The Best Halloween Apartment Decorating Ideas

Halloween Apartment Decorating Ideas

Looking for cute Halloween apartment decorating ideas? Check out this blog post for the cutest Halloween apartment decorations!

In this blog post, you are going to find THE CUTEST Halloween decorations, such as Halloween doormats, festive Halloween mugs, indoor Halloween decorations, and more!

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Halloween apartment decorating


Let’s start off by decorating your kitchen for Halloween!

What I love to do during a holiday, is switching out some of my kitchen essentials (such as kitchen towels, my doormat, mugs, etc) with festive ones!

Halloween Kitchen Towels

I won’t lie, I have a small obsession with cute kitchen towels, and every Halloween I love getting cute Halloween kitchen towels!

I just love switching out my kitchen towels, I hang them on my oven, and it’s so cute and adds some sweet festive vibes to the kitchen!

Switch Out Your Doormat

As I said, one of my favorite ways to decorate my home for a holiday, is switching out my regular doormat to a beautiful festive doormat!

Here are two of my favorite Halloween doormats!

Get Cute Halloween Coasters

It’s the little things in life, right? Well, bring in some festive Halloween vibes to your guests (and for yourself as well), by using some fun festive Halloween coasters!

Get a Spooky Candy Bowl!

What’s Halloween night without a cool spooky candy bowl? Whether you are giving out candy or hosting a Halloween party – a cute spooky candy bowl is a MUST!

Use Spooky Halloween Salt & Pepper Shakers!

Fun fact about me, I’m obsessed with salt & pepper shakers! I have a pretty large salt & pepper shakers set with shakers sets from every country I visited!

I love unique salt and pepper shakers, here are two of my favorite finds:

Start Using Your Spooky Halloween Mugs!

Another obsession of mine is unique mugs! I also have a collection of unique mugs that I like to display.

Anyways, enough about me haha! Let’s talk about these super cute Halloween mugs!

Festive Halloween Trash Bags!

I know this sounds super random, but if you want to add a little bit of extra Halloween vibes in your life, definitely consider using Halloween trash bags during the month of October!

Halloween trash bags


Halloween Hand Towels

As much as I love switching out my kitchen towels, I love switching my hand towels to cute Halloween hand towels!

I love these cool hand towels sets from TJmaxx and Marshalls!

Switch Out Your Shower Curtain

As I keep saying – we are all about changing the little things in our home, into spooky festive things!

A great way to decorate your bathroom is to switch your shower curtain into a fun Halloween shower curtain!

I love this skull shower curtain from Amazon, it’s so cute!

Switch Your Towels Into Black & Orange Towels

Black and orange is THE Halloween combo. Switch your towels into orange and/or black towels sets for Halloween!


Get Some Halloween Soap Bars

Another random fact no one want’s to know but I’ll still tell – I love unique soap bars and I have a cute bowl with different soaps in my bathroom that I love so much!

Every holiday I love switching out the soap bars in the basket and displaying the cute festive soaps!

If you don’t want a soaps bowl in your bathroom, and you use soap bars, you can switch out your soaps to these cute Halloween soaps!


LED Skull Decoration

Add some spooky Halloween vibes to your place by adding different Halloween accent pieces, such as this cool LED skull decoration from Marshalls!

LED skull decor

Decorate Your Couch With Halloween Pillows

As you probably know, I’m obsessed with unique throw pillows, and I love decorating for the holidays with unique throw pillows!

Get Yourself a Cute Neon Sign

I love neon signs, and especially this cute ghost neon sign from Amazon! 

It’s so cute, and can be perfect on a shelf or a TV stand!


halloween ghost neon sign

Decorate With Bats Wall Decals

A great way to fill in an empty wall, is by decorating with bats wall decals. 

I love this unique bats wall decal set from Amazon!


halloween bats wall decal

Switch to A Green Light Bulb

If you want to have a bit of a spooky vibe in your living room, you can switch one of your lamps light bulb to a green light bulb for a spooky vibe!


green light bulb

Decorate Your Window With Orange String Lights

Last but not least for this Halloween apartment decor ideas blog post, is to decorate your window/curtain with an orange string light!

It’s so cute, and will add some fun festive Halloween vibes to your place!

orange string light

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