The CUTEST Trendy Halloween Costumes For Trio Best Friends!

This blog post is about Halloween costumes for trio!

Halloween Costumes For Trio

Dressing up for Halloween with your best friend or significant other is so much fun, but what about with a group of friends?!

Grab your two besties and keep reading, because in this post I’m sharing the best Halloween costumes for trio friend groups!

Let’s get started!

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1. Kiss Marry Kill

Halloween costumes for trio
Source: @nnicolekellyyy

Let start this off ICONIC – you know the game “kiss marry kill?” This is such a cute trio Halloween costume idea!

The main things you need are a black mini dress, a white mini dress, and a red mini dress and you’ve got the basis of your costume.

2. The Joker

Halloween costumes for trio
Source: @bonnie_dsmd

I’ve seen the Joker as a single costume and a couple’s costume but I also LOVE the idea of doing this as a trio!

There are so many options of how you can take this.

You can each wear the exact same Joker costume, you can do slight variations by using the same colors with different pieces, OR you can have each girl wear a different (and iconic) Joker outfit.

These are some pieces you can start with from Amazon!

3. Cowgirls

Halloween costumes for trio
Source: @samanthayoungren

Cowgirl costumes are some of the most classic Halloween costumes that simply will never get old.

If you like the idea of matching your outfits and dressing up as cowgirls, this is a great, simple costume idea that will turn out so well ten out of ten times.

You can grab cow print pants, a cute crop top and a cowgirl hat from Amazon!

4. Mermaids

Halloween costumes for trio
Source: @madaline.reyna

These mermaid costumes are so cute and you could totally recreate this Halloween costume as a trio.

It would be so cute to show up to a Halloween party with matching mermaid costumes like this!

Here’s some clothing, accessories, and makeup from Amazon to help you recreate this mermaid costume.

5. Boxers

Halloween costumes for trio
Source: @gracierotman

This costume idea is the perfect way to keep it simple, sexy, and comfy for Halloween.

Plus, if you get these cute robes and matching black sets on Amazon, then you’re adding some valuable pieces to your wardrobe!!

6. Avatar

I feel like it would be so fun to dress up as Avatars with your friends because you can all help each other do your blue makeup and face paint! This would be such a fun activity to do with your friends.

7. Space Cowgirls

Halloween costumes for trio
Source: @brittanylevy_

Take a classic costume idea like cowgirls butttt make it futuristic?! Yes please!!

Space cowgirls would be SO cute for a group of girls so I had to add it to this list of Halloween costumes for trio groups. But to be honest, even if you have more than three people matching this costume it would still be so cute!

8. Biker Girls

Halloween costumes for trio
Source: @nnicolekellyyy

Next up is one of my favorite Halloween costumes for trio – biker girls!

I feel like you can never go wrong with a cute biker girl costume! All you need is a black leather skirt, a checkered tube top, cute sunglasses, and a leather black jacket is definitely a great plus.

9. Astronauts

Halloween costumes for trio
Source: @zoewatkins_

It’s so easy to recreate these astronaut costumes because you can get an astronaut costume from Amazon and pair it with studded fishnets, space glasses, and heels or sneakers. This would be so cute for a trio or even a larger group of friends.

10. Pirates

Halloween costumes for trio
Source: @c_murdoch_

Pirate costumes will never get old. Plus, they’re great costumes for a group of girls because you can either keep them super casual or make them some of the cutest Halloween party outfits.

11. Clowns

I’ve never seen such an adorable interpretation of a clown costume. If you don’t like scary clowns but want to show up to your Halloween parties in something cute, this is the perfect way to recreate a clown costume.

12. Red Flags

Dressing up as red flags would be so fun with your best friends. You can all think of the biggest red flags you’ve come across in your dating life or relationships and make this a situation of standing in solidarity with each other and supporting each other!!

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13. Power Puff Girls

Halloween costumes for trio
Source: @madelinemandato

What’s a more iconic and nostalgic Halloween costume for trio than the Power Puff Girls?! You tell me!

14. 3 Blind Mice

Halloween costumes for trio
Source: @chandlerrosas

This 3 Blind Mice costume is so clever. I found some mouse ears, round sunglasses, and black sheer stockings on Amazon that would help you create the foundation for this costume.

15. Disney Princesses

Any girl who grew up on Disney movies would appreciate dressing up as Disney princesses with her best friends. 

You can each pick a different princess and then buy gloves and princess corsets in different colors, do your hair and makeup, and look absolutely stunning for Halloween!

16. Hershey's Kisses

Halloween costumes for trio
Source: @olivia1327

These Hershey’s Kiss costumes are the perfect combination of elegant, sexy, and adorable.

You could also add some variety to it by having one person dress in gold, one dress in silver, and one in red, like the different Hershey’s kiss packaging.

17. Sailors

Halloween costumes for trio
Source: @aiyanachilders

Sailor outfits are so cute and easy to recreate. If you’re looking for something fun and unique for your group of friends, grab a sailor hat and cute sailor outfit and you’re good to go!

18. Injured Miss America

I love the way these girls created these injured? Miss America outfits, each using a different state, different colored dress, and adding a spooky element with their makeup and some fake blood.

This is one of my favorite Halloween costumes for trio groups so far!

19. Barbie Movie Gang

Halloween costumes for trio
Source: @Warner Bros

If you watched the ICONIC Barbie movie last year, you probably recognize this Barbie gang!

It would be SO cute to all dress up in these Barbie rompers and recreate the iconic scene.

This costume idea is super easy to recreate because you can order the exact pink rompers on Amazon.

20. ICONIC Friends Scene

If you and your girls are Friends fans, this Friends scene is the perfect trio Halloween costume for girls.

I found the perfect dresses on Amazon to recreate this scene. The only other things you need are some drinks and a huge bowl of popcorn!

21. Mamma Mia

These girls CRUSHED this Mamma Mia group costume. I found similar blue pants and satin tops on Amazon so that you can recreate these outfits with your group of friends!

22. Victoria's Secret Shopping Bags

Halloween costumes for trio
Source: @ashleeysoarees

These outfits are so fun and so easy to recreate if you have a Victoria’s secret shopping bag lying around. If not, it’s a great excuse to get one!

It’s also pretty easy to find a cute tutu skirt and ballet flats on Amazon to put this outfit together.

23. Minions

Minions are such wholesome characters, so if you’re looking for wholesome costume ideas, this is the perfect idea! 

Plus, you can repurpose these overalls and crop tops for other outfits in your daily life.

24. Ice Cream

These ice cream costumes are so adorable, I just had to add them to this Halloween costumes for trio groups!

You can each dress in a different color to be a different flavor.

These ice cream cone party hats are the perfect way to turn a cute dress into the sweetest costume!

25. Monster High

Halloween costumes for trio
Source: @katleentruong

I don’t think I need to give you another excuse to buy these articles of clothing, like this glittery sequin skirt, plaid skirt, mesh top, or gorgeous criss-cross crop top. They’re SO cute and these are such easy and fun costumes to recreate with your girls!

I hope you liked this list of Halloween costumes for trio groups and found something you and your friends will love!

These costumes are so easy to recreate but I know they’ll turn out SO well for you and your friends.

This post was all about Halloween costumes for trio.


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