The CUTEST 20+ Twin XL Bedding Sets For Dorms You Are Going to LOVE This Year!

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Twin XL bedding sets for dorms

Your bed is the biggest piece of furniture in your room, and especially in a dorm room.

That’s why it is SO IMPORTANT (design-wise), to choose a beautiful bedding set for your dorm room. It can really make a HUGE difference when decorating your dorm room!

That’s why I put together this list of 20+ twin XL bedding sets for dorms, that are cute, match different aesthetics, and also match different budgets.

Let’s get started!

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Twin XL Bedding Sets For Dorms

Table of Contents:

Twin XL Bedding Sets For Dorms Under $60

Pom-Pom Fringe Set

Starting off this post with a fun, yet neutral, pom-pom fringe comforter set from Amazon!

It comes in multiple colors, and will literarily match any aesthetic!


Moving on to another simple, yet beautiful bedding set from Amazon. 

If you are having some big plans for your dorm’s decor, maybe you should choose a less eye-catching bedding set, like this neutral set, and let the bed blend with unique wall decor and unique pieces.

You can get this beautiful pint pleat beige bedding set on Amazon, it’s by BedSure, and it’s a super cute comforter set with sheets (it’s a 5pcs set).

It comes in multiple colors and is so cute!

This white textured comforter set will match almost ANY dorm room aesthetic!

Whether you are going for a girly/boho/modern/retro/you name it – this white textured bedding set is perfect for any style.

You can’t go wrong with a white bedding set, since it’s obviously matched everything.

What I like about this BedSure white bedding set is that it’s kind of textured too, which adds a fun twist to a plain bedding set. 

If you are going for a boho dorm room theme, you can’t go wrong with this beautiful boho checkered bedding set from Amazon!

It’s the perfect boho bedding set, combined with a unique touch to it by being checkered. Also, it comes in multiple colors!

This beautiful soft plush comforter set is extremely soft, and also come sin multiple beautiful colors!

It is so soft and cozy, that I can guarantee you, it’s gonna be hard getting out of bed 😉

Next is this beautiful boho bedding set from Amazon as well!

It’s a 5pcs set, that makes the perfect boho bedding set for any boho themed dorm room.

It also comes in orange, gray, green, and dusty blue.

For a more girly or warm-toned dorm, this blush colored comforter set makes the perfect fit!

It comes in multiple colors, and is perfect if you want a more “relaxed” dorm room theme.

This white pleated comforter set is SO CUTE and will match any dorm room aesthetic!

It is soft and cozy, and made out of great materials that will make you not want to leave your bed 😉

Btw, it also comes in gray and lavender!

Twin XL Bedding Sets For Dorms Over $60

Moving on to this beautiful ruffle comforter set from Amazon! It’s the perfect elegant bedding set that will be perfect for a girly dorm aesthetic.

This beautiful white comforter set is so pretty! It can match almost any dorm aesthetic, from a boho aesthetic, girly aesthetic, and more!

It also comes in multiple colors so you can check out the beautiful colors 🙂

I LOVE a textured bedding set! It is so unique, and definitely adds to your bedding set and aesthetic without any patterns.

It’s the perfect combination of uniqueness and simplicity! 

Anyways, I love this diamond puff comforter from Urban Outfitters! It is SO PRETTY, and also comes in a bronze color and white.

Checkerboard Bedding Set

Another one of my favorites is this checkerboard bedding set from Amazon. 

I think it makes the cutest bedding set for a retro/cool-vibes dorm room, and you can really play with the decor with it!

It also comes in multiple colors such as – black, orange, green, brown, blue, and more!

Boho Rose Design Bedding Set

Okay, maybe they are all my favorite, but this boho rose design bedding set is definitely a BEAUTIFUL bedding set to decorate your dorm with!

It’s white, so it can match almost any bedroom, and it’s so so pretty!

Pink Blush Bedding Set

Moving on to this pink blush bedding set. It’s the perfect dusty-rose color, and makes a beautiful, comfy bedding set you are going to obsess over!

Retro Floral Duvet Cover & Sham Set

If you are planning on a fun retro dorm room design, you can’t pass on this beautiful retro bedding set from Dormify!

Tufted Dot Duvet Cover

Another beautiful addition to a boho dorm room, or to any design actually, is this beautiful tufted dot duvet cover from PBteen! So pretty, and also comes in light pink.

Velvet Comforter Set

For a luxurious themed bedroom, this velvet comforter set from Urban Outfitters is the perfect find!

It comes in this beautiful rose velvet color, and can even be a fun touch to a luxurious boho themed dorm!

Cotton Ruffle Duvet Cover

A super feminine and girly bedding set option is definitely this cotton ruffle duvet cover from PBteen.

It’s perfect for any girly dorm, and also comes in light pink!

Fluffy Duvet Cover

If you really don’t want to get out of bed, this fluffy duvet cover is the perfect bedding set that won’t get you out of bed!

It’s so fluffy and warm, and I promise you it’s going to be hard getting out of bed in the mornings, yet so easy to get in at night 😉

Strawberry Duvet Set

If you are looking for a cute and funky bedding set for your dorm room, check out this strawberry duvet set from Urban Outfitters! SO CUTE.

Cozy Cotton Duvet Set

Last but not least for today, is another simple yet beautiful bedding set – this cozy cotton duvet set from Urban Outfitters as well!

It’s cute, neutral, and also comes in a beautiful peach color.

And that’s it for today! I hope you found the perfect bedding set for your dorm room 🙂

This blog post was about twin XL bedding sets for dorms!

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