How to Organize Your Fridge

Do you want to learn once and for all how to organize your fridge and to stop wasting food? 

Today I am going to share with you the best fridge organization essentials & ideas to keep your fridge organized and to stop wasting food! 

Let’s get started!

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how to organize your fridge

Why You Should Organize Your Fridge?

There is a straight connection between your fridge being unorganized and food is getting expired and wasted. 

When your fridge is messy, you don’t know exactly what you have in your fridge. So you can buy new groceries, while some of them are deep in your fridge. 

Or maybe you put something in the fridge, it got left behind without you even knowing and after a month or two, you will find it after it expired and you’ll need to throw it out. 

When your fridge is organized, you know exactly what you have, you can see everything and it’s easier to reach your groceries when you are cooking or just craving for a snack.

How to Organize Your Fridge:

First of all, start with cleaning out your fridge. Take everything out, throw out everything that expired, and leave what didn’t expire out. 

Then, deep clean your fridge. From the shelves to the drawers, even the walls of the fridge – everything. 

And now, let’s start organizing! 

Organize your fruits/vegetables with baskets/bins 

Whether you store your fruits and vegetables in your fridge’s drawers or not, I recommend organizing them in bins/baskets. 


Also, I don’t know exactly why, but it has been proven that the life of cucumbers and tomatoes is shorter when they are in the same place (for example sharing the same basket). 

I don’t know why, but after separating them in my own fridge both have been good for a longer time than before. 

EXTRA TIP – in general, don’t store vegetables and fruits in the same drawer. 

If you have two drawers in your fridge, separate the fruits and vegetables in these two drawers. 

Here are some fun ideas to organize vegetables and fruits in your fridge:

how to organize your fridge  how to organize your fridge  how to organize your fridge

Fridge Organization Essentials:

Clear bins 

I love organizing my fridge with clear bins. They come in many sizes, they are easy to organize with and I like the look of my fridge with these clear organization bins. 

Also, because they are clear, you know exactly what’s inside! 

fridge organization essentials

Bottles organizer 

This stackable bottle organizer is such a space saver. 

I highly recommend using it to organize your drinks. 

how to organize your fridge

Lazy Suzan 

This lazy suzan is great to organize your sauces in since you can spin it and easily grab anything you need. 

If you have less space, you can organize your sauces in bins or even pull-out fridge drawers. 

Adding under shelves drawers 

If you have space to hang under shelves drawers, this will definitely be a great way to add extra storage place in your fridge. 

You can store in it anything that you easily want to grab. 

how to organize your fridge

Use produce keepers 

These produce keepers are great to keep regularly used vegetables fresh. 

This means that it’ll help you not waste food since you can easily use these vegetables a few times a week instead of using part of the vegetable once and then throwing it out.


Store prepared meals in containers 

Instead of leaving a plate of the pizza leftovers, you can store it in a plastic container and keep it fresh for a longer time. 

Or if you are into meal prepping, you can easily store your meals in these boxes and stack them in your fridge! 

fridge organization essentials

Cans Organizer 

You can easily organize your soda cans in this convenient cans organizer that you can easily grab a drink from. 

Also, you can buy a few of these organizers and stack them on top of each other. 

fridge organization essentials

And that’s it! 

These were my top tips on how to organize your fridge and to stop wasting food! 

I never knew how important it was to organize your fridge until I did it myself.


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