Comfy Dorm Room Chair Options You Are Going to LOVE!

Comfy Dorm Room Chair Options

This blog post is about finding the perfect comfy dorm room chair!

People tend to forget how important it is to have a comfortable desk chair, especially as a college student.

As someone who works from home, I can tell you that I never understood how important it is to have a comfortable desk chair, and since I started working from home, the first thing I did was switching my desk chair.

Now as a college student, that has a lot of homework, projects, exams to study for – you are going to use your dorm’s desk a lot. So don’t forget getting a comfy dorm room chair for your desk!

Let’s get started!

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Comfy Dorm Room Chair Options:

Comfy Office Desk Chair

Trust me, as professional this white desk chair looks, it’s even more comfier. I have a similar chair at my home office, and these types of chairs are SO COMFY!

This chair also comes in black, grey, and brown.

Faux Fur Desk Chair

These faux fur chairs/sofas/any type of sitting chair, are sooo trendy! And they are so cute!

I found this affordable faux fur desk chair at Target! It also comes in grey btw.

Cream Velvet Chair With Wheels

Moving next to this cream velvet chair with wheels from Amazon. This is a stylish, yet comfy dorm room chair option that will both be functional and match your dorm’s aesthetic!

Black Leather Office Chair

Next is this simple, yet comfortable black leather desk chair from Target as well.

This is a simple, high quality, and affordable dorm desk chair find!


Dusty Pink Modern Desk Chair

If you are looking for a more classier design, make sure to check out this dusty pink modern chair from Amazon!

It’s an adjustable desk chair, also has wheels (which I always think is a plus), and it also comes in many colors such as blue, dark grey, green, light grey, silver, and mustard yellow!

High Premium Faux Leather Office Chair

Another super serious and high quality desk chair for your dorm room, is this faux leather office chair that features great back support, an armrest, and lumbar!

This comfy dorm room chair also comes in white and brown btw!

Wheeled Desk Chair

Another great option from WayFair is this light blue wheeled desk chair!

It has comfy armrests, and adjustable feature, and the color is so cute!

Clear Desk Chair With Wheels

This is probably the least comfy dorm room chair in this blog post, but I had to include it because it’s so cute!

If you’ve been looking for a clear acrylic desk chair with wheels, check out this desk chair from WayFair!

Fluffy Pink Faux Fur Desk Chair

If this fluffy pink faux fur chair matches your dorm room’s aesthetic, your a lucky one!

This beautiful and super soft chair also comes in grey, and is sooo prettyy!

Swivel Velvet Desk Chair

Speaking of a comfy dorm room chair that is also a stylish one, make sure to check out this swivel velvet desk chair from Amazon!

It also comes in cream, grey, and black!

Cute White Adjustable Desk Chair

Moving on to this cute white desk chair that is adjustable as well, and has wheels.

This is a great desk chair to use when working on your computer at your desk, doing homework, etc.

White Teddy Chair For Desk

This cute white teddy chair for your desk is so pretty, and also comes in many colors!

On Amazon, you can find it in cream, green, and pink.

Swivel Cream Desk Chair

Another option for a beautiful swivel desk chair, is this swivel cream desk chair from Target.

This is a great high quality chair option, that is both adjustable and has wheels, and is perfect for a comfy study session at your desk!

Btw, it comes in grey as well!

White Faux Fur Dorm Room Chair

Moving on to another beautiful comfy dorm room chair that is made out of faux fur.

This one is from Amazon, it’s adjustable, has wheels, and also comes in a few different colors such as green, pink, mustard yellow, and black!

Basic Mesh Back Desk Chair

Last but not least for this blog post, and especially the cheapest find for this blog post, is this basic mesh back desk chair from Amazon!

If you want a simple, yet comfy desk chair, make sure to check out this mesh back desk chair from Amazon.

It also comes in many colors, such as blue, green, grey, orange, pink, red, and white!

And that’s it for today! This blog post was about comfy dorm room chair!

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