Cute Pastel Fall Decor You Are Going to LOVE This Year!

Cute Pastel Fall Decor Ideas!

This blog post is about cute pastel fall decor ideas! If you are planning, or already starting to decorate your home for fall, and also happen to like colorful, pastel fall decorations – keep reading!

In this blog post I am going to share with you the best cute pastel fall decor pieces from your favorite stores!

Let’s begin!

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cute pastel fall decor


Artificial Light Pink Pumpkins Set

The first pastel decor idea for this blog post is this artificial light pink pumpkins set from Amazon!

You can either decorate an empty corner in your place, or use this pink pumpkins set as a table centerpiece with some fairy lights around it.

artificial light pink pumpkins set

Handmade Pumpkin Candles

These cute pastel handmade pumpkin candles are perfect for a colorful pastel fall home!

You can get a few candles and place them on your coffee table in your living room, or use them as a tablescape on your dining table!

pastel pumpkin candles

Pumpkin Kitchen Towels

If you know me, and the rest of my holiday decor blog posts, you know how much I love switching out my kitchen towels to festive kitchen towels during every new holiday/season!

I love these cute pumpkin kitchen towels from Amazon, they are so cute, festive, and I love the color!

pumpkins kitchen towels

Ceramic Cozy Cabin

This cute ceramic cozy cabin from TJMaxx is a perfect little pastel decor accent to use to decorate a shelf, a bookshelf, you can also place it on your coffee table with the pastel pumpkin candles!


Ceramic Wicked Pumpkin

Moving on to this beautiful purple ceramic wicked pumpkin from TJMaxx! 

I think this is the perfect pastel fall decor piece to use to decorate your home with for the cozy fall season!

purple wicked pumpkin decor

Pink LED Flameless Candles

Moving on to these pink LED flameless candles! They are perfect for bringing a cozy pastel Halloween vibe to your place!

This LED flameless candles set also comes with a remote, which you can use to turn on all candles for 2/4/6/8 hours a day!

LED Crackle Glass Pumpkin Decor

Another beautiful pastel fall decor piece is this LED glass pumpkin decor accent! It lights up, and makes a beautiful cozy feeling in your space at night!

You can either place it on your dining table, on your coffee table, a shelf, you name it!
LED crackle glass pumpkin decor

Small Harvest Pumpkins in Cart Decoration

If you are looking for little fall decorations, this cute harvest pumpkins in cart decor piece is perfect for a cozy, pastel fall themed place!

harvest pumpkins in a cart decoration

Pastel Glitter Fall Leaves

This may seem random, but these pastel glitter fall leaves are so cute for decorating a pastel fall home!

You can either place them on a plate/tray, or display them in a glass, etc. They are so cute, and can be used in many ways to decorate your place for fall!

pastel glitter fall leaves

Nut House Bird House

This super cute nut house bird house from Marshalls is the perfect fall decor accent for your home!

It’s a perfect decor piece to add to your place to bring in some cute fall vibes!

nut house bird house

Grateful Thankful Blessed Pumpkins Placemats

As I always say, it’s the little things that make the difference! Switch out your doormat, switch your kitchen towels, your hand towels, and of course – use some festive fall placemats!

I found these simple Grateful Thankful Blessed pumpkins placemats set on Amazon!

grateful thankful blessed pumpkins placemats set

Green Pumpkin Candle

Make your home smell amazing and decorate for fall! This large pumpkin candle is the perfect fall candle to decorate your space with, and also make it smell amazing!

green pumpkin candle

Tall Pumpkin Bowl

This tall pumpkin bowl can be a perfect planter for a real/fake plant, and can also be used as a very large candy bowl haha!


tall pumpkin bowl

Cute Textured Pumpkin

Next on our cute pastel fall decor list is this textured pumpkin! It’s perfect for a pumpkins corner in our home, or if you have a front porch you can use it to decorate your entrance!

tan textured pumpkin

Pumpkin Planter

I love cute planters! This Blessed & Fall Obsessed pumpkin planter is soooo cute and will look so good with a beautiful plant!

green pumpkin planter

Pumpkin Decoration

If you are looking for a beautiful pumpkin decor piece, this light blue pumpkin is so pretty and will look amazing as a tablescape, decor piece, in a corner with some other pumpkins, and more!

light blue pumpkin decoration

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