30+ INSANE DIY Couples Halloween Costumes Ideas You’ll LOVE This Year!

Couples halloween costumes


This blog post is about couples Halloween costumes!

If you are looking for unique DIY couples Halloween costumes ideas, you are in the right place!

In this blog post, I am going to share with you the best and CUTEST DIY couples Halloween costumes ideas, that you are going to LOVE this year!

Let’s get startedddd!

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Couples halloween costumes


Alien & Astronaut 

alien and astronaut couples costume
Source: @cassiebazan

One of my all-time favorite couples Halloween costumes is an alien & astronaut costume!

Barbie & Ken Rollerblade Outfits

Rollerblade Barbie
Source: @madaline.reyna

Another thing we can all probably agree on, is that this Halloween will be a pink one!

You won’t believe how easy it is to recreate this ICONIC Barbie movie rollerblade outfits!

Barbie & Dojo Mojo Ken

Barbie & Ken costume
Source: @britlynn919

After the new Barbie movie came out this summer, I can’t think of girls not being Barbie for Halloween?!

But what’s more iconic, is being mojo dojo casa Ken 😉

Hunter & Deer

Hunter & Deer costume
Source: @isabellamariecodinach

Another super cute couples Halloween costume is a hunter and deer costume!

Although I am not a fan of hunting, I am definitely a fan of this cute Halloween costume!

Tinkerbell & Peter Pan

Peter Pan & Tinkerbell
Source: @amandalee.03.rosado

Okay maybe this is one of the most popular couples Halloween costume, but I can’t think of Halloween without a Tinkerbell & Peter Pan costume!

Peter Pan & Wendy

Peter Pan & Wendie costume
Source: @leahharrferg

Moving on to another Peter Pan costume option – Peter Pan & Wendy!

Tinkerbell & Captain Hook

Tinkerbell & Captain Hook costume
Source: @cassidyhilmar

The last Tinkerbell/Peter Pan couples costume idea is this beautiful Captain Hook and Tinkerbell costume!

Cupid Couple

Cupid Couple costume
Source: @gvbarb

If you are looking for a hot couples Halloween costume, consider being cupid for Halloween!

NHL & Trophy

Trophy Wife costume
Source: @maddieguzzy

Next on our list is this super cute NHL & trophy costume for couples!

ICONIC Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake

Britney Spears & JT
Source: @kattttiekat

I don’t know what Halloween costume is more ICONIC than this good old Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake costume!!

The Wolf of Wall Street

Wolf of Wall Street
Source: @kennedyleonn

Okay, moving on to another super ICONIC costume – the famous Wolf of Wall Street costume!

Ross & Rachel

Ross & Rachel from Friends Halloween Costume
Source: @thekyndalfire

Where they on a break or not?!?!

An old one, but definitely a good one 😉 How about being Ross & Rachel for Halloween?!

Scooby-Doo – Daphne & Fred

Scoobie Doo - Fred & Daphne
Source: @allydraper_

I love this Daphne & Fred from Scooby-Doo costume! It is so cute and trendy, and is super easy to recreate!

Woodie & Buzz Light Year

Woodie & Buzz Light Year costume
Source: @kendallkutz

How hot is this Woodie & Buzz Light Year costume???

Dentist & Tooth Fairy

Dentist & Tooth Fairy
Source: @jasmin.gaviria

One of the cutest and original Halloween costumes for couples, is a dentist and tooth fairy costume. So cute!

Aladdin & Jasmine

Aladin & Jasmine costume
Source: @syrenna_ramahi

This little red riding hood & the wolf is one of the best college Halloween costumes for best friends!

Bratz Dolls Couple

Bratz Dolls costume
Source: @allydraper_

We talked about Barbie, but how about being Bratz dolls for Halloween?!


halloween ratatouille costume
Source: @sierrasolomonn

Be nostalgic with this Ratatouille Halloween costume!

Harry Potter & The Golden Snitch

Harry Potter and the Golden Snitch
Source: @emmalineprice_

A unique and memorable Halloween costume, will definitely be the Harry Potter and the Golden Snitch costume! It’s SO EASY to make!

ICONIC Kim K & Pete Davidson

KIM K & Pete Davidson
Source: @lesleerai

I think Kim K’s and Pete Davidson look in the Met Gala (at least I’m pretty sure it was the Met Gala), is a look we’ll all remember.

This is definitely a DIY costume, as for Kim’s dress, because I didn’t find any dress that matches this look online, so it’s a hard one, but a good one!

Little Red Riding Hood & The Wolf

Little Red Riding Hood & the wolf costume
Source: @courtneyauug

You can never go wrong with a fun Little Red Riding Hood & the Wolf costume!

The Wolf & Little Red Riding Hood 😉

Wolf & Little Red Riding Hood
Source: @bellaspirelliii

Speaking of Little Red Riding Hood & the wolf, this costume is GENIUS!

Harley Quinn & The Joker

Harley Queen & The Joker costume
Source: @allydraper_

I can’t imagine a Halloween party without a fun Harley Quinn & the Joker costume!

Barbie & Ken

Barbie & Kenn costume
Source: @_paige.johnson

If you don’t want to be the 2023 Barbie & Ken version, how about being the OG Barbie & Ken?!

Golfer & Golf Course

Golfer & Golf Course
Source: @anikawozny

I came across this beautiful golfer & golf course couples costume! It’s so cute, original, and easy to recreate!

Nurse & Doctor

Nurse & doctor costume
Source: @kitkat211

This isn’t the most original costume ever, but how about being a hot nurse & doctor?!

The Incredibles

The Incredibles costume
Source: @hailey_flynn

Growing up as a kid, I LOVED the Incredibles movie sooo much! 

Also, this is the perfect couples Halloween costume that you can easily throw together and crush your Halloween party!

Lilo & Stitch

Lilo & Stitch costume
Source: @liza.scott

Definitely not a unique one, but definitely one of the cutest Halloween costumes for couples – Lilo & Stitch!

Tangled – Rapunzel & Flynn

Rapunzle & Flynn costume
Source: @elegantlyellery

I think this Rapunzel and Flynn costume from Tangled is definitely one of the cutest couples Halloween costumes!

It’s so pretty, and everyone will know exactly what you are!

Life Guards

Yes it’s fall, but who misses summer?!

How about being life guards for Halloween?!

Woodie & Jessie

Woodie & Jessie costume
Source: @allie_david

What’s more fun then a cute Woodie & Jessie costume?!

The costume is completely easy to copy since you can just buy them ready-to-wear on Amazon!

KFC & Chicken

KFC & Chicken costume
Source: @kyndallwearswhat

This is one of the funniest and most iconic Halloween costumes EVER! I think this KFC & chicken costume is a GENIUS costume that will make everyone remember your costume!


Hippies costume
Source: @alllipaulsen

In my opinion, you can NEVER go wrong with a fun hippies costume!

It’s the perfect last minute Halloween costume, looks great, easy to make, and is honestly the best comfy Halloween costume to throw together!

Indiana Jones & Lara Croft

India Jones and Lara Croft
Source: @kennedyleonn

Moving on to another memorable costume – this Indiana Jones & Lara Croft costume!

Where’s Waldo?

Garden & Gardener costume
Source: @emskalkos

One of my favorite couples Halloween costumes in this blog post, is this unique garden & gardener costume!

This is an easy DIY costume you can recreate, and it’s so unique and sweet!

Where’s Waldo?

Where's Waldo
Source: @alyscruggs

If you want a fun last-minute Halloween costume, be original and dress up as Where’s Waldo?!

Adam & Eve

Adam & Eve costume
Source: @taylor.faith.tf

This Adam & Eve Halloween costume is definitely a DIY costume you can make, but it’s pretty easy to recreate, and look so pretty and unique!

Star Wars – Padme & Anakin

Star Wars costume
Source: @erikaalexisedwards

You can never go wrong with a beautiful Star Wars Halloween costume! How about being Padme and Anakin for Halloween?!

Netflix & Chill

Garden & Gardener costume
Source: @anyakweaver

I can say for myself that one of my favorite things to do with my boyfriend is Netflix & chill dates!

This is a cute, relatable, and super comfy Halloween costume idea!


Source: @brookiehuston

I’m obsessed with alien costumes! But this couple CRUSHED Halloween with this insanely beautiful and unique aliens costume!

Robber & Money Bag

Burglar and money bag costume
Source: @audreyfualaau

Another awesome Halloween costume, is this robber & money bag costume!

This is cute, funny, and definitely a hot couple Halloween costume idea 😉

20s Flapper Costume

20s flapper costume
Source: @laurennc04

Be classy for Halloween 2023 with this 20s flapper costume!

Superman & Supergirl

Superman & Supergirl costume
Source: @anaispoppen

Not an original, but definitely a cut one – Superman & Supergirl!


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