The Best Dorm Room Desk Essentials That Will Keep You Organized in 2022!

Best Dorm Room Desk Essentials

This blog post is about the best dorm room desk essentials.

If you are looking for the best dorm room desk essentials for the new school year, keep reading!

In this blog post, I share with you the TOP 8 must-have dorm room desk essentials that will keep you organized through the school year!

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Now, let’s get started!

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dorm room desk essentials


Desk Organizer

Usually, dorm room desks don’t have enough storage space and enough drawers. That’s why I always recommend getting extra storage products such as a desk organizer, or even a desk shelf.

I love this beautiful rose gold desk organizer from Amazon! Beyond the beautiful rose gold color, you can use it to organize files, binders, notebooks, and desk essentials in the drawer below!

rose gold desk organizer

Office Supplies Cup

Next is this office supplies cup! Obviously, you can use this office supplies cup to organize your pens, markers, and other supplies!

If you are looking for a rose gold theme for your desk, this office supplies cup is a perfect match for the desk organizer above.
rose gold office supplies cup

Desk Lamp

I think having a cute desk lamp can definitely upgrade your desk, and your dorm design in general.

I am continuing the rose gold desk aesthetic, and recommending you this pretty rose gold desk lamp from Amazon as well!

rose gold lamp


Desk Shelf

As I mentioned earlier in this blog post, most dorm room desks don’t come with enough storage space, so one of the best options to fix that problem, is getting a desk shelf for extra storage space!

What I like about this desk shelf is that it doesn’t take space on your desk, and you can use it to store all of your books and textbooks without taking all the space on your desktop space.

This way, you’ll have enough space on your desk to organize your school supplies, work on your computer, and do homework on your desk!

white desk shelf for dorm room desk

Personal Desk Fan

Another great dorm room desk essential is this personal desk fan! If you usually get hot, or if you are doing homework/studying for exams/anything else that takes a lot of time – you can use this personal desk fan to keep yourself cool!

pink personal desk fan

Sticky Notes

I love using sticky notes to keep myself organized. It’s the best way to stay organized, as well as to study better for exams.

Sticky notes are perfect for annotating books, textbooks, writing down reminders, writing down to-do lists, and organizing your binders and notebooks.


colorful cute sticky notes

Power Strip

A power strip is definitely one of the most important dorm room desk essentials these  days. 

Most dorm room don’t have enough outlets in them, and sometimes these outlets will be located in the weirdest spots in the room (like under your desk, behind the bed, in a random wall, etc).

By using a power strip, you can easily plug everything you need right by your desk!

Lap Desk

I don’t know about you, but I love working from bed. It isn’t easy to sit down by a desk for a long period of time, so sometimes switching your location can make things more comfortable.

I love working with my lap desk in bed, it’s great for staying focused, getting work done, and mainly working from your own comfortable bed!


pink lap desk

And that’s it for today! These were the best dorm room desk essentials you’ll need in college to stay organized through the school year!

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