Small Living Room Decorating Ideas That Are PERFECT For Apartments

This blog post is all about small living room decorating ideas.

small living room decorating ideas

When you have a small living room, you might think that there’s only so much you can do with your space… but that’s far from the truth! I’ve found tons of small living room decorating ideas that will make your small apartment feel like your personalized space in no time.

Whether you’re looking for a luxury style or just something a little more homey, there are so many ways to design a small space that will leave you feeling at home and your guests impressed.

In this blog post, I’m giving you some small living room inspiration, plus links to some products that will really level up your space!

No matter what your style is, I’m sure you’ll be able to find some inspiration here.

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small living room decorating ideas

Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

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Clean Mid Century Living Room

small living room decorating ideas
Source: @chessoppier

I love the simplicity of this living room while featuring some unique shapes and pieces of furniture. The curves of the table, couch, and rug all stand out while maintaining a cohesive style.

If you want to recreate this room, here is a very similar coffee table you can buy to achieve that mid-century look in your own small living room.

Another staple of this look is the irregularly shaped wall mirror. This adds so much character to the room while mimicking the round shape of the coffee table and couch. Here’s a similar mirror that you can add to your space!

Simple Neutral Aesthetic

small living room decorating ideas
Source: @throughthegreydoor

This comfy, neutral couch can be dressed up or down for any season of the year, which makes it a great starting point for someone who likes to decorate seasonally or just keep a minimalist look!

Having a neutral couch like this also means you can add a nice accent chair. Doesn’t that chair look insanely comfy?!

Here’s a similar couch you can get to recreate this room.

And here’s a similar comfy accent chair!

Cozy Mid Century Modern

small living room decorating ideas
Source: @serendipia_decor

The comfiness of this couch and rug combined with the simplicity of the coffee tables make a perfect combination!!

If you’re envisioning cozy nights in movie-watching, or having lots of friends over and staying up to talk for hours, this living room decor makes the perfect atmosphere for that.

You can recreate this room pretty easily, and even add your own personal touches by finding throw pillows and blankets you love. You can even add your own style to the coffee table with candles, books, flowers, or other personalized decor pieces.

To cover the basics, here’s a white shag rug you can start with.

I also found this very similar coffee table set at Walmart, which makes it so easy to recreate this look!

Neutral Modern Farmhouse

small living room decorating ideas
Source: @_myhomeinspo_

If you’re looking for some pretty, neutral design, this is a great living room look to recreate!

You don’t need a lot of space for this look, since the core elements of it are the coffee table, accent chair, rug, and TV console. You can recreate this look in a room of almost any size.

What I love about this living room is that you can either keep it minimalistic or you can dress it up with flowers, candles, and seasonal decor.

Here’s a similar coffee table I found if you’re looking for that staple piece.

You can also recreate the TV console decor, starting with this white TV stand from Wayfair!

Cozy Natural Living Room

small living room decorating ideas
Source: @ joannes_home2

This room starts with some pretty neutral decor and then adds elements to make it feel cozy. The custom neon sign makes it feel personalized, and the way that the throw pillows match the rug make the whole room feel cohesive.

I love that the owner of this room added some boho elements, like the plants on the wall and the large vase that grabs your attention. You can recreate this room exactly, or make it your own by adding decor you love!

The main elements of this room are the checkered decor and the neon sign. Here are the products I found to help you get a head start on recreating this room!

Bold and Earthy Floral Room

small living room decorating ideas
Source: @alexxdima_

If you’re looking for something a little less neutral and a little more colorful, this room is bold, bright, and cozy all the same.

In this room, the decorator has still used very neutral furniture, focusing on adding cohesive pops of color through the wallpaper, throw pillows, and rug.

The easiest way to recreate this room is to start by focusing on your throw pillows! Maybe you live in an apartment and can’t customize your wallpaper or paint the walls, but you can always add throw pillows.

I found a very similar burnt orange flower throw pillow to get you started, plus some super cute green checkered pillows, just like in this photo.

Whether you use these pillows as your standalone decor, or continue to decorate with more pillows and a vibrant rug, you’ll be able to recreate the vibe of this room in no time!

Textured Neutral Living Room

small living room decorating ideas
Source: @our_japandi_home

Texture can go a long way in an otherwise neutral living room. The main elements that make this room unique are the textured pillows and couch fabric, coffee table decor, the lamp, and the mirror.

Pops of color aren’t the only way to spice up a neutral room. You can also use color and shape to draw the eyes to different places and make it feel cozy.

A great place to start if you’re looking to recreate this room?

Start with the throw pillows. Textured throw pillows are easy pieces to add to a room to elevate the style.

You can also start with the mirror. The unique shape of this mirror gives the room more character overall.

You can get those two products here!

Soft Cozy Living Room

Source: @ashwood_house_

This living room is soft and cozy with tons of potential to make it your own through the decor you display on the shelves. You can easily add unique prints, candle sticks, books, vases, or flowers to make it fit your style.

This room is a great palette to start with because you can either keep it neutral or add pops of color through the throw pillows or decor!

The best place to start when recreating this room is finding a similar lamp. I’ve linked one here from H&M that’s not exactly the same, but quite similar, and will give this modern and cozy vibe to any living room decor.

You can also add a textured throw pillow. That’s one of the easiest small living room decorating ideas to level up any space!

It can be overwhelming to know where to start when you’re looking for small living room decorating ideas, but I hope you found helpful inspiration and tips in this blog post.

Remember, if you start with some neutral decor, you can always switch up the smaller elements of the room like throw pillows to make it feel fresh and new, even in a small space.

This blog post was all about small living room decorating ideas.

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