unique jewelry – you will definitely look stunning!

Square Neck Ruffle Mini Dress

If you like more basic clothing, I have a great idea for this outfit! This square neck ruffle mini dress is pretty basic, but it also has the ruffles in the end, which makes the dress a bit more fancier.

To spice up your look, you can add some statement jewelry and rock a pair of gorgeous high heels!

Floral Jacquard Cowl Neck Dress

How pretty is this floral cowl neck dress?? I love the color, the style, the pattern, everything!

I think this mint colored floral mini dress is one of the best college graduation outfits! It’s colorful and fun, it’s flattering, and you will definitely stand out with this dress.

Petite Gray Cami Trapeze Mini Dress

I know that this type of dress doesn’t look perfect on everywhere (I can say that sadly these type of dresses don’t look good on my either), but if this type of dress looks good on you, this is a beautiful find!

This cami trapeze mini dress from MissGuided will look perfect with a nice little necklace and a beautiful pair of chunky heels/wedges!

college graduation dresses

Floral Cowl Bodycon Dress

This floral cowl bodycon dress is very flattering, colorful, perfect for spring/summer and will look amazing with some nice jewelry and a pair of beautiful high heels/wedges!

Floral Print Balloon Sleeve Ruched Mini Dress

Another beautiful find from NastyGal is this pretty floral balloon sleeve ruched mini dress!

There isn’t too much cleavage showing, this dress isn’t too short and isn’t long either. I love the color, the sheer balloon sleeves, and you can complete the look with a beautiful pair of heels!


Imogen Mini Dress

The beautiful Imogen mini dress from Revolve is definitely a beautiful, classy, and fun dress to wear to graduation!

If you are looking for something fun and light to wear, and if you like floral dresses, this dress is definitely a unique one!

college graduation outfit ideas

White Floral Print Milkmaid Mini Dress

Next for today is the Demi Jones Orange Chiffon Dress, and let’s be honest, it’s gorgeous!

If you want to stand out, to rock a cool outfit no one will ever forget, this dress is definitely a beautiful and affordable outfit idea!


college graduation dresses

Don’t Cowl Me Angel Satin Wrap Dress

This beautiful cowl satin wrap dress is a beautiful dress for a gal that wants to stand out in her college graduation!

This outfit is eyecatching, stands out, and is a beautiful college graduation outfit!

Cut Out V Neck Blazer Dress

Blazers are so in right now! I think that in the past 1-2 years blazers had made a huge comeback for women, and the blazer dresses especially!

This beautiful V-neck blazer dress is a pretty and formal outfit to pull of for your college graduation.


White Floral Cami Skater Dress

I honestly think this floral cami skater dress is one of my favorite dresses in this blog post! It is simple, yet very unique and you can pull off a gorgeous look with it!


college graduation dresses ideas

Red Stretch Satin Bodycon Mini Dress

This insanely beautiful turquoise belted blazer dress is a unique piece to wear to your college graduation!

The color of this dress is absolutely gorgeous, the blazer dress makes a formal and classy look that will be perfect for college graduation.


college graduation outfit ideas

Silver Sequin Ruched Cami Mini Dress

Next on our list is this beautiful and flattering silver sequin mini dress! It looks so good on, it’s fancy, and you can easily style it with a pretty pair of heels!

Petite Pink Slinky Cowl Neck Mini Dress

I love pink dresses, and especially this pink cowl neck mini dress! The color is gorgeous, and the cowl neck is very flattering!

You can pair it with a white/nude pair of heels!

Bardot High Neck Backless Midi Dress 

This high neck backless midi dress is another beautiful college graduation outfit idea to consider!

It isn’t too revealing in the front, but it is backless, which makes this dress very special!

Never Fully Dressed Tiered Mini Dress

This black-tiered mini dress is a simple yet very classy and unique piece! You can pair it with a pair of black chunky high heels, or even with a pretty sandal/pair of wedges.


Cowl Neck Cami Mini Dress

This cowl neck cami mini dress is super flattering in the chest area for any sized chest. I love the way it fits, and the unique color as well!

If you are not a fan of the color of the dress for some reason, you’ll be happy to know that this dress comes in black too!

Motel Dahlia Satin Mini Dress

This pretty pink satin mini dress is very flattering, I also love the color and I think it will make a beautiful college graduation dress!

You can style it with a pretty necklace, or even layer some necklaces with it as well. And don’t forget a beautiful pair of high heels/sandals/wedges!

Ruched Mini Dress

Last but definitely not least, is this beautiful light blue ruched mini dress!

I love the color, the style, and you can easily style with it a pair of white/dark blue pair of heels and add some beautiful jewelry pieces as well!

And that’s it for today! These were 35 college graduation outfit ideas for women in 2021! 

Which outfit is your favorite? What are you getting this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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