20 Beautiful New Years Nails Designs You Need to Try!

20 New Years Nails Designs For 22

Looking for new years nails designs? 

2022 is right around the corner, and now is the perfect time to look for some New Years nails inspiration and plan your New Years Eve nails!

Let’s get started!

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New years eve nails ideas

Black & Gold Glitters Nails

How pretty are these matte black and gold glitter nails design? It definitely screams new years eve and would look great with every outfit!

Glittery Blue Nails

New Years’ doesn’t need to be an only black and gold theme, it can be blue as well! 

Silver Glitter Nails

These silver glitter nails design is B E A U T I F U L! New Years doesn’t mean dark colors only, let’s not forget about fun glittery New Years nails designs as well!

Pink, Black & Glittery Gold

Get The Look:

Neutral Glitter Chic Nails

If you don’t like colorful nails, and you are more into neutral colored nails, this is one of the best New Years’ nails designs for you!

This look combines a relaxing neutral colored nail polishes with an extra glittery-new years touch!

New Years Party Nails Design

In my opinion, these nails scream PARTY! The colorful glitters definitely make this design fun and perfect for a fun New Years’ Eve!

Black & Gold Glitters

Get The Look:

Sparkly Red Nail Design

This is the perfect Christmas eve-holiday season-New Year’s eve look that will be perfect for all occasions at the end of December!

Gold Glitters Nails

The ultimate new years eve nails design if you are looking for a traditional look!

I couldn’t find the exact nail polish they used in the picture, but I did find a dupe.

Glittery Wine Glass Nails

This nail design is so creative and unique! If you know how to draw on your nails, this look will be super easy to create.

New Years Eve Party Nails

If you like being very creative and unique with your nails for special occasions, these nails are definitely for you. I think I am going to get these done next time!

Silver Glitters Nail Polish Design

The difference between this design to the previous silver glitters design is that this one is more gentle and less “aggressive”.

Dark Blue Glittery Nails

Get The Look:

Gold Fireworks & Wine Glasses Nails

Another very creative and unique New Years’ nail design! If you know how to draw on your nails, it will be super simple and quick for you to copy!

Colorful Fireworks Nails

This colorful fireworks nail design will be perfect for new years and to upgrade your outfit and total look!

2021 Nail Design

Even though it says 2017 in the picture, you can definitely get the point. This nail design is soooo cool!

Ombre French Glitters Nails

A classy, yet super boujie and fancy nail design to upgrade your look!

Metallic Blue Glitter Nails

Get The Look:

Rose Gold Glitter Nails

This is definitely one of my favorite designs!

Neutral & Glittery Nails

Get The Look:

And that’s it for today! These were 20 New Years’ nails designs ideas for 2022!

May we all have a healthy, good, happy new year!

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