TOP 8 Planners For College Students You’ll Love Using This Year!

Best Planners For College Students

Looking for planners for college students to start off the new year? 

Today I am going to show you 8 academic planners for college students you’ll love using this year!

I have a planner obssesion, I love planning out my weeks, writing down to-do lists, and having my whole life written down.

If you are the same as me, keep reading! You’ll love these finds!

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Erin Condren Watercolor Bouquet Planner

If you’ve never heard of Erin Condren, I don’t know where you were??! They are famous for their amazing planners, which are highly recommended.

Now, we are going to talk about the beautiful Watercolor Bouquet planner!

Here are some important details to know about the planner:

  • Includes 12 months of planning
  • Has monthly quotes
  • Includes monthly notes and productivity pages (which I love)
  • Has classes schedule pages
  • Detailed pages for projects and exams
  • Dated monthly & weekly spreads
  • 4 note pages after each month
  • Add 40 lined notes pages
  • The planner comes with a sticker sheet

My Thoughts:

First of all, I love the design and layout of this planner. Erin Condren planners are very popular and most of them are made for college students.

I think the class schedule pages are great for writing down your schedule and literally having everything written down for you in one place.

In my opinion, I love the note pages after each month, I love writing things to remember/writing down to-do lists, so these pages are perfect for that.

So, in general, I would say this is a great academic planner for college students that like to have everything written down in one place and are not just looking for a monthly planner.


Focus on What Matters Planner

I found this planner through a famous Youtuber, and I love the idea of it!

“Focus on What Matters” planner can be found on Target, and offers some very nice features.

What’s Inside?

  • 3-month overview with checkpoints 
  • Weekly and daily planning pages
  • Quarterly and weekly reviews
  • Fill-in-the-blank dates
  • Inspirational ribbon page marker
  • Extra pages for notes

My Thoughts:

First of all, my favorite thing about this planner is that it is undated. I love undated planners because you don’t need to commit to every month and day. After 2020, this feature became very important to me personally.

Also, what I like about this planner is the daily planning pages. They are great space for writing your to-do lists and planning out your days. 

The quarterly and weekly reviews are important to keep up with your goals and weekly/quarterly focuses.

So, if you are looking for a more “free spirit” planner, and not a traditional academic planner, this is an amazing option for you.

Lemon Academic Weekly & Monthly Planner

Continuing with academic planners for college students, this Lemon academic weekly & monthly planner is a great planner for students!

What’s Inside?

  • 12 months year-round planning
  • Soft faux leather cover
  • Monthly spreads contain an overview of the month
  • Notes sections
  • Weekly spreads include space to plan your daily schedule, detailed appointments
  • Calendar stickers
  • Yearly overview
  • States, capitals & time zones
  • Inner pocket pouch

My Thoughts

Even though this planner doesn’t include a class schedule and specific school-related features, the planner is great for planning your month, week, and daily schedule.

Also, calendar stickers are always a nice feature 😉

Day Designer 2021-22 Academic Planner

This Day Designer Academic Planner is a great affordable find for students.

The planner is designed for teachers, parents, and students and is dated July 2021 – June 2022.

What’s Inside?

  • Flexible weekly and monthly planner for the academic year
  • 12 month of horizontal weekly planning calendars
  • 12 month of tabbed monthly planning calendars
  • 3 lined notes pages
  • Storage packet
  • Book mark
  • Planner stickers

My Thoughts

This is a very pretty and organized planner for college students. Also, what I like about the Day Designer planners is that they include a four step planning process, an easy to follow guide to goal setting.

This is a great planner to plan your life, you can also use the notes pages to write important reminders.


Journalistic Store Weekly & Monthly Planner

Next on our list is the Journaltastic Store Weekly & Monthly Planner. This is definitely one of the prettiest planners I’ve seen! And it also has some great features.

What’s Inside?

  • 2021-2022 weekly and monthly pages
  • 12 monthly tabs
  • Inner pocket
  • 12 monthly pages with past and future calendar
  • Space to write thoughts, tasks, etc.
  • Lined writing space on each weekly planning page
  • Highlighted priorities section in each weekly page
  • Holidays are highlighted as well in the pages

My Thoughts

This is a beautifully designed planner, offered for a great price. It’s awesome for planning out your week/month while focusing on important things.

I also like the inner pocket section, you can use it to store important documents/paper.

The Busy Bee Planner

The Busy Bee Planner isn’t only great because of the nice set of pens and stickers it comes with, it also helps you create a vision for your life by using monthly vision boards, defining and breaking down your short and long-term goals, as well as incorporating these goals into your monthly/weekly/daily agenda.

What’s Inside?

  • Undated layouts
  • 12 months planning pages, each month has 5 weeks.
  • 5 pages of colorful planner stickers
  • Pen set

My Thoughts

This planner is a great option to consider. First of all, I like that it’s undated, which means you can use it all year round and even take breaks from it without wasting pages.

The pen set and the stickers pages are also a nice bonus!


Erin Condren Create Your Own Design Academic Planner

Another option for one of the best selling academic planners by Erin Condren, is the Create Your Own Design Academic Planner.

Beyond all of the features we are going to discuss in a second, I love that this planner is customizable!

You can use your favorite picture of yourself, or your favortie picture of yourself and your boyfriend/girlfriend.

What’s Inside?

  • 12 months
  • Monthly quotes
  • Monthly notes and productivity pages
  • Class schedule pages
  • Detailed pages for projects and exams
  • Dated monthly, weekly spreads
  • 4 note pages after each month
  • 40 lined notes pages
  • 1 sticker sheet

My Thoughts

Honestly, the Erin Condren planners are the best academic planners for college students, since they have many school-related features like the class schedule and the detailed pages for projects and exams which is very important.

I love that this planner is customizable, and you can use any picture you want as it’s cover. It definitely makes this planner very unique than others.

Day Designer 2021-2022 Academic Year Planner

Last but not least, and more on the expensive side, is the Day Designer 2021-2022 Academic Year Planner.

This luxury planner will help you completely organize your monthly/ weekly, and daily life as a college student.

What’s Inside?

  • 12 months of monthly calendars
  • Daily pages with hourly blocks for detailed planning
  • Tabbed dated monthly calendar view
  • Two-page visual overview of your time
  • Notes section for important projects
  • Dated daily planning pages
  • The daily planning page combines your daily schedule and to-do list on the same page, as well as space for notes, top three priorities, and inspirational quotes.
  • Planner stickers
  • Interior pocket
  • Removable ruler bookmark

My Thoughts

This planner is definitely much more expensive than the other 7 planners I showed you. But if the price isn’t a factor for you, I highly recommend this planner.
I love the detailed daily planning pages, the monthly calendar layout, and I love that there are notes sections where you can write down about projects/exams/anything you need to remember in detail.
And as always, planner stickers and the interior pocket are always a nice bonus to receive 😉


And that’s it for today! These were my TOP 8 planners for college students!

If you were looking for academic planners for college students, I hope you found THE ONE in this blog post!

Which planner are you considering to purchase? Let us know in the comments below!

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