How to Organize Holiday Decorations During The Year

Today, we are going to talk about how to organize holiday decorations. 

Every year we decorate our homes for the holidays. If it’s Halloween decorations, Hannuka/Christmas decorations, Easter decorations, and so on. 

But what do we do after the holiday ends?? After we sadly need to say our goodbyes to the beautiful holiday decorations? Where do we store them? 

Well, today I am here to give you all of the best tips on how to organize holiday decorations throughout the year!

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How to organize Holiday decorations

How to Organize Holiday Decorations:

Label Maker

First of all, we are going to need a label maker to make our lives easier by labeling all of the boxes/bins/bags to know where everything is once we need it.

Declutter Holiday Decorations

To make sure you are not wasting space and that you are not storing things for no reason, go over your holiday decorations collection and declutter it.

Keep the decorations you will want to use next year. Whatever you don’t like you can easily donate or sell!

Storage Bins

These storage bins are the best way to organize specific types of holiday decorations. 

For example, you can take all of the Halloween decorations that are home decor accents (such as different types of pumpkins, home decor accents, etc) and put them in one bin. 

There are many sizes of storage bins that you can choose from for your needs!

how to organize holiday decorationshow to organize holiday decorations

Wreath Storage

Whether it’s a Christmas wreath, or a Thanksgiving one (or for any other holiday), this wreath storage box is the perfect storage solution to make sure that your holiday wreath is protected during the year.

Ornaments Storage

This ornaments storage box can contain up to 64 ornaments and is perfect to keep them all organized in one place!

how to organize holiday decorations

Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Bag

Easily store your Christmas tree in this storage bag that can store a 9-foot disassembled artificial Christmas tree! 

The material of this bag is very strong, and will safely hold your Christmas tree during the year.

Christmas Gift Wrap Organizer

I don’t know about you, but I never know where to organize my gift wrapping stuff. Until I was introduced to this gift wrap organizer, I used to throw it all in one drawer (which didn’t do any good to the wrapping paper). 

This gift wrap organizer will keep everything in place. Not only for Christmas, but you can also use it to store any gift wrapping essentials you have around the house!

How to organize holiday decorations

Christmas Lights Organizer

This Christmas light reel is the perfect way to organize your Christmas lights and to make sure they don’t get tangled with other string lights/other Christmas decorations. 

You can easily put it on the reel and store it in the bag it comes with to make it extra protected!

How to organize holiday decorations


I talked about the label maker at the beginning of this post. I highly recommend using it to quickly label your storage bins/boxes so you’ll know where everything is. 
You can easily stick the labels to the boxes/bags. 

I also recommend storing all of your holiday decorations in one place, so you’ll know exactly where everything is. 

And those were my best tips on how to organize holiday decorations during the year! 

I hope you found this post helpful. If you have any questions/any more ideas, feel free to comment below!
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