26 Creative & Romantic DIY Valentine Gifts For Him HE is Going to Love!

This blog post is about DIY Valentine gifts for him!

DIY Valentine gifts for him

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to celebrate your love and give your partner unique and original gifts!

I love making DIYs for my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, and since I feel like my boyfriend is the hardest to shop for, these unique DIY Valentine gifts for him make a beautiful gift he loves and cherishes for years!

(and I have proof of that, we are 7 years together ;))

Anyways, this blog post is about unique DIY Valentine gifts for him! I won’t hold you long – let’s get started!

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DIY Valentine gifts for him

Diy Valentine Gifts For Him

Light Bulb Notes DIY

Starting off this blog post with one of my favorite DIY Valentine gifts for him – this light bulb notes gift!

All you need to do is to buy this craft light bulb, grab a paper and a pen, and write down anything you want – it can be sexy notes, romantic notes, “reasons why I love you notes, and more!

Then, you roll the notes and put them inside the light bulb.

Also, if you don’t feel like working on everything on your own, you can get this ready-to-gift completed DIY gift on Etsy!

DIY Reasons Why I Love You From A-Z

Moving on to the Reasons Why I Love You From A-Z notes gift, one of the most romantic and thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts! 

Basically, all you need to do is write down on notes reasons why you love your partner starting from A-Z (for example, H – Happy to spend life with you, C – Caring and thoughtful, etc)

You can either create your own notes, or, save some precious time as well, and use these beautifully designed Reasons Why I Love You From A-Z printable notes! 

Each pack (we have pink, red, & light blue notes), comes with a set of empty notes for you to fill in with your handwriting. 

Or, if you don’t like your handwriting or you just want to have everything ready in advance, this Reasons Why I Love You From A-Z set also comes with a filled-in notes option, that already includes all of the written reasons in every note!

Valentine’s Day Love Coupons

A very practical 😉 Valentine’s Day gift is this Valentine’s Day couples coupon book! 

Basically, the idea of this gift is creating as much coupons you want, with a bunch of fun activities and passes for your partner, they can use whenever they want until they run out of coupons! 

You can either completely DIY it, or just get this printable Valentine’s Day Couples Coupons set from our shop, and simply print it out, cut out the coupons, and that’s it! 

Some of the coupons in this set includes a “romantic dinner coupon”, “free car wash coupon”, “full yes day coupon”, “sexy time coupon”, and more! (30 coupons in total are included)

Mini Drinks Gift Set

If your partner loves alcoholics drinks, you can make him a cute gift set with mini-sized alcohol drinks he likes!

Custom Where We Met Map

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating your love and relationship. One of my favorite DIY Valentine gifts for him is this custom Where We Met printable!

You can get this on my Etsy shop, and customize it with the map color, shape, while personalizing it with the location of where you met, your names, the date you met, and the location point!

Date Night Ideas Jar

DIY Valentine gifts for him

This Date Night Ideas Jar is soooo sweet! 

If you are looking for a fun, easy, and cute DIY Valentine’s Day gift idea, this Date Night Ideas Jar is the perfect gift! 

All you are going to do, is paint these jumbo craft sticks, and write on them different date ideas. 

Then, put everything in the Mason jar, and that’s it! Now, every time you two will have a date night, you can choose from this jar your activity for the night!

Personalized Faceless Portrait

This past year, faceless portraits have been my favorite gifts to give my loved ones.

I made one for my boyfriend, my dad, and my best friend!

It’s the most beautiful way to cherish a special captured moment, and you can get this digital faceless portrait on my Etsy shop!

It’s delivered within 48 hours (usually less), and it’s perfect for cherishing a beautiful captured moment, that you can later print out and frame in a beautiful picture frame, or print it on a canvas.

Monthly Date Ideas Cards

You can’t go wrong with these cute monthly date ideas cards!

For this DIY, all you need to do is to make monthly cards with fun date ideas on them for each month.

Then, for the following year, you can go on these dates and cross them off your list! <3

52 Reasons Why I Love You Cards Book

This DIY 52 Reasons Why I Love You cards book is so cute! 

You can either make it on your own, or buy a ready-to-gift book on Etsy.

But either way, to make it you’ll need game cards, a hole puncher, a silver hoop ring, and some paper, markers, and tape.

All you need to do is to write down 52 reasons why you love your partner, then stick the notes on the cards, punch holes in the cards, and put the silver hoop together – and that’s it!

Open When… Letters

Open When letters are one of the most unique and special DIY Valentine’s Day gifts to make! 

All you need to do, is to get some envelops and notes, and write down letters according to the “open when letter” label says. 

You can either make everything yourself, or save some precious time and get these Open When Letters Labels from our shop! 

They come in three different colors for you to choose from (pink, light blue, and red). 

Each pack comes with 18 Open When Letters labels for you to print out, cut them according to the envelope size, and easily stick them on each envelop!

Also, we have different sets for all couples, click the links below:

Remember When… Letters

The Remember When… Letters DIY gift is similar to the Open When… Letters, but still different.

This beautiful DIY gift is perfect to reminisce and remind you two of the beautiful moments you shared throughout your relationship.

To make this, you’ll need some envelops, paper & pens and markers, and these printable Remember When… labels from our shop.

This printable labels pack comes with 25 different labels for different memories (for example, “Remember When we first kissed”, “Remember When we had our first fight”, “Remember When we got our dog together”, etc).

Then, you need to write down on the paper the memory in a letter form, and share the beautiful memory you both shared.

Of course, we also have other versions of the labels for all couples, CHECK THEM OUT:

Hot Cocoa In a Jar

DIY Valentine gifts for him
Source: @thereidhomestead

Your boyfriend/fiance/husband is going to go CRAZY over this hot cocoa in a jar gift!

It’s super easy to make, and extremely delicious!

Vegan Chocolate Truffles

DIY Valentine gifts for him
Source: @bakedbyclo

You can’t go wrong with chocolate for Valentine’s Day! If he’s vegan, you should definitely make him this delicious chocolate truffles recipe!

100 Reasons Why I Love You Jar

Okay, I think this 100 Reasons Why I Love You Jar DIY is one of the most romantic DIY Valentine gifts for him!

All you are going to need is 100 Reasons Why I Love You notes, (you can definitely check out our 100 Reasons Why I Love You Printable Notes set that is available at our shop), a mason jar, and a short string. 

What you are going to do, is to cut out the notes from our file, and roll the little notes. 

Next, tie them with a short string, and throw them in the mason jar! If you feel a little extra, you can decorate the jar itself as well!

Movie Night Box

How cute is this movie night box for date night?! It is soooo easy to make! 

All you are going to need is a box, some movie-themed prints to decorate the box, and most importantly – popcorn, snacks, and your favorite drinks! 

Also, if you are feeling a bit extra and want to go even harder on this box, you can get this light up letter box from Amazon to bring in the movie night vibes!

Our First Year Notebook

Trust me, you can’t go wrong with this romantic Our First Year Together notebook!

If this is your first year together, you can make him for Valentine’s Day a “Our First Year Notebook”, that you can put in all of the things that happened on this first year.

For example, you can put in your first photo together, write a page about your first date, stick some concerts or movie tickets and random tickets of places you went to, and more!

First Year Picture Frame

This Etsy seller makes the cutest Valentine’s Day gifts that also make perfect anniversary gifts. 

You can get this First Year picture frame on Etsy, and personalize it with your photo, names!

Hand Casting Kit

This hand casting kit from Amazon makes one of the most romantic gift ideas!

You can make this gift as a date night activity, and create a sculpture of your hands together as a romantic gift that symbolizes your love and relationship.

All Senses Gift Set

One of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts, or any anniversary gift, is the All Senses Gifts set! 

Basically, this gift includes 5 gifts for each sense – touch, smell, taste, sound, sight. 

Now, all you need to do is to buy different gifts according to these senses, wrap them up nicely so your partner wouldn’t know what you got them. 

Next, is the fun part – opening them up! Close your partners eyes, make them open the gifts with their eyes closed, and for example, let them taste the “taste sense” gift. 

Some ideas for these gifts are – smell – perfume/candle, taste – candy/or the Cravebox, sight – movie, sound – speaker, etc.

Personalized Important Dates Print

This personalized important dates print is one of the cutest Valentine’s Day gifts!

You can personalize it with the date and location of important dates of your relationship, and it makes such a sweet gift to celebrate your relationship!

Custom Exploding Pictures Box

custom exploding box is definitely one of my favorite couples gifts.

You can either DIY it, or get an already ready exploding box to personalize it and add your own touch and photos!

Custom Spotify Song Sheet

I’ve seen this unique DIY all over Pinterest! 

After buying a clear acrylic sheet or a glass sheet, write you and your boyfriends favorite song, print your favorite picture of the two of you, and make it all look like a Spotify song!

Bacon Roses

DIY Valentine gifts for him
Source: @instructables

I’ve recently found this amazing DIY Valentine’s Day gift online, and I think this is such a brilliant, creative, and delicious Valentine’s Day gift to give your meat-bacon loving partner! 

Say hello to the Bacon Roses gift! The ultimate gift for a meat loving partner! I was totally surprised by how easy this DIY is to make!

Kisses For When I’m Not Around Jar

DIY Valentine gifts for him
Source: @Pinterest

This is one of the easiest gifts to make! All you are going to do is fill in the Mason jar with these delicious Hershey’s Kisses chocolates, stick a little note to the jar that says “Kisses For When I’m Not Around”, and that’s it!

Candy Bouquet 

Another cute DIY to make is this candy bouquet!

All you need to is to set his favorite candies in a bouquet shape!

DIY Bath Bombs

DIY Valentine gifts for him
Source: @thereidhomestead

Make Valentine’s Day even more romantic with a romantic bath using these amazing DIY heart bath bombs!

Set up a romantic bath, with candles, flowers, music, whatever – and make these amazing heart bath bombs for your bath together.

DIY Leia & Hans Solo Frame

DIY Valentine gifts for him
Source: @the-gingerbread-house

Last but not least for today is the PERFECT gift for a Star Wars lover – a Leia & Hans solo frame DIY!

It is super easy to make, and if he’s a Star Wars fan, he’s guaranteed to love this!

And that’s it for today! I hope you found some unique DIY gifts 🙂

This blog post was about DIY Valentine gifts for him!

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