TOP 10 Best College Graduation Party Invitations Your Guests Would LOVE to Receive!

College Graduation Party Invitations

This blog post is about college graduation party invitations!

Congrats to you! You graduated!

After working so hard to earn your degree, now is YOUR TIME to celebrate and plan your beautiful college graduation party!

Before you start planning your college graduation party, you first need to choose your college graduation party invitation design, and I’ll tell you why;

Your invitations are the first impression your guests will have of your party, so you want to make sure they are exactly what you are looking for, and that they represent you and your party aesthetic.

I’ve put together this blog post with all of the TOP 10 cutest college graduation party invitations for you to chose from, to help you come up with the perfect college graduation party invitation for your party!

Whether you are looking for traditional/unique/digital or physical college graduation party invitations – we got you covered!

Let’s get started!

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college graduation party invitations


2023 Shaped College Graduation Party Invitation

Starting off this blog post with this 2023 college graduation party invitations set!

It’s a cute and simple graduation party invitation to send out to your guests, it comes in a pack of 12 invitations, and you can easily fill-in all of your details.

Custom College Graduation Party Invitation

Moving on to some self-promo – you can get this funky custom college graduation party invitation directly from our shop, here on the website!

What I love about our mini college graduation party invitations collection, is that they are all Canva templates that you can easily switch the details to fit your own, even change the colors if you wish to, and then simply print them out/digitally save them and send them to all of your guests!

They are soooo affordable, and you can save even a million copies of the party invitation and send them to your guests (unlike physical party invitations packs, where you buy a certain amount for a certain price).

Anyways, check them out!

70s Inspired College Graduation Party Invitation

Another college graduation party invitation from our shop, is this 70s inspired college graduation party invitation template!

Same idea as what I previously told you (Canva templates that you can easily customize, download and send, or print them out). Highly recommended!

Cute College Graduation Party Invitations Pack

Another awesome graduation party invitations pack, that comes with 20 party invitations and envelops as well!

Unique College Graduation Party Invitations

I think this unique college graduation party invitation set is one of my favorites for this blog post.

This isn’t an affordable option, but this is definitely the most unique college graduation party invitation design I found online!

What I also like about this set, is that it’s completely customizable. 

You get to choose the invitation’s colors, the card stock color, text & tassel colors, you can make it even more personal by writing each person’s name on each invitation, you get to fill in your party details (event day, date, time, venue), and more!

Floral Custom College Graduation Party Invitation

Colorful Custom College Party Invitation 

Moving on to the last invitation design from OUR COLLECTION, this colorful custom college graduation party invitation!

This is more of a personal invitation, since you get to insert more photos inside the invitation, and make it more personal, and about you!

Traditional College Graduation Party Invitations

Next, is this traditional college graduation party invitations set, this is a large set that comes with 25 party invitations and envelopes!

Editable College Graduation Party Invitation

This is a digital graduation party invitation that you can edit and print on your own. 

It’s a digital file, which means you instantly download it, customize it however you want (switch out the text, change colors, photos, etc), and then either print it out or send it to your guests as a digital file!

Illustration College Graduation Party Invitation

Last but definitely not least for today, is this personalized illustration graduation party invitation from Etsy!

This is a cute and unique way to decorate your graduation party invitation and make it completely your own!

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