CUTE Glassware Sets For Your First Apartment!

This blog post is about glassware sets! 

Glassware Sets

I don’t know about you, but I am very specific about any kitchen essential or decor piece that enters my home.

I LOVE interior design, and I love even more cute home accessories and kitchen/dining essentials.

If you feel me, you probably know the magical feeling of finding the perfect glassware set or serving bowl for your apartment’s kitchen.

In this blog post, we are going to cover the CUTEST glassware sets for your kitchen! We are going to cover glassware cups sets, wine glasses sets, and glass mugs as well.

Let’s get started! ūü•ā‚ú®

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Glassware Sets:

Table of Contents:

Cups Glassware Sets

Vintage Glassware Cups 

Starting off this blog post with these vintage glassware cups from Amazon! t

This beautiful glassware set comes with 8 glass cups, and they also come in different colors if you want to spice up your glassware even more ūüėČ

Cute Glass Drinking Cups

These unique glass cups are my FAVORITE! I have them as well (and you can check out the unboxing video I did for them here), and they are so cute!

This set also comes with 4 glass straws that are perfect for everyday use! (I have them too ;))

Adorable Lady Bug Glass Cups

The next glass cups I couldn’t not include in this post, is¬†the viral Anthropologie lady bugs cups!

I’ve seen them everywhere and anywhere on TikTok and Instagram and they are so pretty!

Affordable 12pcs Glassware Set

I love affordable glassware sets, and this 12pcs glassware set from Target is no different!

It comes with 12 glass cups, 6 cups of each size, and it’s perfect if you are looking for affordable options for your first apartment.

BTW, I highly recommend checking out this TikTok about affordable Target glassware options!

Can Shaped Glassware Set With Straws

Another awesome glassware set is this can shaped glassware set from Amazon!

The set comes with 8 glass cups and straws, and two straw cleaning brushes.¬† These cups are perfect for any beverage, and the included straws are definitely a plus ūüôā

Ribbed Glassware Set

Moving on to another personal favorite of mine, these beautiful ribbed glass cups!

I don’t have this exact set, I got a different set, but with the same taller ribbed cups you can see in the photo below. And they are so nice!

This glassware set comes with 8 glass cups, 4 of each size, and they are perfect for daily use!

Arched Design Glassware Set

Another one of my favorite glassware sets in this post is this arched design glassware set from Amazon!

I am definitely keeping my eye on this beautiful set! So pretty and unique, and comes with 4 beautiful glass cups.

Pink Vintage Glassware Set  

If you are into beautiful vintage glassware sets, but still want to spice things up a little bit, you can’t go wrong with¬†this beautiful pink vintage cups set!

They also come in a colorful pack, and they also come in a regular glass set as well.

Origami Style Glassware Cups

Add a unique touch to your kitchen aesthetic with this origami style glassware set!

This set comes with 2 glass cups. They are not the cheapest, but they are definitely cute!

Tall Glassware Set

Keep it classic yet cute with these tall glass cups! 

This glassware set is a timeless choice that is sure to serve you for years to come!

Wine/Drinks Glassware Sets

Vintage Cocktail Glassware Set

Get ready to enjoy your cocktails and drinking experience much more with this beautiful vintage cocktail glassware set from Amazon!

It comes in a set of 4 beautiful cocktail glass cups, and is a beautiful option to add a unique aesthetic to your kitchen accessories.

Beautiful Pink Wine Glasses

Moving on to the next wine glass set Рthis beautiful pink wine glasses set! 

I love this wine glass set from Anthropologie! From what I am currently seeing the medium sized (right glass cup in the photo above) cup is available, and comes in a set of 4 beautiful glass cups.

This set also comes in many colors such as hot pink, rainbowish color, clear glass, teal, lilac color, and also colorful tones as well.

Unique Champagne Glasses Set

Apparently, this beautiful champagne glass cup was the preferred champagne vessel of 1920s flappers and old Hollywood starlets!

If you are looking for a vintage piece, that definitely looks modern and unique champagne glassware set, this beautiful 4pcs champagne glasses set is a perfect option.

Colored Wine Glasses 

Add a pop of color to your glassware with these colored wine glasses! I LOVE these vibrant wine glass cups! 

Ribbed Colored Martini Glasses

For my martini loving girlies, or just my cocktail loving girlies as well, you can’t miss out on¬†these beautiful ribbed colored martini glasses!

They come in a set of 6 beautiful ribbed martini glass cups, and they are so pretty and unique. 

Classic Wine Glass Set

What’s better than a classic wine glass set?¬†This classic wine glass set is so sleek, timeless, and ready to be your most used wine glasses set ūüôā

12 Piece Wine Glass Set 

Another beautiful and affordable option is this 12-piece wine glass set! 

If you are looking for something more affordable, you can’t skip these classy wine glasses.

Colorful Wine Glasses 

Another beautiful colorful wine glasses set option is this beautiful set from Amazon.

They are more neutral colored then the previous colorful wine glasses set I showed you, and they are definitely elegant and unique.

Also, if you liked the wine glasses but don’t want THIS colorful option, they also have a¬†separate glassware set¬†for each color.¬†

Coupe Cocktail Glassware Set

This beautiful coupe cocktail glassware set will definitely add a beautiful touch to your kitchenware.

These beautiful cocktail glass cups come in a set of 4 cups, and comes both in this beautiful smoky color, or in a regular clear glass color as well.

Elegant Champagne Glasses

Keep your aesthetic clean and simple with these beautiful tall champagne glasses!

They come in a set of 4 champagne glasses, and are perfect for an aesthetic look.

Glass Mugs Glassware Sets

Iced Coffee Glass Cups With Lids & Straws

I am calling these cups “iced coffee glass cups”, but obviously they are not only for iced coffee.

These glass cups are perfect for any cold drink! They come in a pack of 4 glass cups with wooden lids and glass straws, that are perfect for completing your iced coffee/tea/cold drinks experience!

Ribbed Glass Mugs Set

I’m a huge fan of glass coffee mugs! And¬†this beautiful ribbed glass mugs¬†set¬†is no different ūüôā

This¬†beautiful mugs set¬†comes with 6 glass mugs, and the price is AMAZING! It’s the perfect budget-friendly glass mugs set for a first apartment!

Simple Glass Mugs Set

Another awesome and affordable mugs set from Target is this 8pcs glass mugs set! 

Gold Handle Glass Mugs

Enjoy your favorite hot drinks with these beautiful gold handle glass mugs!

They come in a pack of 2 mugs, and they are so fancy and pretty!

Colorful Glass Mug

Next is this¬†colorful glass mug¬†from Amazon! The color of the cup can change according to the light, and it’s so pretty.

Vintage Glass Mugs With Lids Set 

Upgrade your mug collection with this vintage glass mug set, suitable for any beverage or even (by using the lid and teaspoon) any overnight oats or chia pudding!

Double Glass Mugs

I’m obsessed with these double glass mugs!¬†Personally, these mugs are my favorite and I have them at home as well.¬†

These double-glass mugs are perfect for keeping your drinks hot while being cool to touch!

Irish Coffee Mugs

Bring some out-of-the-country vibes to your kitchen with these Irish coffee mugs from Crate&Barrel!

These Irish coffee mugs are so cute, and perfect for making delicious iced coffee/tea/smoothies and different drinks!

They sell them separately and not as a set, and the price isn’t bad at all in my opinion.¬†

You can get 4-6 cups from this set and finish the whole thing in less than $25 for a complete set!

Beautiful Green Glass Mugs 

Another one of my favorite mugs glassware sets is this beautiful green glass mug set from CB2! 

The set comes with 4 colored glass mugs, and also come in a smoky color, a clear double wall set, and a clear glass color set as well.

Stackable Coffee Mugs Set

Last but not least is this stackable glass coffee mugs set from Amazon! They come in a set of 2 glass mugs, and they are definitely not your simple glass mugs set.

They are unique and modern, and will definitely upgrade your kitchenware aesthetic.

And that’s it for today! I hope you found beautiful glassware cups ūüôā

This blog post was about glassware sets!  

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