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This blog post is about dorm room decor ideas!


dorm room decor ideas
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If you take your dorm room design seriously, and want to make your new dorm room feel like home-away-from-home, you are in the right place!

Your dorm room is your new home for this upcoming school year, so in order for you to make it feel like your own space, to make it feel like home, you gotta make it cute!

In this blog post, I am going to share with you the CUTEST dorm room decor ideas and dorm decorations for your new dorm.

Let’s get started!

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Dorm Room Wall Decor

There are so many cute ways to decorate your dorm room walls! We are going to get started with wall art prints, and then cute dorm room decorations that are perfect for filling up empty walls 🙂


preppy posters set

3 is always a magic number in interior design. You can decorate an empty wall with this cute pink 3 pack posters set!

It also comes in light blue, and both sets are SO PRETTY.

Preppy Travel Wall Prints Set

I don’t think there’s someone on this planet that isn’t familiar with these designed travel books! Well, you can get these as wall prints as well!

These preppy travel wall prints are so cute, colorful, and perfect for a funky/travel themed dorm room.

beach prints set

Another beautiful wall prints set is this beach prints set from Etsy. If you are going for a coastal dorm room design, you should definitely check out this beautiful wall prints set!

collage wall kit

Fill up an empty wall with a photos collage wall kit!

You can get a themed photos collage wall kit. For example, this boho photo collage wall kit from Amazon, or this girly aesthetic collage wall kit as well.

Beautiful Canvas Wall Art

If you don’t want posters, you can definitely find beautiful canvas wall art sets like this funky disco girl canvas art set from Amazon!

Another beautiful option, is this vintage New Yorker wall art set that is so pretty and perfect for a girly dorm room!

Gallery Wall Prints

A gallery wall is a beautiful way to decorate your dorm room wall! You can get a wall art prints pack that comes with multiple wall prints, and create a beautiful gallery wall design in your dorm.

Hang Up a Funny Metal Sign

Another cute dorm room decor idea for your wall, is hanging up a funny metal sign like this B*** BLVD metal sign from Amazon!

Hang Up A Poster

You can never go wrong with a cute poster wall art that will match your dorm room aesthetic!

Hang Up A Photo Clip Fairy String Light

Print your favorite photos from home and hang them up with this photo clip fairy string light from Amazon!

Hang Up a Tapestry

Tapestries are the perfect way to fill up an empty wall, and they will definitely add A LOT to your dorm room aesthetic!

You can get a pretty tapestry that will match your dorm room’s theme, and hang it up on the wall near your bed.

Here are a few of my favorite finds online:

Hang Up Macrame Hanging Shelves

If you are going for a boho themed dorm room, or want to add a boho touch to your neutral dorm room, these macrame hanging shelves are so cute!

You can display on them some cute decor accents and picture frames with pictures from home.

Hang Up a Neon Sign

I love neon signs! They are so cute, and perfect for adding a cool touch to your dorm room aesthetic.

You can either get a custom name neon sign with your name, or you can get a cute neon sign with a sentence you like!

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Decorate With Macrame Wall Hangings

Decorate your dorm room wall with a beautiful wall hanging like this tassels wall hanging garland, or this unique macrame wall hanging from Amazon.

So pretty!

3-Pack Gold Mirrors

Last but not least for our wall decor ideas – hanging up a 3-pack mirrors set!

Perfect for filling up an empty wall 🙂

Dorm Room Bed Headboards

Make sure to check out this 30 Beautiful Dorm Room Headboards blog post for more ideas!

Tufted Faux Headboard

In my opinion, headboards make a HUGE change in any bedroom or dorm!

As I always say, your bed is the biggest piece of furniture in your room, and especially in a dorm room, and it’s the first thing you/people see when they walk into your room. So you gotta make it cute! 😉

I love this tufted faux headboard from PBteen! It comes in multiple colors, and can match any dorm room aesthetic.

Arched Velvet Headboard

If you are looking for a more unique headboard, I highly recommend checking out this beautiful arched velvet headboard!

It comes in different colors, and is SO PRETTY for any dorm room!

Boucle Headboard

This boucle headboard is simple and cute, and can match almost any dorm room aesthetic.

It also comes in an arch shape too!

Gray Tacked Plush Headboard

For a more girly/classy dorm room aesthetic, you should definitely consider this gray tacked plush headboard from Amazon!

Tech Smart Headboard

This tech smart headboard from PBteen isn’t only cute and can match any aesthetic, it’s also very practical since it features a 1 USB port and a 3-prong outlet as well!

With these ports and outlets, you can be sure that you can charge your devices near you no matter where the nearest wall outlet is located.

Boho Wooden Headboard

This beautiful boho wooden headboard is definitely a staple piece from Urban Outfitters.

It’s the perfect headboard for a boho dorm room, and you can also use it for years to come if you are into the boho interior design aesthetic.

Dorm Room Bedding Sets

Check out this CUTEST 20+ Twin XL Bedding Sets For Dorms blog post for more bedding sets ideas!

White Textured Comforter Set

If you are looking for a simple, yet cute dorm room bedding set, you should definitely check out this white textured comforter set from Amazon.

It can match any dorm room aesthetic, and is perfect as a neutral bedding set for any dorm. Also, in this size it comes in ivory as well.

Pinch Pleat Bedding Set

How cute is this pinch pleat bedding set from Amazon?! It comes with a comforter, a pillowcase, and sheets!

Also, it comes in multiple colors such as white, pink, light blue, ivory, gray, and more!

Modern Textured Pattern Comforter Set

One of my favorite dorm room bedding sets is definitely this modern pattern textured comforter set from PBteen!

Except for this beautiful ivory color, it also comes in pink and sage.

Velvet Comforter Set

Make your dorm room girly and cute by getting this beautiful velvet comforter set!

It comes in this beautiful peach color, and also in lavender and silver.

Diamond Puff Comforter

How pretty is this diamond puff comforter set from Urban Outfitters?!

Add some texture and a unique touch to your dorm with this beautiful diamond puff comforter!

It also comes in bronze and white! (the white literarily makes you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud haha)


Textured Throw Pillow Covers

One of my favorite ways to decorate a neutral space, or in general, is by adding textured decor pieces like these velvet throw pillow covers and textured pattern pillow covers from Amazon.

flower throw pillow

I love this cute flower throw pillow from Amazon! It’s so cute, and will make an adorable touch for any dorm room aesthetic!

fluffy heart pink pillow

Add a girly touch to your bed with this fluffy pink heart throw pillow from Amazon!

I love unique-shaped throw pillows, and I love decorating beds with funky and unique throw pillows. Just make sure it matches your bedding set 🙂

Cozy Backrest Pillow

I know this cozy backrest pillow isn’t quite a throw pillow, but I had to include it in this post.

I did talk about it in my dorm room essentials blog post, but this backrest pillow isn’t only cute (and comes in multiple colors), but it’s also perfect for feeling cozy and comfy while doing homework on your bed, being on your laptop, studying, or whatever you feel like doing!

Let’s Go Girls Pillow Cover

I found this Let’s Go Girls cowgirl pillow cover and it’s so dang cute!

If you are adding some colorful cowgirl vibes to your dorm, you can’t go wrong with this adorable pillow! I’m obsessed with it!

Cowgirl Boot Throw Pillow

Another cowgirl themed decor piece we can’t ignore! This beautiful cowgirl boot pillow is so freaking cute!

As I just said, I love unique throw pillows, and I’m obsessed with this cowgirl boot throw pillow.

Everything’s Fine Throw Pillow

How cute is this Everything’s Fine throw pillow from Urban Outfitters?

It’s colorful and cute, and perfect for a colorful/funky dorm room 🙂

Chill Pill Throw Pillow

I’ve seen these Chill Pill throw pillows EVERYWHERE in dorm room pics on Instagram and Pinterest!

It comes in pink and in light blue and gray.

Checkered Throw Pillow Covers

I love these checkered throw pillow covers from Amazon. They are so cute, and will definitely upgrade your dorm room bed!

Also, if you are going for a neutral-themed dorm room, this is a great way to spice things up while keeping your aesthetic neutral.

LOVE Throw Pillow

Last but not least is an extremely unique throw pillow I had to show you guys!

This LOVE throw pillow is so cute, it only comes in this olive color, and can actually match any dorm room aesthetic and bedding set!

Beautiful Dorm Room Rugs

Beyond the practical reasons of having a rug in your dorm room (aka hard flooring or un-cozy carpeting in dorms), a rug just completes the look of your space and completes your aesthetic perfectly.

White Fluffy Rug

This white fluffy rug is the perfect area rug for your dorm. It matches any dorm room aesthetic, it’s fluffy and cozy, and perfect for any dorm!

Boho Tassels Rug

I’m obsessed with this boho tassels rug from Amazon! It’s the perfect addition for a neutral/boho themed dorm room.

BTW, it also comes in pink and gray!

Checkerboard Woven Rug

Spice up your dorm room with a beautiful checkerboard woven rug!

This is the perfect way to upgrade your neutral dorm room without going crazy with color.

But, if you don’t want color, it also comes in turf green, black and ivory, and in honey.

Anzari Rug

How pretty is this anzari area rug from PBteen?! It is so pretty, and will definitely be a beautiful upgrade for a girly dorm room aesthetic, or for a boho dorm room theme as well.

Moroccan Pattern Area Rug

I feel like I’ve seen this Moroccan pattern area rug in almost any boho room, and it is so pretty!

Whether you are going for a neutral dorm room and want to add a unique neutral piece, or if you are going for a boho dorm room and want to complete the look – this Moroccan pattern area rug is a beautiful choice!

Pink Pattern Area Rug

Next is this beautiful pink pattern area rug from Amazon!

It is perfect for adding a unique touch to your dorm, and also comes in gray, beige, black, and blue.

Modern Tasseled Rug

If you are into tasseled rugs, and not into the patterns, this modern tasseled area rug is a perfect option!

It also comes in pink, gray, blue, and beige.

Unique Dorm Room Decor Accents

Decor accents are the PERFECT way to add your personal unique touch into the space!

You can decorate empty shelves, add cute finds into your dorm, and complete your dorm room theme with beautiful decor accents.

Use A Cute Tableware Set

I love decorating with cute vases! I usually use them for artificial flowers, but even if you get a unique vase piece, you can use it as a decoration of it’s one, without flowers.

Resin Balloon Dog Sculpture

These resin balloon dog sculptures are so trendy! I feel like I am seeing them everywhere for years now.

They are perfect for adding a little decor accent to a shelf/desk/nightstand or dresser, and it comes in multiple colors!

Stone Jewelry Tray

Give your jewelry pieces a unique place to chill on with this beautiful stone jewelry tray from Target!

Disco Ball Planter

This disco ball planter is insanely cute! But as you can see, it doesn’t have to be a planter, you can use it for your makeup brushes! So cute!!

Cute Bubble Candles

As for what I know, most dorms don’t allow burning candles, but having cute candles without burning them is definitely a cute decor idea!

Giant Polaroid Frame For Polaroid Films

OMG you guys, if you like polaroid photos, this is going to be one of your favorite dorm room decor ideas!

This giant polaroid frame for polaroids is SO CUTE! You can put in it your favorite polaroid photos, and display it on your desk/nightstand or on a shelf.

Melting Ice Cream Pop Desk/shelf Art

Kind of random, but I found this melting ice cream pop desk art on Etsy and it is so cute!

As I said, I love decorating with unique decor accents, and this melting ice cream desk art is definitely a cute option.

Also, it’s super affordable and make a great dorm room decoration!

Dorm Room Storage Ottoman Finds

I love storage ottomans because they are the perfect combination of a stylish decor piece and a storage solution. Beyond the fact that you might need a stool to get up on your lifted bed, or an extra seat for your friends, it can also be a great storage solution for your belongings!

Storage Ottoman Foot Rest with Metal Legs

These storage ottomans look expensive and nice, but they are actually very affordable!

The down side of these storage ottomans is that they have less storage space, but they are perfect for a step-stool or an extra seat if you don’t need too much storage space.

Flower Shaped Storage Ottoman

How cute is this flower shaped storage ottoman?! I’m obsessed with it!

It also comes in gray, peach, pink, green, and yellow. And there are also round versions and heart-shaped storage ottomans as well.

Round Sherpa Storage Ottoman

Another cute option is this round Sherpa storage ottoman from Amazon! It’s so cute, has storage space, can also make a great stool/extra seat, and also comes in black and white.

Square Storage Ottoman

Keep it basic and cute with a pink storage ottoman!

If you don’t want pink, no worries, it also comes in gray, black, white, royal blue, and dark gray.

Velvet Storage Ottoman

This velvet storage ottoman from Target is so pretty!

If you are looking for a cute and girly storage ottoman to match your aesthetic, this is a beautiful find!

It also comes in gray velvet and navy blue velvet.

Storage Bench

If you have space for a bench in your dorm, I highly recommend checking out this storage bench from Target!

You’ll have lots of storage space inside, and it can also make a great sitting area for you and your friends!

And that’s it for today! I hope you found the best dorm decorations 🙂

This blog post was about dorm room decor ideas!


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