TOP 20 Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Ideas to Celebrate LOVE!

This blog post is about Valentine’s Day date ideas!

valentine's day date ideas

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and it’s time to celebrate love in unique ways!

I love a good reason to celebrate, and I can always find a fun reason to go out or celebrate something 😉

In this blog post, we are going to cover 20 Valentine’s Day date ideas that are PERFECT to celebrate love with your other half!

Prepare yourself for fun at home Valentine’s Day date ideas, as well as romantic outdoors Valentine’s Day dates!

Let’s get started!

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valentine's day date ideas

Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Table of Contents:

At Home Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Breakfast in Bed

valentine's day date ideas

Let’s get started with a personal favorite of mine – a romantic breakfast in bed!

I love when my boyfriend surprises me with a romantic and delicious breakfast in bed, and I LOVE chilling in bed eating a delicious breakfast!

Romantic Dinner at Home

valentine's day date ideas

Surprise your partner with a delicious and romantic dinner at home!

Make him his favorite dishes and desserts, and have a romantic night at home <3

Netflix & Chill

valentine's day date ideas

Let’s be honest, what’s a New Years Eve party without a delicious champagne cocktail?! 

These champagne cocktails are made with fresh blackberries and is perfectly sweet and delicious!

Cook Together!

valentine's day date ideas

Another edible date idea is cooking together your favorite food! Why surprise your partner with a delicious dinner, when you two can make it together? 😉

Body Pating

valentine's day date ideas

Let’s spice things up with a body painting date! It’s definitely a romantic, and sexy date idea to celebrate Valentine’s Day together.

Indoor Picnic

valentine's day date ideas

If you love picnics, but the weather where you live won’t allow it, consider bringing your regular picnic – INDOORS!

Make some space in your living room and setup a romantic indoor picnic!

Enjoy a Date Night Box Together

You can never go wrong with a fun date night box!

There are so many different date night box brands, and so many options to choose from! I found on Etsy this candle making date night box, for the crafty couple!

Romantic Bath

Another one of my favorite Valentine’s Day date ideas – taking a romantic bath together!

Light up some candles, buy some delicious smelling bath bombs, play some music, and have a romantic bath!

DIY Craft Night

Valentine's Day date ideas

For craft-loving couples – celebrate Valentine’s Day with a romantic, fun crafting date!

Outdoors Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Go Stargazing

Valentine's Day date ideas

If you live by nature, or have a special spot to watch the sky, why not go on a romantic stargazing Valentine’s Day date?!

Go on a Picnic

valentine's day date ideas

We talked about having an indoor date, but if you do live somewhere that the weather isn’t too cold, and also pretty nice, you should definitely go on a romantic picnic in nature!

Whether it’s at a nice park, at the beach, it will definitely be a romantic date idea!

Get a Couples Massage

Valentine's Day date ideas

You can never go wrong with an AMAZING couples massage session for Valentine’s Day!

Visit a Museum

Valentine's Day date ideas

If you two love exploring museums, you should definitely consider going to a museum date!

You can either visit your favorite museum, or try out a new museum you didn’t get the chance to visit yet.

Watch a Show

Valentine's Day date ideas

If you like watching shows together (aka Broadway shows and such), you should definitely spend Valentine’s Day together at a new show!

If you happen to live in NY, I’m definitely jealous! I’m OBSESSED with watching Broadway shows!

Enjoy a Concert

Valentine's Day date ideas

I LOVE concerts, and if you have some interesting concerts near you on Valentine’s Day, it’s definitely one of the best places to celebrate your love!

Take a Cooking Class Together

valentine's day date ideas

Check out your city/area for fun cooking classes!

You can either find a private cooking class for the both of you, or join a group cooking class and learn some new recipes together.

Grab Drinks at Your Favorite Bar

valentine's day date ideas

If you two are a very outgoing couple, and love exploring bars and enjoy nightlife, celebrate Valentine’s Day at your favorite bar!

Visit a Comedy Club

valentine's day date ideas

I love comedy clubs! My boyfriend and I love going to stand up comedy shows.

It’s such a fun date idea, get a good laugh, and celebrate Valentine’s Day together while laughing until your stomach hurts!

Go on a Romantic Getaway

valentine's day date ideas

From all of these Valentine’s Day date ideas, going on a romantic getaway is definitely my favorite!

If you can afford and have the time to travel somewhere far, that’s always fun! But also, you don’t have to go crazy, you can go on a romantic getaway somewhere near you!

Go Camping

valentine's day date ideas

If the weather allows you, definitely consider going camping together in a beautiful place near you!

Camping as a couple is perfect. You get some actual quality-time together, no distractions, and lots of adventures!

Bike Ride Date

valentine's day date ideas

What’s more romantic than a lovely bike ride date?

If you have your own bikes, that’s great. And if you don’t, I can be pretty confident to say that you probably have at least one bike-rental company around you!

So, you can either use your own bike, or rent bicycles, and ride around your city and explore new places together.

Watch The Sunset at Your Favorite Spot

valentine's day date ideas

There’s nothing else I rather do on Valentine’s Day than watching the sunset together! (especially at the beach!!)

Go Ice Skating

valentine's day date ideas

Last but not least, and definitely a fun one – go ice skating together!

If you two love ice skating, and now how to ice skate, you should definitely consider going ice skating at a local ice skating ring!

And that’s it for today! I hope you found some romantic Valentine’s Day dates!

This blog post was about Valentine’s Day date ideas!

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