TOP 24 New Years Cocktails For 2024!

This blog post is about New Years cocktails!

new years cocktails

Is it just me or did 2023 just flew by?? 

Anyways, today’s blog post is about New Years cocktails!

If you are hosting a New Years Eve party, and celebrating 2024, it’s time to plan out the perfect New Years Eve party, with the perfect New Years cocktails that will get your guests talking about for years to come!

In this blog post, you will find 24 New Years cocktails for 2024!

Let’s get started!

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new years cocktails

New Years Cocktails:

Gold Shimmery Champagne Cocktail

gold shimmery champagne - new years cocktails
Source: @theflavorbender

Let’s get started with this festive Gold Shimmery Champagne Cocktail! It’s one of my favorite New Years cocktails, and it isn’t only unique and pretty, but also extremely good!

Classic Kir Royal Cocktail

Kir Royale Cocktail - new years cocktails
Source: @whatagirleats

If you aren’t familiar with the Kir Royal Cocktail, its a classic French cocktail made with champagne/French sparkling wine, as well as with Crème de Cassis. 

This champagne cocktail is a great way to elevate budget champagne or dry sparkling wine!

Classy Vodka Champagne Cocktail

Vodka Champagne cocktail - new years cocktails
Source: @charmingcocktails

Spice up your regular champagne drinks with this delicious Vodka Champagne Cocktail! 

It includes a delicious lemon flavored vodka, and with the touch of edible glitter floating in the bubbles, this vodka champagne cocktail is the perfect addition your New Years Eve party!

New Years Champagne Cocktail

new years cocktails - champagne cocktails
Source: @amandascookin

Let’s be honest, what’s a New Years Eve party without a delicious champagne cocktail?! 

These champagne cocktails are made with fresh blackberries and is perfectly sweet and delicious!

Creamy Salted Caramel Espresso Martini

salted caramel espresso martini - new years cocktails
Source: @theshortordercook

One of my favorite New Years cocktails is this salted caramel espresso martini! It’s the perfect combination of rich, sweet, and creamy flavors! It’s like a combination of a Starbucks salted caramel macchiato and a Kahlua white Russian.

Pecan Pie Martini

pecanpiemartini new years cocktails
Source: @cusskitchen

I LOVE pecans, I LOVE pies, and I especially love pecan pies! So I think I can say for sure, this pecan pie martini is a delicious recipe that will make your guests talking!

Creamy Espresso Martini with Baileys

creamy espresso martini with baileys - new years cocktails
Source: @uglyducklingbakery

I love Baileys so much, and I’m also obsessed with coffee, so this creamy Espresso martini with Baileys is the perfect combination! 

This easy coffee cocktail is rich and creamy, and will be perfect for your party!

Sparkling Cranberry-Ginger Margarita

cranberry ginger margarita - new years cocktails
Source: @burrataandbubbles

You can never go wrong with a delicious margarita for any party, but for your New years Eve party, I’m telling you – you want to try this sparkling cranberry-ginger margarita!

It’s easy to make, and doesn’t only look pretty, but is also extremely delicious!

Festive Cranberry Aperol Spritz

cranberry aperol spritz - new years cocktails
Source: @thegandmkitchen

Aperol Spritz in general is a perfect drink for any party.

But this cranberry Aperol spritz is a delicious winter version that is super easy to make, and only requires 3 ingredients!

Black Manhattan Cocktail

black manhattan - new years cocktails
Source: @enzasquailhollowkitchen

The Black Manhattan cocktail is a popular cocktail that dates back as far as the 1880s, and was invented for a special party, hosted by a special lady at the Manhattan Club in NYC. 

This cocktail is a modern drink that is sure to impress!

Empress Gin Cocktail

empress gin cocktail - new years cocktails
Source: @aubreyskitchen

If you are looking for a delicious and sweet cocktail for your party, you should definitely check out this Empress Gin cocktail recipe. 

It is made with gin, honey syrup, and lemon juice, and is very easy to make!

Pink Grapefruit Cocktail With Rosemary

grapefruit cocktail - new years cocktails
Source: @wowitsveggie

This delicious pink grapefruit cocktail isn’t only pretty and Instagrammable, but is also one of the best drinks you’ll ever drink! 

Bright & Boozy Blood Orange Margarita

new years cocktails
Source: @kitchenverve

Light and brighten up your party with this bright & boozy blood orange margarita!

The perfect drink to impress your guests and enjoy New Years Eve with.

5-Ingredient Pink Vodka Lemonade

pink vodka lemonade - new years cocktails
Source: @wowitsveggie

If you are looking for a delicious and easy beverage, you should definitely check out this pink vodka lemonade drink that is made out of only 5 ingredients, and is not only pretty, but also extremely tasty and perfect for a fun party.

Peach Bellini 

hero bellini new years cocktails
Source: @whatagirleats

This delicious peach bellini cocktail recipe is a cocktail recipe from a popular bar in Venice, Italy, called Harry’s Bar.

Rainbow Sherbet Champagne Floats

Source: @neighborfoodblog

Treat your guests with this delicious Rainbow Sherbet Champagne Floats cocktail!

It the perfect combination of a New Years cocktail and delicious dessert, and I can guarantee your guests are going to love this one.

Whiskey Champagne Cocktail

whiskey champagne cocktail
Source: @annsentitledlife

This amazing whiskey champagne cocktail is a perfect drink for celebrations, and especially for your New Years Eve party! 

And can you believe it takes only 3 minutes to make??

Apple Cider Sangria

apple cider sangria - new years cocktails
Source: @vintagekitchennotes

What’s a New Years party without a delicious apple cider sangria?? 

This apple cider sangria is a fruity, apple-flavored wine punch that surprisingly takes only 10 minutes to make!

Champagne Passion Fruit Cocktail

passion fruit bellini - new years cocktails
Source: @garlicandzest

Spice up your standard mimosa with this delicious champagne passion fruit cocktail!

Delicious Mango Cocktail

mango new years cocktails
Source: @chewoutloud

As someone who’s obsessed with mango, I can also proudly say that I LOVE mango cocktails and alcoholic drinks – it’s SO GOOD.

This delicious mango cocktail recipe is extremely delicious, and super easy to make! It only requires 5 ingredients! 

Classic French 75 Gin Cocktail

french new years cocktails
Source: @mittengirl

so apparently the French 75 cocktail was developed in France during WW1, and has been a super popular cocktail ever since! 

It’s a delicious, bubbly, and fun drink that is perfect for your New Years Eve party!

Tequila Cocktail with Blood Orange and Pomegranate

tequila punch new years cocktails
Source: @beyondmeresustenance

Bring some sunset vibes to your party with this delicious tequila cocktail with blood orange and pomegranate!

Festive Christmas Cranberry Mimosa Recipe

Cranberry-Mimosa new years cocktails
Source: @twokidsandacoupon

Although this is a Christmas drink, the cranberry mimosa cocktail is a delicious recipe you can offer and serve for New Years Eve as well!

The Sculaccione Cocktail

new years cocktails
Source: @cookeatworld

The Sculaccione cocktail is a combination of bitter, sweet, and a little smoky. 

It says to be a Mexican & Italian shake up, which sounds super interesting and perfect to try out!

And that’s it for today! I hope you found some delicious and fun New Years cocktails 🙂

This blog post was about New Years cocktails!

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